Top 35 Best Black Anime Characters of All Time, Ranked

Who Are The Finest Black Anime Characters!

Anime characters have a number of selection in pores and skin tones. Some are mild, some are darkish, some are blended. They are often those who’re robust, highly effective, and brooding. They will also be those who’re morally ambiguous and have a darkish previous.

Black anime characters typically have a number of range of their persona, seems to be, and skills. That is why they’re often fairly well-liked with followers of various races in addition to individuals who don’t have any particular race desire.

On this article, we can be itemizing among the greatest black anime characters which have had an impression on the business. These female and male characters usually are not simply representations of black tradition and black individuals however are additionally extremely well-developed and able to giving viewers an entertaining story to observe.

35. Kilik Rung From Soul Eater

black anime boys

Kilik Rung is a black anime boy from the Soul Eater collection. Within the present, he’s thought-about one of many prime 3 fighters of Dying Weapon Meister Academy.

Kilik, being a hot-blooded particular person, is somebody who’s direct and fiery. He has a soul that may put his life on the road for his pals, a really compassionate attribute that’s fairly cherished by the utmost of anime followers.

He’s a dark-skinned Meister with darkish eyes and black hair and is 13 years previous within the first a part of the collection. He appears to be round Black☆Star’s age.

34. Carole Stanley From Carole and Tuesday

black anime girls

Carole Stanley is likely one of the cutest black anime characters, She is voiced by Miyuri Shimabukuro in Japanese and Jeannie Tirado within the English dub. Her singing voice is offered by Nai Br.XX.

Carole is a teenage lady who was born on Earth, however she now lives on Mars. She has mild brown pores and skin and darkish auburn hair, which she kinds into locs with a striped scrunchie for on daily basis.

Her decided, passionate, and quick-witted nature helps her get by means of any scenario. However she finds that regardless of her expertise for music, she is unable to carry down a part-time job as a consequence of how simple she may be with dangerous individuals and delicate conditions.

33. Espresso From Cowboy Bebop

black anime characters

One of many hottest anime women on our listing is Espresso, who’s a black feminine bounty hunter from the Cowboy Bebop TV collection.

She is in “Mushroom Samba,” the place she encounters Edward. She then finds out that Ed is a bounty hunter as effectively. She rapidly chase after him within the pursuit of mushrooms, that are unlawful vegetation to be harvested.

Espresso will get into her convertible automotive and begins chasing after the prepare. Ed and the seller hop on, however she finally ends up stopping him, however he falls on her – each get crushed into one another and lose the bounty.

32. Daz Bonez From One Piece

daz one piece

Daz Bonez is likely one of the greatest black anime characters within the one-piece collection. He’s a former bounty hunter who joined Baroque Works and was the highest-ranked male Officer Agent and the strongest below Crocodile himself. His codename was Mr. 1.

Bonez is tanned with skinny limbs and fingers. He’s tall and muscular with a shaved head. He was a significant antagonist within the Arabasta arc, after being captured and despatched to Impel Down jail, he managed to make his escape in the course of the Impel Down arc. Since then, he has been wandering into the New World with Crocodile.

31. Bob Makihara From Tenjho Tenge

bob makihara

Bob Makihara is a black anime character within the collection Tenjou Tenge. He’s a member of the Juken membership who’s a grasp of martial arts and an lively man who’s in love with Chiaki Konoike.

Makihara is a South-African particular person sometimes called the “foreigner.” Regardless of his heritage, Bob has dishy blue eyes and a Japanese-sounding surname.

He’s a fighter who appears to take pleasure in preventing and is basically expert at it. He additionally has extra pure powers of notion than Souichiro, who picks up on that one thing’s totally different concerning the Toudou academy. He additionally acknowledges that somebody who’s suspiciously so highly effective is lurking close by.

30. Nils Yajima From Gundam Construct Fighters

nils gundam

Nils Yajima, recognized earlier as Nils Nielsen, is a genius anime character within the TV collection Gundam Construct Fighters and Gundam Construct Fighters Attempt.

