Updated | (2022) Top 30 Strongest Living Characters in One Piece (Ranked)

This put up is up to date primarily based on new data. 

Top-of-the-line pirate animes of all time, One Piece boasts an ideal set of characters. The huge variety of the folks concerned within the collection and their uniqueness make it distinctive. 

In One Piece, we observe the journey of Monkey D. Luffy, who is about out on his journey to turning into the Pirate King and uncover the best treasure, “One Piece.”

As we now have adopted Luffy in his adventures, we now have encountered varied characters, together with buddies and foes. They’d distinctive preventing types and powers, and it’s for sure that Luffy gained important classes from each struggle, which proved helpful in the long term. 

At this time, we’re going to rank the high 30 strongest residing characters in One Piece. Nonetheless, we’re solely going to rank the residing characters, which is why we have to exclude the likes of Whitebeard, Ace, Oden, and others.

30) Rob Lucci

Rob Lucci One Piece

It’s higher to not underestimate Rob Lucci, who’s now a member of CP0. Through the Wano arc, the top and the opposite excessive members of CP0 have been eradicated within the battle. Due to this fact, there’s a excessive risk that Rob Lucci will change into the subsequent head of CP0. 

Lucci is aware of all the fundamental preventing methods of CP members. Together with it, he ate Zoan satan fruit, Neko Neko no Mi, Mannequin: Leopard, which permits him to remodel into Leopard. In his Zoan type, his bodily energy, pace, and reflexes enhanced exponentially.

29) Magellan

Magellan One Piece

The strongest character of the Impel Down Arc, Magellan, comes within the twenty ninth place within the rankings. Because the Chief Warden of Impel Down, he was probably the most difficult enemy that Luffy needed to move via to rescue Ace; this process proved fairly troublesome as Magellan was capable of overwhelm Luffy with the facility of his Doku Doku no Mi

It allowed Magellan to create and manipulate poison at his will, which may paralyze his opponents and even wreck them with its extremely corrosive toxin.

28) Crocodile

Crocodile_Top 20 Strongest Characters in Impel Down Arc in One Piece

A former Warlord of the Sea, Crocodile, is likely one of the most formidable villains Luffy has confronted to this point. Through the Arabasta Arc, he confirmed the readers how adept he was as a prison mastermind as Luffy and his crewmates have been pushed right into a nook. 

His Satan Fruit, Suna Suna no Mi, which turned him into the sand, was a problematic energy to cope with as nearly all assaults handed via him. Crocodile later turned an ally of Luffy through the Impel Down Arc and confirmed his battle prowess within the Summit Battle of Marineford. 

He took on Donquixote Doflamingo and Dracule Mihawk concurrently with out struggling any accidents and even held his personal towards Admiral Akainu.

27) Jinbei

Jinbei_Top 20 Strongest Characters in Impel Down Arc in One Piece

One other former Warlord of the Sea makes his look within the checklist of Prime 30 strongest residing characters in One Piece. Jinbei is likely one of the strongest fish-man within the collection and terrorizes his enemies along with his skillful Fish-Man Karate.

 He was additionally the captain of the Solar Pirates however later joined Luffy’s crew through the Wano Nation Arc. He’s extraordinarily highly effective, which he demonstrated by taking over Ace and holding his personal regardless of his opponent having Logia powers. As well as, within the Wano struggle, he effortlessly defeated Who’s Who, the strongest member of the Flying Six. 

26) Sanji

Sanji One Piece

Vinsmoke Sanji can be one of many strongest residing characters in One Piece. Through the Wano arc, he used his raid go well with a number of instances, which led to his physique modifications. 

His physique woke up genetic enhancements, leading to an exponential enhance in bodily energy, pace, and sturdiness. Even Queen’s sword was damaged into items when he attacked Sanji’s neck. Now, he has excessive bodily energy and pace that he despatched Queen in hybrid type, flying solely along with his kick. 

Sanji could also be stronger than the characters talked about above within the checklist, however we haven’t seen his full potential but; that’s why we now have ranked him in twenty sixth place.  

25) Zoro

Zoro One Piece

Being the primary member to be recruited by Luffy, Zoro boasts insane energy and sword expertise. To change into the grasp swordsman, we now have seen many unimaginable feats from this forgetful character.

