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Anime is definitely one of many world’s hottest sorts of leisure. It attracts a variety of viewers because of its various solid of characters, intriguing storylines, and crowd pleasing aesthetics. Moreover, probably the most partaking traits of the anime medium are the character design and total temper that anime characters exude. Anime has supplied us with a few of the most badass and nasty characters we’ve ever seen in any style of leisure.

At this time, although, we’ll be specializing in probably the most badass feminine anime characters. The characters on this story vary in age from younger to maturity. Of their universe, there could also be good and unhealthy individuals, however they’re all distinctive in their very own proper. They do, nonetheless, share one attribute. They’ll blow your thoughts with their badassness and their cocky angle. So put together for a path full of these mind-boggling badass feminine characters.

So, with out additional ado, listed below are the High 27+ Most Badass Feminine Anime Characters.

29. Yor – SPY X FAMILY

Top 27 Most Badass Female Anime Characters |

YOR FORGER is the trigonologist within the SPY x FAMILY collection. Whereas she works as a easy clerk at Berlin Metropolis Corridor, she additionally leads a secret life as a backyard murderer with the code title “Thorn Princess”.

Yor is launched as an remoted particular person, who interacts minimally along with his co-workers and is described by Camilla as a robotic. Likewise, Yore has collected remarkably, having the ability to preserve her calm within the midst of battle. She is extremely well mannered to her assassination goal to ask if she will take their life.

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28. Bishamonten – Noragami

Top 27 Most Badass Female Anime Characters |

Bishamontane also called Vaishravana or Bishamon, is among the seven deities of fortune. She is formally the goddess of battle and warriors from Noragami Anime.

Bishamon is an exquisite and slender yellow-skinned goddess who seems in her early twenties with very lengthy blonde hair that reaches her legs the place she is curly on the finish, with bangs flowing to the suitable, purple Eyes with slit pupils, darkish pink lips and she or he is tall as she is 174 cm in top.

Her ordinary gown, when in fight, consists of a brief grey skirt and a grey buttonless jacket, a black hat, a black bra, and lengthy black boots.

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27. Annie Leonhart – Assault on Titan

Top 27 Most Badass Female Anime Characters |

Annie Leonhart, also called the Feminine Titan, is a serious antagonist turned supporting protagonist within the anime/manga collection Assault on Titan. Annie has a small but well-built stature and has naturally blonde hair that ends close to her eyes. Annie’s eyes are blue, and she or he normally has a stoic face and infrequently smiles.

Annie is taken into account to be an remoted, glamorous, and exclusionary sort; friendships don’t come to her simply. She isn’t seen smiling and infrequently has an impassive expression. She is lazy, indolent, unresponsive, apathetic, dispassionate, and somnolent, with little want to place in any effort into meaningless disciplines or actions, and as a substitute focuses completely on making it into the Navy Police Brigade to acquire a simple life.

In contrast to Reiner and Bertholdt, Annie can develop into sadistic in her Titan type, as proven when she catches a scout by his ODM gear wires and waits till he begs for mercy earlier than spinning into the air.

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26. Akame – Akame ga Kill!

Top 27 Most Badass Female Anime Characters |

This feminine determine is a youthful, tiny woman with full-length black hair who’s also called Akame of the Demon Sword Murasame. She is a really concentrated particular person who dislikes being disturbed.

Akame is thought to be the Night time Raid’s strongest member. She is kind of highly effective and fast. She will be able to combat with a completely outfitted grand chariot in hand-to-hand fight. She shouldn’t be solely able to coping with any and all opponents in entrance of her, irrespective of how quite a few they could be, however she can be able to going toe-to-toe with Basic Esdeath, the present’s strongest character.

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25. Saeko Busujima – Highschool of the Useless

Top 27 Most Badass Female Anime Characters |

Saeko Busujima is the secondary feminine protagonist of the manga/anime collection Excessive College of the Useless. She is a pupil at Fujimi Excessive College and a member of the survivor group led by Takashi Komuro and is the daughter of Grasp Busujima.

Saeko has lengthy, straight, and glossy purple hair, together with a triangular fringe on the entrance that hardly touches the ridge of her nostril, and she or he can be proven to have blue eyes and sizable breasts.