Initially, Nils was solely fascinated by science, however after his battle with Sei and Reiji, he realized that he cherished Gunpla battles as effectively. From that time onward, Nils turned part of the Gunpla.

As a Gundam builder & operator, Nils makes use of his superior information, talent, and craftsmanship in tuning his Sengoku to win any and all battles by crafting a tactful (and almost certainly profitable) technique every time.

29. Onyankopon From Assault on Titan

best black anime characters

Onyankopon is a supporting anime character from the Assault On Titan collection. He’s a black-skinned man with black hair styled in a brief crew minimize and skinny eyebrows. He seems to be well-built, as seen by his giant arms and shoulders.

He’s one of many Anti-Marleyan Volunteers working for Zeke Jaeger. He was one in all Marley’s troopers on board the primary scout fleet to Paradis Island after Marley’s failure. He’s a talented pilot who assisted the Scout Regiment of their escape from the raid on Liberio.

Onyankopon comes off as a pleasant man by means of his interactions with the Troopers of the Scout Regiment. Whereas he’s additionally fairly severe in nature, he additionally does give some trigger for concern on the subject of some troopers’ fixation on trivial issues.

28. Charon From Fireplace Power

charon fire force

Charon is a former member of the White-Clad, which served because the Second Pillar’s guardian. Charon is tall and had mild hair. He wore a blindfold branded with a crimson cross image.

He gave the impression to be devoted, inspiring, and severe. He had a robust dedication to the Evangelist and proved himself by being reliable. Regardless of this, he was impatient, asking if Haumea understood him and demanding fast responses.

Charon can be an professional in preventing together with his fists and palms. As robust as he’s tall, Charon may transfer rapidly and hook his opponents with the minimal effort. He has a Second Technology energy, which allows him to soak up kinetic vitality from motion and switch it into thermal vitality for the assault. It’s additionally nice for enduring robust assaults from pyrokinetic.

27. Sister Krone From The Promised Neverland

black anime woman

Sister Krone is a supporting character within the Promised Neverland collection. She is likely one of the greatest black anime characters, with an afro quick hair, brown eyes, and a muscular giant determine, which made it look like she was dominant round different individuals. She additionally wore a smile that was shiny and heat more often than not.

Krone used to work on the Grace Subject Home orphanage with Isabella. Finally, she tried to take over as head caregiver and issues bought messy. She then enraged the remainder of the individuals who ran the house and consequently died at Isabella’s palms.

26. Darui From Naruto Shippuden

best black anime characters

Darui is the right-hand man of the Fourth Raikage, who he later succeeded as Fifth Raikage. Darui is a tall, dark-skinned man with a sharp nostril, bored-looking eyes, and white hair.

This black anime character is a talented and succesful shinobi. He was chosen as one of many bodyguards and right-hand man of the Fourth Raikage, and because the chief of the Allied Shinobi Forces First Division throughout Shinobi World Conflict.

His expertise helped him defeat the Gold and Silver Brothers, who wielded the instruments of the Sage of Six Methods. Years later, Darui turned a terrific ninja that was in a position to change into the Fifth Raikage.

25. Atsuko Jackson From Michiko & Hatchin

atsuko michiko

One of many prettiest black feminine anime characters is for positive Atsuko Jackson, a personality from the collection Michiko & Hatchin. Within the present, she’s a policewoman who lived in an orphanage with Michiko Malandro – a co-worker who appears to have some factors to settle along with her.

She has now changed into a vigilante and was the one accountable for Michiko’s arrest twelve years earlier than the occasions. Michiko likes to tease her by referring to her black pores and skin with the phrase “Jambo,” as she is making an attempt to get her indignant.

It looks as if she has blended emotions in the direction of her and is typically seen serving to her out of a nasty scenario whereas nonetheless making an attempt to carry her over.

24. Muhammed Avdol From Jojo Bizare

avdol jojo bizare

Muhammad Avdol is a strong black man from the Jojo Bizare collection. He’s an Egyptian of common top and construct, and is likely one of the principal allies in Stardust Crusaders.

Avdol is an effective buddy of the protagonist Joseph, he joins him on his journey to defeat DIO. The character supplies vital information of enemy Stand Customers and details about native cultures alongside the way in which.