Though he doesn’t possess any satan fruit energy, it has by no means held him again as he has managed to slay his enemies numerous instances along with his sheer expertise and swordsmanship. 

Furthermore, he additionally possesses Busoshoku Haki, Kenbunshoku Haki, and possibly Busoshoku Haki, making him much more formidable mixed along with his swordplay. After gaining management over Enma, he has change into highly effective sufficient to defeat King in a one-on-one struggle. 

24) Yasopp

Yasopp_Top 30 Strongest Living Characters in One Piece

Usopp’s father, Yasopp, stars as the primary member of Shank’s crew to be featured on this checklist. He’s a extremely expert sniper with the nickname “Chaser.” 

Being an officer of Shank’s crew verifies his energy as he’s additionally a high goal within the books of the World Authorities and the Marines. He was recruited by Shanks in Syrup Village as a consequence of his sniping expertise. 

We additionally received an instance of his capabilities when he managed to defeat Daddy Masterson, a extremely expert sniper of the Marines, in a one-on-one duel.

23) Donquixote Doflamingo

Doflamingo One Piece

The Warlords of the Sea are dominating this checklist as Doflamingo secures the twenty third place within the rankings. Being one of many terrifying villains within the collection, Doflamingo wreaked havoc along with his Satan Fruit, Ito Ito no Mi, which allowed him to create and manipulate strings. 

With its razor-like sharpness and unimaginable sturdiness, his strings offered a variety of assaults when utilizing them towards his opponents. 

Furthermore, he is likely one of the few folks within the collection who can use all three sorts of Haki, thus establishing his energy much more. Throughout his struggle towards Luffy, Doflamingo pushed him to the intense as Luffy needed to surpass all his limits to win that struggle.

22) Shiryu

Shiryu One Piece

The previous Chief Warden of Impel Down, Shiryu of the Rain, follows Magellan within the twenty second place within the checklist of Prime 30 Strongest Dwelling Characters in One Piece. He later joined Blackbeard and is presently one of many Ten Titanic Captains of the Blackbeard Pirates

His sadistic remedy of the prisoners led to him being imprisoned in stage 6 of Impel Down. Along with this, his Satan Fruit Suke Suke no Mi granted him the facility of invisibility and likewise allowed him to show something he touched invisibly. 

This energy is nice for stealth ways and has a variety of functions making him one of many formidable foes in One Piece.

21) Silvers Rayleigh (Present)

Rayleigh One Piece

Quite the opposite to Luffy, it’s no shock to see the previous Proper-Hand Man of the Pirate King occupy twenty first place on the checklist. Though he doesn’t possess any Satan Fruit powers, he can dominate his opponents with the sheer drive of his Haki. This establishes his insane energy and why Gol D. Roger selected him as his Proper-Hand man. 

Even in his outdated type, he was capable of struggle Kizaru toe to toe. Some followers contradict it by saying that he may have defeated him, however that’s not true. 

20) Sengoku (Present)

Sengoku_Top 30 Strongest Living Characters in One Piece

Sengoku the Buddha is a former fleet admiral of the marines. His identify carries a sure weight as a consequence of all the unimaginable achievements he achieved earlier than his retirement. 

He was energetic throughout Gol.D.Roger’s time and was on par with a few of the strongest characters. Furthermore, along with his Satan Fruit Hito Hito no Mi, he struck worry within the coronary heart of all of the pirates. 

His Legendary Zoan-type fruit allowed him to remodel right into a big golden Buddha, which earned him his signature nickname. 

19) Garp (Present)

Garp One Piece

It’s honest to say Monkey D.Garp deserves the nineteenth spot on this checklist. We all know that in his prime time, he was one of many strongest characters, however now, as a consequence of his outdated age, it’s higher to place him at a low rating. 

As Luffy’s grandfather and his mentor Garp possessed immense energy and preventing spirit. He was a Vice-Admiral within the navy who additionally skilled Koby and Helmeppo into advantageous marines. Other than being an ideal trainer, he was well-known for pushing Roger right into a nook a number of instances whereas preventing. 

