Top 20 Strongest Characters in Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest (2022)

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest is the sequel to the Fairy Tail manga. The principle plot of the manga offers with Natsu and his associates attempting to seal the 5 dragon gods. The plot takes place within the new continent, Giltenia. This manga introduces a number of new characters, particularly new foes and allies. The manga additionally launched one other parallel world, i.e., Elentear, just like Edolas. As we speak we’re going to focus on the highest 20 strongest characters of the sequel manga.

20) Kiria

Kiria Fairy Tail 100 years Quest

Initially of the manga, she was a prisoner of Water Dragon God, “Mecrophobia.” Natsu and his associates didn’t know something about Kiria, in order that they rescued her. As quickly as they rescued her, she instantly attacked them. However her assault failed.

She managed to hypnotize Erza utilizing her magic. But it surely didn’t make any impression on her as Erza put up an act to idiot her and defeated her. Later through the Wooden Dragon God arc, she clashed in opposition to Laxus and was defeated by him.

Now within the ongoing arc, she fought in opposition to Lucy however received overwhelmed by her. She is a dragon eater and a member of the Diabolos Guild. Her important assault is to chop the psychological energy of her opponent. That is the ability of Blade Dragon. 

19) Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy Heartfilia Kiria Fairy Tail 100 years Quest

She is a celestial wizard and a mage of the Fairy Tail guild. Within the present manga, particularly through the battle, we have now seen that Lucy has come a good distance. In many of the battles, she used to battle quite a bit, or she received dependent on Natsu and others to save lots of the day.

In the course of the Wooden Dragon Arc, she clashes with Mirajane, Elfman, and Lisanna, the place she manages to present them a troublesome struggle. However she barely manages to beat Lisanna by combining the powers of Leo and Virgo. She had her highlight through the Nice Labyrinth Arc, the place she not solely beat Kiria and in addition, she showcased her use of celestial energy brilliantly.

18) Haku

Haku Kiria Fairy Tail 100 years Quest

He’s the fifth-generation dragon slayer and one of many 4 elites of the Diabolos guild. He managed to show to be a formidable foe as he tricked Lucy, Natsu, and Pleased and efficiently turned them into plush dolls.

His magic was far stronger, which even affected Lucy’s celestial spirits; in addition they become plush dolls as she summoned them. Throughout his struggle with Wendy, he simply noticed Irene and turned her into an opulent doll. His overconfidence and distraction through the struggle price him the battle.

17) Wendy Marvel

Wendy Kiria Fairy Tail 100 years Quest

The sky dragon slayer and mage of Fairy Tail guild. She has proven exponential progress within the sequel manga, from her first battle in opposition to Nebaru to her newest battle in opposition to Haku.

Her enchanting energy has additionally elevated; she was praised by none apart from Irene Belserion herself. Although she began as a support-type wizard however in a while within the collection, she grew up who can maintain her personal.

16) Faris

Faris Kiria Fairy Tail 100 years Quest

Initially of the manga, she joined the Fairy Tail guild utilizing the guise of Touka. After her infiltration, she efficiently solid her whiteout spell on your entire fairy tail guild members, together with Laxus, Gajeel, Mirajane, and even Makarov. Additionally, Jellal fell prey to her magic. She was the overarching antagonist through the Water Dragon God arc and the Wooden Dragon God arc.

She first efficiently stole Mecrophobia’s magic and was simply controlling him from the opposite continent. Later she managed to break the orbs to defeat Aldoron, but it surely backfired.

Later it got here to gentle that she forcefully fused with Touka, an exceed from Elentear, and was manipulated by Moon God Dragon Selene. To avoid wasting her residence, she took up the mantle of White Wizard.

15) Hakune

Hakune Kiria Fairy Tail 100 years Quest

She made her look throughout Moon Dragon God Arc. She is likely one of the moonlit magnificence gods and has the power the manipulate the idea of freezing. She is a fearsome wizard as she will be able to lure her opponents right into a dream-like state and make them weak. Throughout her first battle, she managed to seize Natsu and Grey very simply.

14) Jellal Fernandes

Jellal Kiria Fairy Tail 100 years Quest

In the course of the begin of the manga, he was visiting numerous guilds and trying to find a sure individual (Touka). The second he discovered her, he fell prey to her magic “Whiteout” together with the remainder of the fairy tail guild members.

