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Anime is undeniably one of the crucial well-liked types of leisure on this planet. With its diverse vary of characters, partaking storylines, and attention-grabbing visuals, it appeals to a variety of audiences. Moreover, the character design and the general temper that anime characters emit are essentially the most interesting elements of the anime medium.

Strongest Anime Swords Users of All Time

Anime has given us a few of the most unimaginable characters we’ve ever encountered. Among the most badass and sadistic characters in any medium of leisure could be present in anime.

Right now, although, we’ll give attention to the Prime 17 Strongest Swords Customers All Time In Anime. These characters vary in age from teen years to younger adults. There are good and dangerous individuals of their world. They’re all distinct in their very own approach. They do, nonetheless, have one factor in frequent. They’ll blow your thoughts with how effectively they use and wield swords. So put together for a path full of these mind-boggling sword customers.

So, with out additional ado, let’s dive into the Prime 17 Strongest Swords Customers All Time In Anime.

17. Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto

Strongest Anime Swords Users of All Time

Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto is likely one of the main supporting characters within the Bleach anime and manga sequence. He was the captain of the first Division within the Gotei 13 and in addition the Captain-Commander. Because the founding father of the Shinō Academy and a warrior with over two millennia of fight expertise, Yamamoto is essentially the most highly effective combatant in Soul Society. Few would hope to return out alive from a battle with him.

He can battle two captain-level Shinigami concurrently with a single hand. His ability in swordsmanship is nice sufficient to take down his opponent with a single exact strike.

16. Dracule Mihawk

Strongest Anime Swords Users of All Time

Dracule Mihawk is a supporting character within the One Piece anime and manga sequence. He’s higher often known as Hawk Eyes, and is typically a hero, generally a villain. He was as soon as a Shichibukai. He’s at the moment the best swordsman on this planet.

Along with his sword, Mihawk has large power when he unleashes waves from his sword as he chops out the top of an iceberg. He fought towards Shanks numerous occasions earlier than ending his rivalry after Shanks misplaced his left arm. Mihawk’s black sword’s identify is Yoru. His highest grade is Meito. Apart from Meito and busoshoku imbued swords, his sword can break bizarre swords.

15. Kisuke Urahara

Strongest Anime Swords Users of All Time

Kisuke Urahara is a supporting character within the anime and manga sequence Bleach. He’s the previous captain of the twelfth Division, in addition to the founder and first president of the Shinigami Analysis and Improvement Institute.Urahara is an especially expert swordsman, possessing highly effective strikes with equally spectacular pace behind them.

He can carry out assaults with excellent precision and cease them straight away. His talents are thought of extremely harmful by Ulquiorra Cifer, the 4th Espada, who opted to keep away from preventing Urahara. Whereas Urahara’s most popular preventing model appears to be swordsmanship, he’s extremely proficient in combining it together with his different expertise and immediately switching between any of them.

14. Shanks

Strongest Anime Swords Users of All Time

Shanks, also referred to as “Pink-Haired Shanks“, is a significant protagonist in One Piece. He’s a legendary and highly effective pirate within the Grand Line, being the captain of the Pink Haired Pirates and one of many 4 Emperors within the second half of the Grand Line.

As the previous rival of Mihawk, who is named the world’s biggest swordsman, Shanks himself is an immensely expert and highly effective swordsman. Shanks may match a blow from Whitebeard with just one arm, which is a testomony to his prowess in swordsmanship.

Shanks can also be highly effective sufficient to simply defend towards Akainu’s magma fist utilizing solely his sword and Busoshoku Haki.

13. Levi Ackerman

Strongest Anime Swords Users of All Time

Levi Ackerman is the tritagonist of the Assault on Titan anime and manga sequence. He’s a captain within the Survey Corps, and is understood to be the strongest soldier alive.

Levi has an uncommon preventing stance that entails holding his proper sword backhanded with the blade going through out and being behind him as an alternative of in entrance of him. By doing this, the blades minimize in a “circle” round him and provides him the flexibility to make the most of spinning and different rotating assaults, permitting him to take care of unimaginable pace and agility whereas preventing.

On the similar time, this helps him hold his power up with out losing stamina and power needlessly, enabling him to battle for longer durations of time and take a number of targets out concurrently.

