Top 20 Hottest Bleach Characters Male Ranked (2022)


Bleach had been one of many longest-running manga earlier than coming to an finish in 2016. Nonetheless, it nonetheless has an unlimited array of male characters which can be considered each engaging and highly effective. A few of these characters have insanely excessive energy ranges and an equal degree of fan following.

Due to this fact, this publish will rank the prime twenty hottest Bleach male characters in Bleach. It is a complete listing that can embrace all the hottest male characters. Does your favourite Bleach male character make it into the listing?? Keep tuned until the tip to seek out out.

20) Arturo Platedo 

Arthuro Bleach

similar to his title suggests, this Platedo is a pure Arrancar and one that’s thought of one of many hottest Bleach male characters. He has lengthy turquoise hair, and the remnant of his Arrancar masks passes up from his proper cheek, giving him a darkish, broody form of vibe that followers discover immensely engaging.

With contrasting yellow eyes, he seems to be gazing deep into the soul. He’s additionally an especially competent army strategist and a strong combatant. Within the English dub, Arturo is discovered to have a thoughts Spanish accent that appears so as to add to his attraction, putting him within the twentieth place.

19) Uryu Ishida

Uryu Bleach

Effectively, there can be only a few that may disagree that Ishida, together with his glasses and his neat uniform with a tie, makes for a formidable determine on the planet of Bleach. What it means is that this character now is among the most adopted, owing to his partial Quincy origins and likewise as a result of he’s a health care provider, and properly, there may be no person who doesn’t like a health care provider.

Moreover, his neatly parted black hair and an austere method of carrying himself get him to the nineteenth spot on this listing.

18) Yumichika Ayasegawa

Yumichika Bleach

Effectively, you can not maintain it towards Yumichika that he doesn’t look the manliest of all characters, however he additionally has his distinctive promoting factors. For one, he’s immensely highly effective, holding the third seat in Division 11 and the fifth seat within the Gotei 13. Moreover, he is a superb combatant with an exploratory document, making him a extremely kind after man.

Granted that he does give off effeminate vibes, it’s actually his self-confidence and partial narcissism that get him all the eye. No shock, subsequently, that he takes the 18th spot on this listing.

17) Keigo Asano

Keigo Bleach

In distinction to Yumichika, Keigo actually has none of these promoting factors. He’s simply an common highschool man whose major concern is his homework and who inordinately will get concerned with Inchigo’s adventures.

Keigo has brown eyes and hair in bangs, typically working away from all the difficulty. However then once more, that is the man who is thought for his typical Japanese vibes and one that’s identified for his simplicity that makes him engaging. Due to this fact, it’s simple for Keigo to take up the seventeenth spot.

16) Szayelaporro Granz

Granz Bleach

Granz is kind of engaging: in an evil form of method. He was solid all the way down to hell for turning into a member of Sosuke Aizen’s military and subsequently got here to be identified by the time period “jailer of Hell.” He has pink hair, and his Arrancar masks has hooked up to his face, giving it the looks of spectacles, one which goes together with his evil genius form of look.

With lengthy pink flowing hair and a devilish smile, Granz is taken into account to be one of the highly effective Arrancar ever-present. Granz can also be an professional strategist, together with being a strong manipulator and a warrior on his personal, rightfully taking the sixteenth spot on this listing.

15) Kisuke Urahara

Kisuke Bleach

Because the ex-shinigami captain, Urahara is a strong combatant who is aware of precisely what to do in disaster conditions and can also be one of many deadliest warriors. Being an ex-captain meant that he needed to keep his determine in an athletic form of method, and no marvel, subsequently, that he’s thought of one of many hottest male characters in Bleach.

Kisuke, together with his lengthy blond hair that extends to his nostril, provides him a cute vibe. He’s usually pleasant to the individuals he is aware of and can also be well mannered and understanding in his personal little methods, taking the fifteenth spot on the listing.

14) Jushiro Ukitake

Jushiro Ukitake Bleach

Jushiro provides off a sort of calm and serene vibe, and that peacefulness appears to clean over all that surrounds him. For many of his life, he has acted because the right-hand man of the soul king and is subsequently properly versed with the working of the soul society and can also be one of many most authoritative and highly effective characters so far.

Throughout one among his earlier assaults, his hair turned white. Affected by a terminal sickness, Jushiro nonetheless manages to serve the soul society in quite a few methods and takes the 14th spot on the listing.

13) Ichimaru Gin

Gin Bleach

Effectively, not going to lie; Ichimaru sort of appears to be like like a lizard when he grins, however then he’s additionally the man with clean silvery hair and sky blue eyes, so perhaps not the correct place to complain.

Granted that he’s sort of perverted, he’s additionally one the strongest captains and has one of many strongest Bankai in your entire sequence. This provides to his already highly effective sway, giving him the thirteenth spot on the listing.

12) Sora Ino

Sora Bleach

Sora made his look within the Soul Society arc and received hearts together with his peaceable smile and love for his sister. Nonetheless, his life was reduce quick in an unlucky accident that turned him right into a hole by the title of acid wire.

Nonetheless, it’s actually his human type that we’re contemplating. He had blown pores and skin with giant lustrous brown eyes, lengthy hair with bangs, and a sure sense of calm as he went about issues. Maybe his deep love for his sister turned him right into a hole within the first place, however regardless of the circumstances had been, he takes the twelfth spot on this listing.

11) Coyote Starrk

Coyote Bleach

Effectively, if flamboyance is just not normally your fashion, then we now have received simply the correct man for you. Coyote is much less of a speaker and extra of a doer; he doesn’t go about beating drums and is but simply one of many strongest Arrancars that Aizen ever recruited.