He is likely one of the Ishagar’s strongest mages. Below Touka’s spell, he fought in opposition to Erza and received defeated as a result of his bizarre conduct through the struggle. Later he fought in opposition to one of many Aldoron’s god seeds, “Gears.” He was having hassle through the struggle, however with Ultear’s steerage, he lastly overcame and defeated Gears.

13) Gajeel Redfox

Gajeel Kiria Fairy Tail 100 years Quest

The iron dragon slayer of the fairy tail guild. He’s essentially the most cautious character within the collection. He shortly suspected Touka when she joined the Fairy Tail guild when everybody didn’t consider him.

His suspicion grew to become true, however he grew to become sufferer to her whiteout spell, and below her affect, he clashed with Natsu however misplaced in opposition to him. Later with the assistance of Brandish’s magic, he grew to become a big and clashed with Aldoron’s important physique.

12) Misaki

Misaki Kiria Fairy Tail 100 years Quest

She is the fifth-generation dragon slayer and one of many 4 elites of the Diabolos guild. She made her first look through the Nice Labyrinth arc. Throughout that arc, she clashed in opposition to Erza Scarlett, the place she used her energy magic blue stream and blue dimension.

Her magic dealt nice injury to her, however that was not sufficient as Erza managed to beat her foe by utilizing her method Fairy Blade: Meteor.

11) Grey Fullbuster

Gray Kiria Fairy Tail 100 years Quest

The ice satan slayer of the fairy tail guild. Grey is likely one of the cleverest members of the guild. In the course of the Water Dragon God arc, he supported Natsu throughout his struggle in opposition to Mecrophobia, and he briefly clashed with Skullion Raider. In the course of the Wooden Dragon God arc, he clashed with Laxus’s Thunder God tribe, who had been below Faris’s spell.

Within the prequel manga, through the Battle of Fairy Tail arc, Grey was defeated by them. Lastly, he received his revenge in opposition to them, the place he showcased his brilliance and defeated all three of them at ease.

Later, within the Moon Dragon God arc, he clashed with Hakune, the place he was capable of break from her spell, which put the opponent in a dream-like state, and defeated her together with his full may.

10) Natsu Dragneel

Natsu Kiria Fairy Tail 100 years Quest

One of many strongest members of the fairy tail guild; though he’s not an S-Class Wizard, his energy rivals theirs. Natsu, within the sequel collection, has come a good distance the place he not solely turns into robust bodily, he grew to become robust mentally as nicely. In the course of the first arc, he clashed with Mecrophobia; if it wasn’t for the intervention of Ignia, he would have been defeated. Ignia provided his steerage and gave his flames as a way to defeat the Water Dragon God.

In a while, through the Wooden Dragon God arc, he fought in opposition to the Diabolos guild member Wraith and the god seeds of Aldoron. On this battle, he used his intelligence to defeat each of them. Throughout his struggle with Aldoron, he managed to mix the flames of Igneel, Atlas flame, and Ignia managed to defeat the Wooden-Dragon.

Within the Moon Dragon God arc, he clashed with Suzaku and was defeated instantly. Within the present arc, he clashed with him once more and was capable of sustain with him the place he was capable of predict his assault.

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9) Erza Scarlett

Erza Kiria Fairy Tail 100 years Quest

She is likely one of the S-Class wizards of Fairy Tail. In the course of the Wooden Dragon God arc, Faris solid a whiteout spell on Laxus, which made him obey her. Laxus managed to defeat Erza barely after a troublesome battle. Later through the Moon Dragon God arc, she went in opposition to Youkai and defeated her.

Throughout her escape from the fortress together with different guild members, she encountered Suzaku, who swiftly minimize her down. Within the present arc, she withstands all of the assaults of Misaki and eventually beats her by utilizing the method Fairy Blade: Meteor.

8) Kirin

Kirin Kiria Fairy Tail 100 years Quest

He’s the fifth-generation dragon slayer and one of many 4 elites of the Diabolos guild. In the course of the Nice Labyrinth Arc, he manages to intimidate Laxus through the first half of the battle.

The fascinating factor about his battle with Laxus is the dragon he ate to realize the lightning energy was the identical dragon by means of which Laxus turns into a dragon slayer utilizing the lacrima of that dragon. He additionally goes by the title of The Yellow Dragon.

7) Suzaku

Suzaku Kiria Fairy Tail 100 years Quest

He’s the fifth-generation dragon slayer and strongest of the Diabolos guild. He was summoned by the individuals of Elentear to slay the Moon God Dragon. Throughout this arc, he ran into Natsu and his associates, the place he shortly defeated Erza and Natsu in a single slash.