She may be very calm and picked up, to an nearly scary diploma, nearly by no means freaking out or dropping her cool in fight.
In a while, nonetheless, Saeko reveals sadistic tendencies whereas preventing “them,” typically grinning each time she’s in fight. It may be assumed that Saeko’s existential battle manifests itself by cloaking her troubled, sadistic, malevolent, and violent nature behind the facade of a well-mannered and cultured woman.

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24. Maki Zenin – Jujutsu Kaisen

Top 27 Most Badass Female Anime Characters |

Maki Zenin is a supporting character within the collection. She is a second-year at Tokyo Jujutsu Excessive College. She is Mai Zenin’s twin sister and Ogi Zenin’s daughter.

Maki is a non-sorcerer born into the Zenin Household (one of many Large Three Sorcerer Households). She is a fearless and confident particular person who can propel herself ahead with out counting on others.

His bodily power is second solely to Yuji Itadori’s among the many college students, alongside along with his strong-willed character. She will be able to additionally weld quite a lot of highly effective curse instruments. She has unbelievable bodily power and endurance. She additionally possesses a pointy mind and an analytical thoughts.

23. Sakura Haruno – Naruto

Top 27 Most Badass Female Anime Characters |

Sakura Uchiha is the tritagonist of the Naruto franchise and one of many most important supporting characters within the Boruto: Naruto Subsequent Generations anime/manga collection. She is a chūnin-level kunoichi of Konohagakure, a gifted medical-ninja, and a member of Crew Kakashi. She can be Sasuke Uchiha’s spouse and the mom of Sarada Uchiha.

She wasn’t significantly robust as a member of Crew 7, led by Kakashi Hatake, at first, as a result of she was always eclipsed by her teammates, Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki. Nevertheless, after turning into Tsunade’s pupil, she begins to develop stronger. Tsunade is the fifth Hokage and one of many three legendary Sannin.

She develops her Tajutsu and masters the “Power of a Hundred Seal Jutsu” beneath Tsunade’s tutelage, making her some of the highly effective shinobi ever. Other than that, her command of chakra makes her a formidable opponent, since she is able to performing quite a lot of jutsu with out spending any chakra.

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22. Caulifla – Dragon Ball collection

Top 27 Most Badass Female Anime Characters |

Caulifla is the principle feminine Saiyan character within the DragonBall manga and anime collection. She is from Universe 6. She leads a saiyan legal gang, and her gang members consult with her as Sis or Boss.

She has a really rowdy character and is thought among the many Universe 6 Saiyans for being a rowdy woman. Caulifla, alongside together with her rowdy woman character, is a superb energy who can do something to extend her energy.

When it comes to energy, her potential is so nice that she will remodel right into a Tremendous Saiyan in a matter of seconds. Caulifla is the strongest Saiyan in Universe 6, in accordance with the Sadala Protection Forces. She’s additionally thought of a fighter genius. She additionally defeats Napapa in her Tremendous Saiyan type and confronts Goku. In her Caulifla Tremendous Saiyan 2 type, she was in a position to combat alongside Goku, who was additionally in the identical type.

21. Nobara Kugisaki – Jujutsu Kaisen

Top 27 Most Badass Female Anime Characters |

Nobara Kugisaki is a pivotal determine within the Jujutsu Kaisen collection. She is a freshman at Tokyo Jujutsu Excessive College. She is a pupil of Gojo Satoru, as are her classmates Yuji and Fushiguro.

Nobara is a confident and boastful younger girl with an unwavering sense of self-worth. She is dedicated to remaining true to herself, it doesn’t matter what it takes. Nobara is classed as a grade 3 jujutsu sorcerer by Jujutsu Excessive.
Within the collection, she demonstrates her capacity to compete with jujutsu practitioners of a better grade than herself.

Even earlier than she began faculty, Nobara had a superb understanding of the right way to expel curses together with her pure expertise. That reveals how potent she is.

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20. Kefla – Dragonball collection

Top 27 Most Badass Female Anime Characters |

Kefla is the fusion of Kale and Caulifla, and she or he is among the Dragon Ball collection’ strongest Potara fusions. Kefla, regardless of being a fusion of cauliflower and kale, has the identical character as Caulifla. This is because of kale’s shyness and common deference to caulifla. Throughout her combat with Goku, Kefla displays Caulifla’s vanity by calling Tremendous Saiyan God Goku’s assaults “lame.”