Avdol is a Stand Person who wields the hearth manipulating Stand, Magician’s Crimson. He usually presents himself as a person who’s severe, accountable, and total righteous. Whereas he’s very involved with sustaining his “picture” as a mature and accountable man.

23. Kaz Kaan From Neo Yokio

black anime characters

Kaz Kaan is likely one of the cutest black anime characters on our listing, he a magistocrate, an eligible bachelorette, and an occasional demon slayer — he’s one of many principal protagonists of the Netflix anime collection Neo Yokio.

Kaan is dark-skinned, in contrast to most of his family members. He has lengthy, locs, and violet eyes. He’s additionally slim and thin with a girl-like type and infrequently wears fancy formal garments.

Kaz is a really mild, good-looking, and trustworthy man, who additionally received’t assume twice about doing or saying his opinion even when it would harm others’ emotions. Additionally, he generally is a bit too self-absorbed typically.

22. Ken Takagi From My Hero Academia

my hero academia

Ken Takagi is likely one of the strongest black anime characters on our listing and is also referred to as Lock Hero: Rock Lock. He’s a Professional Hero from the My Hero Academia anime and manga collection.

Ken is a person of common top with darkish, curly hair. He has pierced ears with padlocks earrings and distinctive key enamel on his fingertips.

Takagi is at all times blunt and onerous on newbies and younger college students. He’s conscious of the danger they’re taking and is aware of that he must be harsh typically in order that they will perceive what’s going on.

21. Andrew Gilbert Mills From Sword Artwork On-line

black anime characters

Andrew Gilbert Mills is likely one of the best-supporting characters within the Sword Artwork On-line collection. He performs a big function all through the arc of Aincrad, in addition to showing sometimes all through numerous arcs and spinoffs.

He was trapped in The Sword Artwork On-line survival recreation, the place he was a talented criminal and service provider who owned a store (in Algade) on the fiftieth flooring of Aincrad.

After being immersed within the fictional world of SAO all this time, Andrew together with his expertise managed to outlive and return to actual life sound and secure. In the true world, he’s working the Dicey Café together with his spouse.

20. Mr. Popo From Dragon Ball

popo dragon ball

From Dragon Ball, we’ve got Mr. Popo probably the most well-liked black anime characters of all time.

Mr. Popo is an attendant of the Earth’s Guardian who has taken on the function of being the caretaker and gardener of Lookout. His time there’s everlasting and so he should keep put in that spot, however he can journey anyplace on the planet immediately when wanted, though his duties stay fixed.

He seems to be like a pleasant humanoid with darkish pores and skin, very giant lips, and no nostril. Mr.Popo is completely dedicated to God and Dende, going as far as to comply with orders even when he doesn’t know what they imply.

He’s the one in command of coaching Goku and his companions in anticipation of the clashes with Piccolo, Nappa, and Vegeta to organize for the time when he must get well the Earth Dragon Balls which have been stolen. And after that, he’ll be asking Shenlong to resurrect Frieza’s victims.

19. Michiko Malandro from Michiko & Hatchin

black anime characters female

Michiko is the primary character of the great collection, Michiko to Hatchin. She’s a free-willed diva who overcomes many alternative obstacles which are seemingly inescapable. She saves Hana Moreno’s from her abusive foster dad and mom and advised her that her father was an excellent man, with whom she fell in love immediately.

They Each embark on an journey collectively to search out the lacking father. They change into a bickering pair however quickly have a turning level the place they arrive to comprehend their true depth of want for one another. The 2 women have the identical tattoo on their stomachs which is an indication of belonging to an organized crime(gang) and the daddy has it too on his proper arm.

18. Simon Brezhnev From Durarara!!

simon durarara

Simon is likely one of the house owners of Russia Sushi alongside together with his previous buddy Denis. He’s additionally one of many members of The {Dollars} and is named one of many strongest males in Ikebukuro based on Izaya.

Simon is an American descendant man who was born and raised in Russia. He’s a black muscular man has with a bizarre accent. Simon has a method of creating individuals really feel relaxed with how he approaches conflicts. He typically works as a peacemaker in intense conditions and never solely conveys important that means however is ready to expedite resolutions by means of his sensible phrases.