Instantly after clashing with the fairy tail, he fought in opposition to Selena, the place he managed to defeat her after a prolonged battle. As soon as Selena annihilates his grasp to save lots of his fellow guild member, he agrees to take heed to her orders.

6) Laxus Dreyar

Laxus Kiria Fairy Tail 100 years Quest

The grandson of the Fairy guild grasp Makarov and one of many strongest fighters of the fairy tail. Particularly within the sequel manga, Laxus grew exponentially stronger.

He defeated Skullion Raider, Mademole, and Kiria with out making any effort. In the course of the Wooden Dragon God arc, below the whiteout spell solid by Faris, he fought in opposition to Erza and defeated her.

Throughout his battle in opposition to Kirin, the yellow dragon slayer, to defeat him, Laxus sacrifices his Dragon slayer magic. He destroys the lacrima inside his physique and defeats Kirin as soon as and for all.

5) Dogramag

Dogramag Kiria Fairy Tail 100 years Quest

The Earth Dragon God, additionally identified to be the weakest amongst all of the six dragon gods when in comparison with the opposite dragon gods, was murdered by Ellfeseria in change for devouring the Legislation Dragon’s coronary heart prior to now.

Now, he’s revived as the principle antagonist within the Nice Labyrinth arc. He’s Ignia’s buddy, who can be very highly effectiveAt the moment, he can not use his full energy since he was revived not too long ago. His magic permits him to control the bottom and may create a endless maze from his immense magic.

4) Mecrophobia

Mecrophobia Kiria Fairy Tail 100 years Quest

He’s often known as the Water Dragon God. Amongst all of the Dragon Gods, he’s mild. For his individuals to stay, he was able to sacrifice himself. Mecrophobia turns into his dragon kind as Faris maximizes her energy.

He rampages his metropolis however is straight away stopped by Workforce Natsu. Workforce Natsu struggled quite a bit throughout this struggle with the intervention of Ignia. Natsu combines the flames of Ignia and defeats him.

3) Aldoron

Aldoron Kiria Fairy Tail 100 years Quest

He’s the Wooden Dragon God. In the course of the Dragon King Pageant, the place Acnologia was killing all dragons and people, he sustained a extreme damage in opposition to him that lasted for a lot of centuries; he solely woke as soon as he was fully healed.

In a while, within the collection, he makes use of his god seeds and clashes with the fairy tail guild. Lastly, the battle begins to get into the ultimate leg when one after the other, his god seeds get defeated by the collective efforts of the fairy tail guild member. Gajeel takes on the principle physique whereas Natsu takes on the God seeds of Aldoron. Lastly, the fireplace dragon slayer combines the ability of Igneel, Atlas flame, and Ignia’s energy to defeat Aldoron.

2) Selene

Selene Kiria Fairy Tail 100 years Quest

Selene is the one feminine member among the many dragon gods often known as the Moon Dragon God. She is usually thought to be the dragon who can cross by means of the worlds as a result of having possession of all-world magic. She was the one who pulled the strings behind the scenes as she manipulated Faris for her personal targets.

She was the principle antagonist of Moon God Dragon Arc, the place she was defeated by Suzaku. In a while, she turns into guild grasp of Diabolos by killing Georg Reizen. In the course of the ongoing arc, she fought in opposition to Ignia, who defeated her.

1) Ignia

Ignia Kiria Fairy Tail 100 years Quest

Ignia is the strongest within the sequel collection. He’s the son of the Dragon Igneel, and he’s additionally the foster brother of Nastu. This is likely one of the issues which makes him fascinating. Out of nowhere, he got here to assist Natsu throughout his struggle in opposition to Mecrophobia by providing his flames. He was capable of fend off Natsu’s assault with ease.

Ignia is a complete thriller as he has some type of his personal aim. In the course of the Nice Labyrinth arc, he confronted Natsu and Suzaku, who had been no match to him. In the course of the climax of this arc, he defeated Selene in his dragon kind.

Honorable Mentions

1) Gildarts Clive

He’s the strongest mage within the Ishagar. His energy and energy are unparalleled if it wasn’t for his fated assembly with Acnologia. He would have accomplished the Quest by himself.

2) Viernes, The Gold Dragon

He’s a Gold Dragon God who has but to make an look within the manga. His particulars should not identified but, however his character is shrouded within the thriller the place he was talked about by Ellfeseria and Selene as a harmful and troublesome dragon.

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