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12. Killer Bee

Strongest Anime Swords Users of All Time

Killer B is a significant supporting character within the anime and manga sequence Naruto Shippuden. He’s the host of Gyūki, the Eight-tailed Demon Ox. He was a shinobi who educated Naruto and was partnered with him whereas preventing Obito Uchiha.

When in battle, B holds his swords in a peculiar and distinctive method. Quite than using his arms, B would wield his blades in and between varied components of his physique. The primary two are held within the hinge joint of his proper and left arm; one other between his shoulder blade and neck; one in his mouth, below his left armpit; one other between the hip joint of his proper raised leg and the again leg of the identical raised leg.

As unusual because it appears, Killer B is extraordinarily expert with these blades and this preventing model, which he started adopting at a younger age.

11. Gintoki Sakata

Strongest Anime Swords Users of All Time

Gintoki Sakata is the primary protagonist of the action-comedy anime and manga sequence, Gintama. Whereas often coming throughout as lazy, egocentric, grasping, and an total jerk, he’s a real hero who defends those that can’t battle for themselves and at all times retains his guarantees to guard others, particularly these near him.

Gintoki’s swordsmanship is tough however removed from unrefined. He tends to wield even full-length katanas one-handed with fair-wide however fast chops. His stage of ability has been complemented by a number of esteemed swordmasters, resembling Yagyuu Binbokusai, who famous that his model is one thing not taught however developed by Gintoki himself.

10. Yami Sukehiro

Strongest Anime Swords Users of All Time

Yami Sukehiro is likely one of the deuteragonists (alongside Yuno) within the Black Clover franchise. He’s the primary captain of the Clover Kingdom’s Black Bull squad of the Magic Knights and a former member of the Grey Deer squad.

Yami, arguably the best swordsman within the Clover Kingdom, has described himself as a magic swordsman. He’s extraordinarily expert at swordsmanship; he simply fights on par with Patolli, the chief of the Eye of the Midnight Solar, with nothing however swordplay at the side of his Darkish Magic, destroying the encompassing surroundings.

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9. Tengen uzui

Strongest Anime Swords Users of All Time

Tengen Uzui is a significant protagonist within the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba anime and manga sequence. He serves because the deuteragonist of the Leisure District Arc and the season 2 anime adaptation. Tengen is the Sound Pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps.

As a Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Tengen is likely one of the strongest and expert swordsmen in your complete group. In contrast to most Demon Slayers, Tengen chooses to make the most of a dual-wielding swordsmanship model together with his Nichirin Cleavers, making use of a nunchucks-esque sword wielding model

Tengen shows his distinctive and extraordinary swordsmanship expertise throughout his battle towards Gyutaro, managing to adapt to the Higher Rank’s “mantis-like” preventing model and go toe-to-toe with him for an prolonged time frame regardless of the Higher Rank having over a century of fight expertise.

8. Akame

Strongest Anime Swords Users of All Time

Akame, also referred to as Akame of the Demon Sword Murasame, is the fictional character and the titular deuteragonist of the manga sequence Akame ga Kill!, in addition to the true essential protagonist of the final episode of the anime and the primary protagonist of the prequel manga Akame Ga Kill! Zero.

Akame is an especially expert grasp swordswoman, capable of wield her Teigu Murasame with the utmost dexterity and precision, and capable of slay quite a few enemies, even extremely expert and highly effective enemies, with unimaginable ease. She simply slayed Izou, a fellow grasp swordsman, in fight and would have killed Tatsumi, if not for the statue his chief villager gave him earlier than embarking on his journey.

7. Kirito

Strongest Anime Swords Users of All Time

Kazuto Kirigaya, additionally identified by his avatar identify Kirito, is likely one of the essential protagonists of the sunshine novel/anime/manga franchise Sword Artwork On-line. His avatar identify, Kirito, was taken from his actual identify, Kazuto Kirigaya.

He was a grasp of all sorts of sword expertise, however his hottest ability is Twin Blades, which is a singular ability that belongs to Kirito in Sword Artwork On-line. The ability permits using distinctive sword expertise which are executed with two blades concurrently.