17. Edward from Cowboy Bebop

black anime girl

Edward is a prodigy who stars within the Cowboy Bebop collection as a younger hacker from Earth. She’s the daughter of the inventor Mr. Appledelhi.

Edward is a dark-skinned younger anime lady with vivid crimson cheek marks. She seems to be an eccentric genius with many attention-grabbing quirks, equivalent to being simply distracted and speaking to herself aloud, and singing some infantile songs. Her humor and suppleness assist her persona shine by means of and make her the kind of a cherished character who is basically memorable and straightforward to make you giggle.

She typically repeats the final phrases of the individuals who spoke earlier than her, solutions questions with seemingly meaningless phrases, and typically actual nonsense.

16. Tier Harribel From Bleach

badass anime girls

Tier Harribel is a former Espada who had been working below Sōsuke Aizen till the latter’s defeat. After that, she was appointed because the chief of Hueco Mundo.

Harribel is a tall black anime feminine character, within the collection, she is an Arrancar with darkish pores and skin, aqua inexperienced eyes, thick eyelashes, and quick golden blonde hair. Though she often retains each messy, she is commonly seen sporting a braid on the aspect of her head.

Harribel is calm, taciturn, level-headed, and analytical; this doesn’t make her typically interact in fight. She prefers to observe the combat until it reaches its conclusion.

15. Uub From Dragon Ball GT

black anime characters

Uub from Dragon Ball GT is the reincarnation of Majin Buu, the eldest baby of 5, who turns into a pupil of martial arts below the teaching of Goku.

He’s a well-loved character particularly as a consequence of his character design that includes a dark-skin, black eyes, and darkish, and he sports activities a mohawk on his in any other case shaved head.

Uub was a shy baby rising up with nobody noticing, regardless of his superb means to combat. Nevertheless, after years of coaching with Goku, he turned a assured fighter who knew what it takes to win and combat evils.

14. April from Darker than Black

black female anime character

April from Darker than black is a former MI-6 agent who supported November 11. Her character Design options darkish pores and skin, ice blue hair and golden yellow eyes, and icy pink lipstick. Her typical apparel includes a fuchsia pink coat that reaches her higher thighs with an enormous white fur collar and fur lining on the backside of her coat.

April is a heavy alcoholic. She enjoys consuming beer and typically even outdoes the house owners of the bar. Nevertheless, On the subject of any given mission, she is often prepared to finish her activity successfully and with ease and so does everybody else on her staff. There’s clearly a sure bond between them, with November 11 because the chief.

13. Sol Marron From Black Clover

sol marron black clover

Sol Marron is a reasonably anime lady, who performs the function of a third Class Intermediate Magic Knight from the Clover Kingdom’s Blue Rose squad within the Black Clover collection.

Sol is a tall, younger girl with inexperienced eyes and brown pores and skin. The quick, ruffled black hair she has makes her face look much more youthful and she or he’s positively one of many prettiest feminine characters within the collection.

Sol is visibly a misandrist. She believes that almost all males are incompetent and brutish and she or he refuses to depend on them. Nevertheless, she’s prepared to place apart her prejudices and work with them if it helps her captain Charlotte Roselei and the Blue Rose squad.

12. Villetta Nu From Code Geass

black anime girls

Villetta Nu, is a ravishing anime girl from the favored collection “Code Geass”, She was a baroness within the second season and have become a member of the Black Knights. She begins off as an elite Knightmare pilot of the Black Knights led by Jeremiah Gottwald. Her voice actress is Akeno Watanabe (Japanese).

Villetta is a ravishing girl with darkish pores and skin and grey hair. She often seems with a strand of her hair on one aspect of her face and ties it up in lace.

After affected by reminiscence loss, Villetta had a miraculous change in persona and now not held the identical racist ideology that was obvious in her youth. She as an alternative exhibited compassion in the direction of those that didn’t share her beliefs or origins.

She spent much more time along with her saver Ohgi and located herself creating an uncommon affection for him. Sadly, she was attacked by racist Elevens and her reminiscence then got here again.