When it comes to energy, Goku remarks that hers is so nice that he can’t think about it having a restrict. Kefla demonstrates her unbelievable pace and agility through the combat with Tremendous Saiyan God Goku. by shifting so rapidly that Goku didn’t discover her till she appeared behind him. That demonstrates how potent she is.

19. Yoruichi Shihoin – Bleach

Top 27 Most Badass Female Anime Characters |

Yoruichi Shihoin is a supporting character within the Bleach anime and manga collection. She is the previous captain of the 2nd Division of the Gotei 13, in addition to the previous commander of the Onmitsukido. Yoruichi Shihoin is a slender, dark-brown skinned girl of common top, with golden-colored eyes, thick eyebrows, and lengthy purple hair, which she retains up in a ponytail. Her customary apparel consists of a black, backless, sleeveless undershirt.

As an individual, Yoruichi Shihoin may be very clever and witty, holding an intimate information of the Soul Society and its workings. Though of noble beginning, she acts in another way from most different nobles. She speaks in a dialect utilized by the aged, akin to figuring out herself as “washi” (a time period normally utilized by previous males to outline themselves with) as a substitute of extra female phrases like “watashi”, in each her human and animal kinds.

When it comes to power, Yoruichi Shihoin possesses the distinctive capacity to shape-shift right into a black cat at will. In cat type, Yoruichi can nonetheless channel her religious vitality and transfer at unbelievable speeds, although she is bodily restricted.

Top 27 Most Badass Female Anime Characters |

Izumi Curtis is a supporting protagonist within the anime/manga collection Fullmetal Alchemist. She is the trainer of Edward and Alphonse Elric, who agreed to coach the brothers to hone their alchemical skills after their mom died.

As an individual, Izumi normally takes obvious delight in being a “easy, sort housewife” and calmly introduces herself as such to anybody who asks. Her humble exterior belies a fearsome disposition, with the Elric brothers petrified of frightening her, akin to when somebody calls her “previous.” She is vulnerable to swift acts of violence and dealing out bodily hurt, ceaselessly seen cracking her knuckles when she is indignant or desires to intimidate.

Izumi is a particularly expert and educated alchemist, excelling in each alchemical analysis and fight utilizing the aware manipulation of matter and pure vitality. Her particular model of alchemy appears to focus extra on her fast environment and the right way to most conveniently use them to her benefit, from making a wall to regulate the overflow of water to knocking out opponents by disrupting the movement of ions of their nerves.

17. Rally Vincent – Gunsmith Cats

Top 27 Most Badass Female Anime Characters |

Rally Vincent is the principle protagonist of the Gunsmith Cats anime/manga collection. She is a bounty hunter who fights crime and operates Chicago’s gun store, “Gunsmith Cats.”

Rally has a deep tan and wavy black hair simply above her shoulders. Her top is 5’7″ and she or he weighs 112 lbs. sometimes wearing a girl’s enterprise swimsuit look.
As an individual, she is a bit reserved in the case of males. Rally feels most snug when discussing firearms.

When it comes to power, she is extremely expert in hand-to-hand fight, with nice pace and bodily agility, and is an skilled however reckless driver. Though she doesn’t all the time respect the letter of the legislation, she has a powerful ethical moral sense and is reluctant to kill except completely crucial. A superb marksman, she typically targets her opponents’ set off fingers or essential parts of their weapons in fight reasonably than going for a deadly shot.

16. Nico Robin – One Piece

Top 27 Most Badass Female Anime Characters |

Nico Robin is the archaeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates. She was initially launched because the vp of Baroque Works, often called Miss All Sunday, earlier than becoming a member of the Straw Hats. She is the seventh member of the crew and the sixth to hitch.

She is the quiet, reserved crew member, hardly ever displaying feelings or having outbursts of feelings (occasional exceptions being sweat drops and when she cries out to Luffy and the Straw Hats from the Tower of Justice through the Enies Foyer Arc), and as such, is the one crew member to don’t have any face faults. She even seems calm at instances in direction of her crew mates, typically talking ominously round them.

Nico Robin, as an Ohara archaeologist, can learn Poneglyphs (which the World Authorities forbids). She has nice sturdiness from the ache of Spandam, Monet, and Diamante.