6. Hyakkimaru

Strongest Anime Swords Users of All Time

Hyakkimaru is the primary protagonist of the Dororo sequence. He’s a ronin looking for components of his physique that have been stolen from him by demons and slaying mentioned demons. The demons initially took his physique components as a part of a pact together with his father and archenemy.

Hyakkimaru had realized swordsmanship when he was a toddler. He can wield his swords with ease and minimize down enemies swiftly, in addition to break weapons resembling swords, spears, and arrows into items and minimize by armor.

5. Guts

Strongest Anime Swords Users of All Time

Guts is the primary protagonist of the Berserk anime and manga sequence. He’s famend because the “Black Swordsman”. He’s a former mercenary and branded wanderer who travels the world in a continuing inner wrestle between pursuing his personal ends and upholding his attachments to these expensive to him.

Ever since he was six years of age, Guts has wielded outsized swords, culminating in his unimaginable power and grasp swordsmanship. Regardless of his Herculean stature, Guts is notably dexterous and agile within the warmth of battle, able to dodging and countering even essentially the most speedy strikes.

He’s a fight pragmatist and versatile improviser, capitalizing on any alternative out there to surmount opposition; on a number of events, he has used kids to bait and distract enemies when overwhelmed.

4. Saber

Strongest Anime Swords Users of All Time

Saber is likely one of the essential characters in Destiny/Zero and one of many three essential heroines in Destiny/Keep Night time, together with Rin Tohsaka and Sakura Matou. She’s the Saber Class Servant of Kiritsugu Emiya within the Fourth Holy Grail Warfare of Destiny/Zero.

She is a wonderful sword consumer, as she proved in lots of battles. Moreover, her qualifying circumstances require the Heroic Spirits to have legends as knights of the sword, and it’s the class that requires the best ranges of attributes in all however the Magic attribute.

3. Himura Kenshin

Strongest Anime Swords Users of All Time

Himura Kenshin is also referred to as the legendary hitokiri of the Meiji Revolution, Hitokiri Battōsai. He’s the primary protagonist and titular character of the Rurouni Kenshin sequence. Kenshin has spent ten years touring Japan as a rurouni in quest of redemption, carrying a sakabatō with the vow to by no means kill once more.

He’s a residing legend identified all through Japan for his surreal mastery of swordsmanship, capable of effortlessly minimize by metal and one of many few Meiji grasp swordsmen capable of carry out the act of modoshi giri, by which an completed wielder of the sword wielding one of the best of blades is ready to minimize so neatly, the goal could be reattached as if it was by no means minimize.

2. Ichigo Kurosaki

Strongest Anime Swords Users of All Time

Ichigo Kurosaki is the primary protagonist of the Bleach anime and manga sequence. He’s a human who can also be a substitute Shinigami. Ichigo is the son of Isshin and Masaki Kurosaki, and the older brother of Karin and Yuzu.

When it comes to preventing model, whereas in his Shinigami kind, Ichigo depends primarily on swordplay. Except for his preliminary coaching with Urahara, he’s basically on a “study as you go” coaching routine; thus, his ability has developed by preventing slightly than formal instruction, changing into much more succesful with each battle.

His total ability permits him to battle evenly towards sword masters of Byakuya Kuchiki and Kenpachi Zaraki’s caliber. Whereas often preventing right-handed, Ichigo seems to be ambidextrous, as he’s proficient at wielding Zangetsu in his left hand.

1. Roronoa Zoro

Strongest Anime Swords Users of All Time

Roronoa Zoro is the second essential character of the One Piece anime and manga sequence. He’s the swordsman of the Straw Hat Pirates and their first mate. Also called “Pirate Hunter Zoro”, he’s a pirate and former bounty hunter from the anime and manga sequence One Piece.

Zoro is an especially highly effective grasp swordsman, ready to make use of one, two, or three swords in various assault types, going from melee-type all the way in which to artillery. He’s even ready to make use of some sword methods that make the most of the very air itself to strike the enemy from a distance.

Though he’s most snug together with his Santoryu, his expertise with a single sword are nonetheless fairly distinctive, with the ability to maintain off the Nyaban brothers, having bested a number of of the lower-ranked members of Arlong’s crew, and defeating Mr. 1 and the zombie, Ryuma.

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