He was additionally supplied the place of Admiral a number of instances, which additional speaks of his dominance. We positioned him in nineteenth place as a result of even in his outdated age, he’s highly effective sufficient to knock down Marco along with his one punch. 

18) Enel

Enel One Piece

Many anime followers assume Enel was defeated within the Skypiea, and he was by no means seen after that. However manga followers know that after the defeat, he went on a journey to the moon, the place he gained the data of satan fruits. 

The “God of Thunder” was a formidable menace to Luffy and his crew throughout their adventures in Skypiea. Though Luffy had the kind resistance when it comes to Satan Fruit powers, Enel’s insane electrical output was an excessive amount of for Luffy to deal with. 

He demonstrated his menace when he was capable of trounce Kamakiri and Raki. Furthermore, with the lightning-based energy of his Goro Goro no Mi and his Kenbunshoku Haki, he terrorized the residents of Skypiea as none of them matched as much as him.

Perhaps Enel is way extra highly effective than the characters talked about above within the checklist. Additionally, his Remark Haki can be unbelievable. He can hearken to the ideas and actions of Skypieans. As well as, he additionally possesses an unlimited data of mechanics and know-how. Enel is likely one of the most underrated characters in One Piece.


17) Kizaru

Kizaru_Top 30 Strongest Living Characters in One Piece

Kizaru is the third Marine Admiral, together with Aramaki and Fujitora. He was the one one who retained his place after the Summit Battle of Marineford

Though he has a laid-back character, his fight expertise are far higher than a lot of the characters within the collection. Together with this, his Satan Fruit Pika Pika no Mi permits him to remodel his physique into mild and use it in a wide range of methods. When it comes to capability, Kizaru has loads of benefits. Undoubtedly, he’s additionally one of many strongest residing characters in One Piece.

16) Aramaki

Aramaki One Piece

The present Admiral of the Marines takes the sixteenth place within the rankings. Though we now have not but seen a lot of Aramaki, it goes with out saying that somebody who has crammed the emptiness left by Akainu and Aokiji possesses large energy. 

Presently, he arrived in Wano. He used a glimpse of forest energy the place he fashioned quite a few vegetation that may suck the vitamins out of residing beings. He eradicated each King and Queen by drawing out all of the vitamins from them. Even Doflamingo categorized each Fujitora and Aramaki as monsters. 

15) Aokiji

Aokiji_Top 30 Strongest Living Characters in One Piece

The previous Marine admirals are dominating the higher half of this checklist. After dropping the Fleet Admiral place to Sakazuki, he resigned from the Marines and joined Blackbeard. Throughout his time as a Marine Admiral, everybody feared him throughout as a consequence of his ice-cold character and powers.

 He has full management over his Hie Hie no Mi satan fruit, which grants him the facility to remodel his physique into ice and manipulate it at will. Now we have positioned him within the fifteenth place due to his capability to freeze something over an unlimited vary. 

14) Fujitora

Fujitora_Top 30 Strongest Living Characters in One Piece

Fujitora was the opposite Admiral to be appointed alongside Inexperienced Bull to fill the 2 vacancies. He’s a person with a heightened sense of ethical justice who needs to wipe out all of the evil from the world. 

He was one of many major antagonists within the Dressrosa Arc, the place he proved to be fairly a handful along with his Zushi Zushi no Mi satan fruit. 

His paramecia-type fruit grants him the facility to manipulate gravity which is sort of a uncommon kind of energy with a variety of functions. This energy is extraordinarily arduous for his opponents to beat, giving him the sting in most battles. 

On the finish of the Dressrosa arc, he unveiled the true limits of his capability which was fairly terrifying. If he needed, he may badly crush all of the pirates at the moment. 

13) Sabo

Sabo_Top 30 Strongest Living Characters in One Piece

The sworn brother of Luffy and Ace manages to safe thirteenth place within the rankings. Being the No. 2 of the Revolutionary Military speaks volumes about his energy and why he’s so excessive up on this checklist. Sabo ate Ace’s Satan Fruit Mera Mera no Mi and gained his Logia Hearth powers. 