11. Ogun Montgomery from Fireplace Power

black anime characters

Ogun Montgomery is likely one of the greatest supporting black anime characters from the favored Fireplace Power anime collection, he’s a former Third Technology member of Particular Fireplace Power Firm 4.

This man’s darkish pores and skin, black hair, sensible orange eyes, and the Particular Fireplace Power uniform are sufficient to catch anybody’s consideration.

He can create a number of spears and quick swords out of his nice energy of fireplace after which launch them at opponents at lengthy ranges.

Ogun may be very devoted to defending everybody residing in Tokyo. It’s due to his household historical past and likewise because the hero who defended and introduced immigrants to the Empire to avoid wasting them from the Nice Cataclysm.

10. Jet Black From Cowboy Bebop

jet black cowboy bebop

The badass Jet Black from the cowboy bebop collection is likely one of the coolest black anime characters on our listing. He’s a member of the ISSP and later a bounty hunter. He meets Fad earlier than dropping his arm, then turns into captain of the Bebop and leads the crew together with Spike Spiegel, Faye Valentine, and Edward.

Jet is a tall, broad, and muscular particular person who’s balding and solely has just a few strands of hair on the perimeters of his head. He has sideburns that proceed down his face to type a beard.

Jet appears to be a really sensible member of the Bebop, dealing with his pals with grace and endurance. Notably, he often stands by Spike’s aspect and provides him sage recommendation.

9. Kaname Tosen From Bleach

black anime characters

Kaname Tosen has black pores and skin and darkish brown braids. He has pupil-less eyes which are pale lavender and is a blind anime character since delivery. He’s the previous fifth Seat of the ninth Division below Kensei Muguruma and was the ninth Division’s captain till he betrayed Soul Society alongside Sōsuke Aizen and Gin Ichimaru. On account of this betrayal, his friendship with Sajin Komamura is strained.

They are saying the persona of individuals can change if there’s a near-death expertise and when such issues occur, it will probably make individuals much more introverted. And that is in all probability why Kaname is overly invested in being proper. The one factor that brought on him to snap was when his greatest buddy was killed by her husband earlier than below trivial circumstances.

8. Dutch from Black Lagoon

black anime characters

The Lagoon Buying and selling Firm is led by Dutch, His background as a US Marine Corps crewman finally led him to be revered by these round him.

This African-American character may appear intimidating as a result of he’s at all times carrying a flak jacket, navy fatigues, and has a bodybuilder physique. He additionally at all times wears sun shades that make it onerous to see his eyes.

Dutch is a relaxed, affected person black anime character and prefers to barter contracts fairly than interact within the preventing related to Lagoon Firm’s work. Dutch can be succesful in fight, nevertheless. He’s generally seen as an easygoing particular person, and most of his companions take pleasure in getting nearer to him.

7. Canary From Hunter X Hunter

black anime girl

From the beloved collection of Hunter x Hunter, we’ve got a black anime lady named Canary, she is an apprentice butler of the Zoldyck Household. Anybody making an attempt to move her publish on the property can be expelled through pressure.

Canary is a lady who seems to be in her late teenagers. She has grey eyes and darkish purple hair pulled into thick bunches, every tied with a string in the direction of the tip, which vaguely resembles stars. She has a spherical face, a small nostril, and thick lips. Her pores and skin is darkish brown.

She is loyal to the Zoldyck Household, and she or he may be fairly ferocious on the subject of safeguarding their property. She was launched as a ruthless guardian and a really clever one at that. However, Gon, has seen by means of her and found that she truly has emotions as her eyes appear to point some type of gentleness.

6. Afro from Afro Samurai

afro samurai

Afro or higher often called Afro Samurai is likely one of the most overpowered black anime characters on our listing. He’s the primary protagonist of the Afro Samurai anime collection. As a baby, he watched his father get killed by the hands of Quantity One in entrance of his eyes. And when he grows up he harnesses a number of expertise, together with being an especially gifted sword-fighter with a ton of expertise in utilizing katanas.