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15. Touka Kirishima – Tokyo Ghoul

Top 27 Most Badass Female Anime Characters |

Touka is probably the most badass feminine character within the Tokyo Ghoul collection. She can be one of many collection’ most important characters, who underwent a whole transformation after assembly Kaneki Ken.

Followers have been drawn to her character as a result of she was all the time unpredictable.
Her most distinguishing function is her pretty blue hair, which has bangs on one aspect of her face. Her emotional aspect is extremely candy, and she or he is kind of enticing.

Touka is a Ukaku ghoul with a single wing that she will harden and de-harden as she pleases. She has not too long ago acquired a second wing, nonetheless. Throughout her fights, she has unbelievable pace and endurance.

Top 27 Most Badass Female Anime Characters |

Olivier Mira Armstrong is a minor character in Fullmetal Alchemist and Brotherhood. She is also called Main Basic Armstrong, and is the first inheritor to the illustrious Armstrong household. She is the commanding officer charged with the safety of Amestris’ northern border at Fort Briggs.

She is a extreme girl who has a fearsome and commanding presence when she is harsh together with her subordinates and friends and coldly cruel to her enemies. The deceptively lovely girl’s schadenfreude has earned her the nickname “Ice Queen” among the many Briggs troopers. Sharp-tongued and extremely combative, Olivier is not any stranger to livid chastisements and bursts of fiery violence, particularly towards those that fail to stay as much as her excessive requirements and staunch adherence to the “survival of the fittest” philosophy.

13. Mordred Pendragon – Destiny/Apocrypha

Top 27 Most Badass Female Anime Characters |

Mordred Pendragon, additionally known as the Saber of Crimson, is a serious supporting character within the gentle novel, manga, and anime collection Destiny/Apocrypha. She additionally serves as one of many servants of Ritsuka Fujimaru in Destiny/Grand Order.

Mordred had a dainty determine with small breasts, which allowed her to cross herself off as a boy. Mordred had gentle inexperienced eyes and blond hair that she tied right into a ponytail. Moreover, she had a pair of yaebas, that are thought of an indication of pure magnificence in Japan.

Mordred was extremely boastful, believing herself to be equal to and even higher than her father, an idea that was completely unfaithful. Her armor was cumbersome with the intention to conceal her small body. Mordred abhorred the subject of her gender being introduced up, going so far as to threaten her grasp’s life when he referred to her as a girl.

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12. Misato Katsuragi – Neon Genesis Evangelion

Top 27 Most Badass Female Anime Characters |

Misato Katsuragi is among the most important characters within the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise. She is the operations director at NERV, initially with the rank of captain; she was later promoted to main.

She is a younger girl with lengthy darkish violet hair that’s wavy with bangs parted to the edges and darkish brown eyes. She wears a sleeveless black flapper gown with a cross necklace, a elaborate purple jacket with stylized accents, inexperienced socks, and black boots, however she wears extra outfits all through the collection. Ikari’s male classmates know her to be a really enticing girl, as she has been cited a number of instances all through your entire collection as being a “babe”.

Whereas on the job, Misato may be very skilled and succesful, in stark distinction to her life at dwelling. Misato has no obvious points with displaying and emphasizing her femininity, and she or he loves being badass.

11. Alice Zuberg – Sword Artwork On-line

Top 27 Most Badass Female Anime Characters |

Alice Zuberg, also called Alice Synthesis Thirty, is a serious supporting character within the Sword Artwork On-line gentle novel collection, in addition to its anime and manga variations. She additionally serves because the deuteragonist of the Alicization Arc, which presently stays the longest story arc within the collection.

Alice was a decided, exhausting employee who aimed to grasp the Sacred Arts. Though her character was critical, she was additionally adventurous and even mischievous.

When it comes to power, Alice possesses superhuman bodily traits akin to accelerated improvement, longevity, and statistical amplification.

10. Clare – Claymore

Top 27 Most Badass Female Anime Characters |

Clare is the principle protagonist of the manga/anime collection Claymore. She is a Claymore, the one recognized one to have taken the flesh and blood of a fellow Claymore reasonably than that of a Yoma, making her 1/4 Yoma versus 1/2 human like the opposite warriors.