Thus, he continued Ace’s legacy as a fearsome fighter. Sabo’s signature preventing model was Ryusoken which concerned the usage of grips. Additionally, his Armament Haki is ver highly effective like Garp. In Dressrosa, he fought Fujitora one on one and drew the struggle. It confirmed how highly effective he has change into after consuming Mera Mera no Mi.  

12) Katakuri

Katakuri One Piece

Charlotte Katakuri serves as one of many Three Candy Commanders of the Massive Mother Pirates. His actions as an antagonist within the Cake Island Arc have earned him a excessive rating on this checklist. 

He’s a particularly expert wielder of his spear, Mogura, and it’s his major weapon in battles. Along with this, he has the facility of the Satan Fruit Mochi Mochi no Mi, which permits him to remodel his complete physique into Mochi and manipulate it at will.

11) Yamato

Yamato One Piece

Yamato is likely one of the strongest characters in One Piece. She is the latest character that appeared within the Wano Arc and has joined the Straw Hat Pirates. She is Kaido’s organic daughter. 

Like his father, she will use all three sorts of Haki, and she or he is likely one of the few characters who can use superior Conqueror Haki. As well as, she ate the legendary Zoan satan fruit Inu Inu no MiMannequin: Okuchi no Makami, which permits her to remodel right into a wolf deity.

In her Zoan type, her energy rises exponentially, and she will use a number of skills. Yamato could also be extra highly effective than Marco, however nobody can beat Marco when it comes to therapeutic. That’s why we now have positioned Marco above her. 

10) Marco

Marco One Piece

The character who has not too long ago taken the most recent chapters of One Piece by storm locations within the tenth place on this rating. Marco wants no introduction as he is likely one of the most trusted and skillful fighters in Whitebeard’s crew. 

Furthermore, his Tori Tori no Mi Satan Fruit is likely one of the rarest sorts of Legendary Zoan fruit. It cannot solely flip Marco right into a phoenix, nevertheless it additionally has therapeutic properties, that are important in long-drawn-out battles. Within the Wano Arc, he single-handily fought each King and Queen

9) Ben Beckman

Ben beckman One Piece

Ben Beckman can be one of many strongest residing characters in One Piece. He boasts of nice expertise in earlier battles and has a variety of ways. 

Though we aren’t conscious of his full skills, we received an instance of the menace he possessed when Kizaru refused to struggle him regardless of holding him at gunpoint. 

Along with this, he had additionally defeated Higuma’s crew of Mountain Bandits single-handedly. Ben Beckman is probably the most skilled member of the Purple Hair Pirates. 

8) Eustass Child

Kid One Piece

Eustass Child is the captain of the Child Pirates, hailing from the South Blue and turning into an ally of Luffy through the Wano Nation Arc. 

Like Legislation, he has additionally woke up his Paramecia kind Satan Fruit Jiki Jiki no Mi, which grants him the power to govern magnetic forces and appeal to or repel steel objects at his will. 

His skills at the moment are much more highly effective to crush a Yonko. He, together with Legislation, defeated Massive Mother, and he was the one who landed the ultimate beam assault on her. 

As well as, he is likely one of the few characters in One Piece who can use Conqueror Haki. 

7) Trafalgar D. Water Legislation

Law One Piece

Trafalgar D. Water Legislation, the nickname Surgeon of Dying, is the captain of the Coronary heart Pirates. His Satan Fruit Ope Ope no Mi grants him the power to create a blue sphere inside which he can manipulate house. It is named the “working room,” wherein he has full management of issues and is sort of a flexible energy.

Within the last battle of the Wano arc, he woke up his satan fruit skills that grant him skills to crush even a Yonko. He, with the assistance of Child, defeated Massive Mother. Together with nice bodily energy, he’s additionally a drugs knowledgeable and a tactician grasp. 

6) Akainu

Akainu One Piece

The final of the Marine Admiral trio locations a lot larger than his compatriots since he was promoted to the place of Fleet Admiral after the Summit Battle of Marineford

He left Kizaru and Aokiji behind when it comes to expertise and earned himself the best place within the Marines along with his energy. Apart from commanding his menacing presence along with his large energy, he makes use of his volcanic powers from his Magu Magu no Mi Satan Fruit to the fullest extent. Akainu is undoubtedly one of many strongest residing characters in One Piece. 