The remaining portion of his Arrancar masks is within the type of a fang that hangs round his neck. He has deep greyish blue eyes and brown unkempt lengthy wavy hair that provides him sort of the rockstar vibe. No marvel he takes the eleventh spot on this listing.

10) Ashido Kano

Ashido Bleach

Ashido is kind of the specimen himself and can also be a shinigami trapped in Hueco Mundo. Asano is a lethal opponent to anger since he has little or no regret about killing anybody or something and might simply modify to the circumstances.

Ashido has tan brownish-red spiky hair that seems to go up from all sides. Regardless of his ruthless nature, he’s at peace with all the choices he made. He wears a coat that has 5 hole masks on the again that he can use for a wide range of functions. Ashido takes the tenth spot on this listing.

9) Hanza Nukui

Hanza Bleach

Effectively, you’ll be able to seek advice from Hanza because the Kakashi of Bleach. Whereas their traits seem like vastly completely different, they’re nearly comparable when it comes to bodily presentation and can idiot anybody who doesn’t know the excellence between the 2.

Hanza has mild purple hair and covers his face with a masks that extends to his neck, similar to Kakashi. As one of many deadliest assassins in Bleach, he’s wholesome, lethal, and highly effective. Contemplating his attractive gray eyes is sufficient to put him on the ninth spot within the listing of hottest males in Breach.

8) Tesra Lindocruz

Tesrai Bleach

One other blonde makes it into this listing, which isn’t any shock this time. Superbly unkept medium blonde hair that seems to cowl the remanents of his Arrancar masks on his brow, Tesra is a power to be reckoned with in battle.

A scientist by nature, his uniform represents a lab coat with sleeves rolled up. Yet one more function of him is the eyepatch he wears over his proper eye, giving him fairly the mysterious vibe. Along with his extreme fight capacity and invaluable scientific information, he takes eighth place on this listing.

7) Kaien Shiba

Kaien Bleach

If blonde actually isn’t your kind, we now have received the raven-haired Shiba only for you. He served as the previous Lieutenant within the thirteenth division earlier than he was horrendously murdered by the identical hole that claimed the lifetime of his spouse.

Kaien was actually the epitome of what the most moral males had been and had been additionally a loving and caring man for his household. Shiba makes it onto this listing of the hottest males in Bleach, given the attractive distinction his sea-green eyes make together with his raven black hair, giving him a sure austerity, putting him within the seventh spot.

6) Renji Abarai

Renji Bleach

Renji, together with his lengthy pink hair, has typically been labeled a menage, but it surely should not be forgotten that this character served because the Lieutenant to Byakuya and is among the deadliest warriors within the entirety of Soul Society. The distinctive artwork about Renji is that he’s not static and might simply alter his temper in accordance with regardless of the state of affairs requires.

Renji is kind of the warrior, taking over advanced duties and looking for to surpass Byakuya, which derives his quest for energy. He takes the 6tth spot on this listing.

5) Byakuya Kuchiki

Byakuya Bleach

No matter your opinion is of Byakuya, you can not deny that he’s scorching. And truthfully, it’s principally that imply face and the “I don’t care” perspective that does it for him. Additionally, to not overlook, he’s the captain of the sixth division in addition to a member of the Gotei 13.

His lengthy black hair was neatly organized, and that imply look on his face is testimony sufficient of his severe demeanor. His slate gray eyes seem to enrich his look, putting Byakuya within the respectable fifth spot on this listing.

4) Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

Grimmjow Bleach

Effectively, yet one more Arrancar makes it onto this listing, and this time it’s because of the sky-blue hair and sea blue eyes, giving him a posh but calm look. It’s tough to learn the way Grimmjow pulls off the calm but evil smile.

To then, now add the truth that he was a cardinal member of Sosuke’s military, and we now have a personality that can’t and won’t be turned down, taking the fourth spot on this listing.

3) Toshiro Hitsugaya

Toshiro Bleach

Toshiro is a prodigy on multiple account, it seems. Not solely is he the youngest captain ever, but additionally the captain of the tenth division and a captain within the Gotei 13.

Add to that his silvery-white hair and turquoise eyes, and it’s unattainable for anybody to justify him not being on this listing within the third spot.

2) Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Bleach

We’ve got discovered all types of hair colours, from purple to pink, starting from inexperienced to sky-blue, and but Ichigo is the one one which seems with orange hair all through your entire sequence. Being the protagonist within the sequence, it is just justified that Kubo sensei made Ichigo one of many hottest males in Bleach.

Given that he’s a Quincy, Hole, and Shinigami all rolled into one, Ichigo seems to be doing fairly properly for himself together with his medium-cropped spikey hair that makes women go gaga over him. Add to that his physique and battle prowess, and we now have a personality that’s so full that the beat would worry to go towards him, taking the 2nd spot on this listing.

1) Sosuke Aizen

Aizen Bleach

So who precisely is that this man that comes alongside and defeats the protagonist in phrases to appears to be like to say the highest spot for himself? Effectively, Aizen is rather more than what his appears to be like undertaking (and he actually is attractive), but additionally, Aizen is an glorious combatant and in a while joined fingers with Ichigo to defeat Yhwach.

Aizen’s Shikai is second solely to Yamamoto, and that too might be introduced into rivalry. However, together with his lustrous brown eyes and brown hair, and accompanied by his devilish allure, Aizen claims the highest rank on this listing.

So right here we conclude the whole rating of the most well liked males in Bleach. The Bleach manga is out there on VIZ, and the anime might be streamed on Crunchyroll, so you’ll be able to go and examine these out. And within the meantime, for such unique Bleach content material, maintain following us.

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