After experiencing a traumatic occasion, Afro is set to take revenge on the person who murdered his father. There’s only one impediment in his method, As a Quantity Two, the remainder of the world is after him! As a result of the one one who can problem Quantity One is Quantity Two.

Afro is on fireplace, as enemies flock to try to take his spot. He should combat by means of a wide range of enemies and overcome obstacles if he desires to get his revenge as soon as and for all.

5. Mugen From Samurai Champloo

black anime boy

Mugen is a fictional character from the anime Samurai Champloo. He could also be tough across the edges however Mugen can typically be humble and clever in his phrases. He doesn’t have any ties together with his previous, being born within the Ryukyu Islands and by no means figuring out his dad and mom. He was once a pirate and needed to faux his dying, however befriending Jin and Fuu modified his life for the higher.

He’s Jin’s nemesis and is at all times ready for an opportunity to combat him within the collection, and the 2 accompany Fuu in her journey of trying to find “Sunflower”. Mugen is a bit of bit edgier than Jin and likewise supplies some comedian reduction.

His preventing type combines martial arts, swordplay, and break dancing. He depends on intuition and reflex to shock his enemies. You might say that his vogue type represents the long run, whereas Mugen is from the previous. He’s a black-skinned anime character with black hair that’s often unkempt and resembles an Afro.

4. Killer B From Naruto Shippuden

killer b naruto

Killer B is a significant character within the manga and anime collection of Naruto Shippuden who’s typically seen as among the finest who helped the primary character Naruto management his energy. He has darkish pores and skin and a muscular construct, with white hair and a beard.

This black anime character is host to Gyuki, an eight-tailed demon ox and an Op shinobi who skilled Naruto and partnered with him in preventing the antagonist Obito Uchiha.

Moreover, he’s tremendous pleased with his energy that he may be pleased with himself, no matter his standing and background as a jinchūriki.

3. Daiki Aomine From Kuroko No Basuke

hot anime guys

Aomine is likely one of the hottest black anime characters ever, he’s badass, op, and a cool basketball participant with a extremely aggressive and liquid enjoying type. This was made much more highly effective by Kuroko’s misdirection. He was well-known for being Kuroko’s “Mild” for a really very long time earlier than Kagami got here alongside.

Aomine’s quickness and flexibility make him extremely onerous to cease – for each defenders and his opponents alike. He can shoot from virtually anyplace, typically even earlier than an opposing basketball participant even realizes he’s there!

Whereas he’s keen about enjoying basketball, Aomine has change into extra cynical and fewer enthusiastic towards the game. He’s very onerous to get motivated for practices or video games and ceaselessly arrives late.

It is because he thinks that nobody may match his talent. He felt unmotivated on the courtroom, as he’s now realizing that he can solely defeat himself.

2. Kuzan Aokiji From One Piece 

black anime characters

From the One Piece collection, we’ve got probably the most overpowered black anime characters of all time! His title is Kuzan, a former Marine Admiral, additionally known as “Aokiji” by his fellow Marines which suggests Blue Pheasant. He was nominated by Sengoku for the place of fleet admiral however misplaced a duel combat towards his rival Sakazuki ultimately. Consequently, he resigned from the Marines.

Aokiji is tall, slim but muscular, has black, curly hair, tanned pores and skin, and an total lean and lengthy construct.

Kuzan has the ability of ice and might use it to create ice-ground, partitions, and even weapons. His energy additionally allows him to freeze something he touches and switch it into ice.

1. Yoruichi From Bleach

black female anime characters

Yoruichi Shihouin is a black feminine anime character who’s well-liked due to her power and wonder. Her look is that of a slender girl with a mean top. She has darkish pores and skin, golden eyes, and black hair tied up in a ponytail with bangs on the aspect of her face.

Yoruichi is sharp-minded and witty, holding a deep information and understanding of Soul Society and its secrets and techniques, as she was as soon as the chief of the Onmitsukidō in addition to the previous captain of the Second Division.

Her lieutenant was Marenoshin Ōmaeda. She deserted her command obligations and now works with Kisuke Urahara and Tessai Tsukabishi. Collectively, they run the Urahara Store within the human realm.


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