5. Mihawk

Mihawk One Piece

Mihawk, aka Hawkeye, is the World’s Best Swordsman who is claimed to be on Yonko’s stage. Prior to now, he was Shanks’ rival within the race of the World’s Best Swordsman. However after the incident, Mihawk declared himself stronger than Purple Hair Shanks.

He’s nonetheless a mysterious character who has unveiled solely a glimpse of his energy. Nonetheless, his skills are rivaled by the Whitebeard commanders.

4) Monkey D. Dragon

Dragon One Piece

Undoubtedly, Monkey D. Dragon is likely one of the strongest residing characters in One Piece. It comes as no shock that the chief of the revolutionary military arrives within the high 5 of this checklist. As an individual who needs to declare battle towards the World Authorities, he must be somebody who can defeat the Marine Admirals simply. 

For this reason he even ranks larger than Akainu. Though his skills haven’t but been revealed, his stature because the “World’s Most Needed Man” speaks for itself.

3) Shanks

Shanks One Piece

Shanks takes third place on this checklist. He’s the primary of the 4 Emperors to be featured right here as we transfer into the highest half of the checklist. Even with out possessing any satan fruit powers, the truth that he has managed to make it so excessive up within the rankings tells all about his energy. 

He was additionally an apprentice in Roger’s crew, the place he had managed to realize worthwhile expertise. Together with being a grasp swordsman, he’s additionally proficient in utilizing all three sorts of Haki. Presently the collection hasn’t displayed the true extent of his energy. That’s why we now have positioned at third place within the checklist of Prime 30 Strongest Dwelling Characters in One Piece.

2) Marshall D. Educate

Blackbeard One Piece

Marshall D. Educate, aka Blackbeard, can be one of many strongest characters within the One Piece collection. He has been some of the highly effective antagonists for a very long time and has induced rampages wherever he went. 

Through the time skip, he additional elevated his energy stage and went on to change into one of many 4 Emperors. His specialty is that he has the facility of two satan fruits, specifically Yami Yami no Mi and Gura Gura no Mi, which is an unimaginable feat in itself. At present, he’s accumulating unimaginable satan fruits for his crewmates. 

1) Monkey D. Luffy

Gear 5 awakening

Monkey D. Luffy is presently the strongest character in One Piece. Lately, he has woke up his legendary Zoan satan fruit, Hito Hito no Mi, Mannequin: Nika, that enables him to remodel into the Solar God Nika. In his Nika type, he defeated the strongest creature of the collection, Kaido, in a single on one struggle. 

As well as, he has mastered all three types of Haki throughout his struggle with Katakuri and Kaido. Luffy has now change into so highly effective that the World Authorities has made him an official Emperor of the ocean. Presently, his bounty is 3 billion berries. Luffy can be one of many few characters who can do Conqueror Conflict, as we witnessed through the fights between earlier Yonkos.

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Honorable Mentions

1) 5 Elders


There was no approach we may exclude the 5 elders from this checklist. Since we aren’t utterly conscious of their powers but, we needed to put them within the honorable mentions. 

We will assume that the highest-ranking Celestial Dragons and the folks holding authority over the whole world are insanely robust and possibly higher in energy than the Marine Admirals. 

2) Imu


Imu Sama is even above the 5 elders. The 5 elders are answerable to him, and he guidelines over the whole world from his Empty Throne.

It’s the highest place of authority on this planet. Much like the 5 elders, his skills haven’t been revealed but, however we are able to simply speculate that somebody of his stature boasts of insane energy and is probably the strongest satan fruit consumer.

This concludes our rating of the high 30 strongest residing characters in One Piece. There have been only a few surprises aside from Luffy, who has missed out on the highest 10. 

He has to coach and stage himself as much as be in competition for the highest spot. The 4 Emperors safely occupy the highest half of the checklist, adopted by the Marine Admirals. 

Right here, we conclude our article on the Prime 30 Strongest Dwelling Characters in One Piece. Followers can formally learn One Piece from Mangaplus Shueihsa or watch it from Toei Animation. We shall be again with one other high 30 articles. Keep tuned with us until then. 

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