Clare was first launched as a really badass warrior who prioritized her duties over the whole lot else. That is proven when, after saving Raki from a Yoma, she tells him that she needed to get it right into a place by which she may kill it simply. It signifies that she cared extra about killing Yoma than saving his life. Even from childhood, Clare’s huge willpower was obvious when she would persistently observe Teresa, regardless of the risks.

When it comes to power, to start with, Clare was fairly weak, having hassle with even common Yoma. After Raki stopped her from awakening, nonetheless, her power elevated considerably, permitting her to tackle and kill a number of Yoma with minimal effort. After 7 years of hiding, she turned in a position to stand on equal floor with Miria.

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9. Casca – Berserk

Top 27 Most Badass Female Anime Characters |

Casca is the deuteragonist of the anime and manga collection, Berserk. Within the collection, she is a former unit commander of the Band of the Falcon and an estranged companion of Guts.

As one of many Band of the Falcon’s most formidable warriors, Casca instructions the respect of her comrades. Previous to the occasions of the fifth eclipse, Casca proves to be a decided and succesful chief inside the Band of the Falcon who deserves the respect of her comrades in arms.

When it comes to power, Casca is regarded by her comrades and chief as the one one that might have surpassed Griffith in sheer talent previous to Guts’ enlistment. Her skilled swordsmanship, honed reflexes, pure agility, and above-average power enable her to battle and defeat male opponents a lot bigger than herself.

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8. Ryuko Matoi – Kill la Kill

Top 27 Most Badass Female Anime Characters |

Ryuko Matoi is the principle protagonist of the Kill la Kill anime and manga. She is a nomadic switch pupil who transfers to Honnoji Academy seeking the opposite half of the purple scissor blade she carries, and the one who murdered her father.

As an individual, Ryuko demonstrates that she is a fierce and cussed woman. She is seemingly not afraid of something, which is demonstrated by how simply she stands as much as Satsuki Kiryuin and calls for her questions be answered. She additionally reveals fierce willpower to find her father’s killer. Her stubbornness was taken to ridiculous ranges when she managed to free herself from Ragyo’s thoughts management by punching herself on the cheek.

When it comes to power, Ryuko’s power, pace, and talents far surpass these of an unusual human. Ryuko’s signature weapon is one half of a large pair of scissors, which she wields as a one-handed, single-edged longsword. The blade is able to reducing life fibers, that are in any other case indestructible. She obtains the second half of the scissor blade after snatching it from Nui Harime.

7. Mereoleona Vermillion – Black Clover

Top 27 Most Badass Female Anime Characters |

Mereoleona Vermillion is among the most important feminine characters from the anime Black Clover. She is a part of the Home Vermillion and is a good friend of Asta.

Mereoleona has a hostile angle and a brief mood. She is a loud and aggressive girl who believes actions converse louder than phrases. She can be proven to have an absence of modesty or a pure view of nudity, as she didn’t hesitate to order everybody (each women and men) to strip down and bathe collectively within the sizzling spring, and smiled on the males’s “enthusiasm” when she heard them attempting to peek on the ladies.

When it comes to power, she possessed great bodily power, was extraordinarily expert in hand-to-hand fight, had great uncooked pace, extraordinary endurance, and was expert in sensing mana. As a royal and captain of a Magic Knights squad, Mereoleona possesses an immense quantity of magic energy.

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6. Esdeath – Akame ga Kill!

Top 27 Most Badass Female Anime Characters |

Esdeath is the secondary antagonist of the manga Akame Ga Kill!. She is a high-ranking common and probably the most harmful warrior within the Empire. She additionally serves as the most important bodily menace within the collection.

As an individual, Esdeath was a manipulative and barbarous sadist who lacked empathy for individuals whom she deemed weak since she lived by her father’s philosophy (“The robust survive, and the weak die”). She loved placing her enemies by way of nice ache, each bodily and emotionally. She had no qualms about killing harmless individuals to get what she wished and rationalized her conduct together with her father’s previous creed.

When it comes to power, she possessed a strong Teigu referred to as Demon’s Extract that allowed her to control ice and mould it from nothing. Resulting from her ego and immense psychological willpower, she was in a position to stand up to Teigu’s overwhelming madness and procure its skills.

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5. Mikasa Ackerman – Assault on Titan

Top 27 Most Badass Female Anime Characters |

If we’re speaking about probably the most badass feminine anime characters, we are able to’t neglect about Mikasa Ackerman from Assault on Titan, who’s the epitome of badassery!
Mikasa is a peaceable character that genuinely cares about her pals, particularly Eren and Armin, and is rarely one to get right into a combat with anyone else. Mikasa is a powerful woman in each sense of the phrase.

Mikasa, who ranked first out of all of the cadets within the 104th Coaching Corps, is expert and barely terrifying. She is described as having prowess equal to 100 unusual troopers and good at her job. When she’s preventing Titans, although, that every one adjustments as a result of she will be merciless and slay any and all Titans with relative ease. She is probably going solely second in energy and skills to Levi Ackerman as a soldier, which speaks rather a lot about her character!

4. Android 18 – Dragon Ball collection

Top 27 Most Badass Female Anime Characters |

Android 18 is the preferred feminine character within the DragonBall collection. She can be the one feminine android within the Dragon Ball franchise. She was first launched as a villain within the Android Saga in Dragon Ball Z. However later, she modified from evil to good and have become a member of Goku’s crew.

Android 18 normally shows a cool and assured character, particularly in battle, though her sarcastic humor is probably the most outstanding trait of her character. Even when crossing over from villain to hero, Android 18 stays stoic and sarcastic in most circumstances. Android 18, is worried about her daughter Marron, her brother, and ultimately Krillin, however she is unconcerned about these round her.

Android 18 is extraordinarily highly effective, in a position to simply overpower even the everyday Tremendous Saiyan. Her uncooked power permits her to simply break away from confines like handcuffs and simply as effortlessly raise and toss massive automobiles. Her most noteworthy and useful trait in battle is her steady and just about infinite vitality provide, which prevents her from turning into exhausted whereas additionally augmenting her assaults.

3. Erza Scarlet – Fairy Tail

Top 27 Most Badass Female Anime Characters |

Erza Scarlet is a One of many most important characters in Fairy Tail the place she is an S-Class Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild She can be a member of Crew Natsu.

She is a really strict particular person, typically criticizing the unhealthy conduct and habits of the opposite guild members, inflicting most of them to apologize, fearing that they could invoke her wrath. She can be very impatient, disliking individuals who don’t reply her questions rapidly sufficient.

When it comes to power, Erza possesses the Requip sort of Spatial Magic and Erza’s signature type of Magic, over which she possesses nice mastery. It’s a sort of magic that enables her to swap weapons, armor, and garments at will.

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2. Revy – Black Lagoon

Top 27 Most Badass Female Anime Characters |

Rebecca Lee, primarily known as Revy and typically Two Fingers, is the principle feminine protagonist of the Black Lagoon collection.

As an individual, Revy is a troubled, loud, impolite, sarcastic, lethal, very aggressive, short-tempered, cynical, assured, and significantly aggressive nihilist who additionally displays a wild temperament.

When it comes to talent, she is skillful with all kinds of weapons, starting from having the ability to single-handedly hearth an M79 grenade launcher whereas standing on the deck of a shifting boat, casually but successfully firing a PM-63 submachine gun, to wielding a Gepard Anti Materiel Rifle towards a helicopter gunship. Revy additionally seems to be very educated in the case of weaponry, as she was seen in a uncommon state of pleasure when Dutch handed her the APS underwater rifle.

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1. Motoko Kusanagi – Ghost within the Shell

Top 27 Most Badass Female Anime Characters |

Motoko Kusanagi is the principle character within the anime and manga collection “Ghost within the Shell.” She is a cyborg who works for Japan’s Nationwide Public Security Fee as a squad chief.

As an individual, for probably the most half, Kusanagi is a no-nonsense cop. Technically, all area work akin to spying, breaking and coming into, and the acquisition of black market items is illegitimate, however all such actions are anticipated beneath Part 9 and lined up on account of an understanding with the Prime Ministry.

When it comes to talent, she is proficient in quite a lot of gentle, medium, and heavy weaponry as a part of her service. We’ve seen her use a number of weapons proficiently within the anime collection, and she or he’s a genius with all of them. She carried the CZ 100, Mateba Revolver, Jericho 941, Micro-Uzi, Steyr SPP, Steyr TMP, CZN-M22, SIG SG 543, PGM Ultima Ratio, and the Mauser Kompromisslos sniper rifle. Her ruthless nature and extraordinary abilities give her the highest spot on our checklist.

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