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There is no such thing as a doubt that one of many biggest causes for anime’s reputation is its characters, as a result of they’re well-known for having all types of crazy-looking characters.

Top 17 Awesome Bald Anime Characters

Their character designs and the general vibe that the anime characters exude are one thing that takes anime to a peak. From women with cute pink hair like Chika Fujiwara to guys with overpowering energy like Goku, and the whole lot in between. However on this variety of those unimaginable characters, we are inclined to neglect that the characters with no hair in any respect or bald typically show themselves to be the craziest folks in any collection.

Properly, in honor of those bald characters, right here’s the record of the High 17 Superior Bald Anime Characters.

17. Hajime Sugoroku – Nanbaka

Top 17 Awesome Bald Anime Characters

Hajime Sugoroku is likely one of the essential protagonists of the Nanbaka anime and net manga. He’s a guard at Nanba Jail, the place he’s thought of to be the jail’s strongest guard in generations. He’s the supervisor of constructing 13 and the older brother of Hitoshi Sugoroku.

Hajime is a stern-faced man whose most distinctive traits are his bald head and the massive, cross-shaped scar round his left eye. He stands at an above-average top and has a mildly toned construct, evenly tanned pores and skin, and sharp, darkish crimson eyes. Hajime wears the usual Nanba Jail guard uniform, which, in contrast to nearly all of the guards, he wears with no private modifications. The one modifications are these which distinguish him as a supervisor; an additional line of gold trimming on every jacket sleeve; gold chording on his hat; and rectangular gold pins on his collar.

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16. Keith Shadis – Assault on Titan

Top 17 Awesome Bald Anime Characters

Keith Shadis is a minor supporting character within the Assault on Titan collection. He was the top teacher of the Army Coaching Corps. He was in command of their coaching and analysis to grow to be troopers. Keith was previously the twelfth Commander of the Survey Corps, being the direct predecessor of Erwin Smith and the one Commander within the corps’ historical past to give up earlier than loss of life.

Keith was a tall and intimidating man. He was bald, with distinguished wrinkles on his brow and darkish circles round his eyes. He had a small beard rising from underneath his chin. He was solely ever seen carrying the usual teacher’s uniform for the Coaching Corps.

15. Jet Black – Cowboy Bebop

Jet Black - Top 17 Awesome Bald Anime Characters

Jet Black is the tritagonist of the anime collection Cowboy Bebop. Identified on his house satellite tv for pc because the “Black Canine ” for his tenacity, he’s a 36-year-old former cop from Ganymede (a Jovian satellite tv for pc) and acts as Spike’s foil in the course of the collection.

Jet possesses a tall, broad, and muscular look. He’s balding and solely the perimeters and again of his head have hair. His sideburns proceed down his cheeks to kind a beard, giving him a slight resemblance to Daisuke Jigen. This compliments Spike’s tall, lanky physique that provides him a slight resemblance to Lupin III and Vicious’ wild, untamed hair.

14. Andrew Gilbert Mills – Sword Artwork On-line

Top 17 Awesome Bald Anime Characters

Andrew Gilbert Mills, often known as Agil, is a recurring character within the Sword Artwork On-line collection and was one of many 10,000 gamers who had been trapped in “Sword Artwork On-line” (SAO), the place he was a veteran axe-wielder and a service provider who owned a store in Algade.

Andrew is a large and ponderous African American man with a brown goatee and brown eyes. He’s bald and wears two silver earrings on his left ear in each Sword Artwork On-line and the actual world. In the actual world, Andrew wears a white shirt and a darkish grey apron over pants of the identical shade.

Top 17 Awesome Bald Anime Characters

Gluttony is a serious antagonist within the Fullmetal Alchemist manga and two anime collection. Gluttony is an obese and infantile homunculus solely inquisitive about consuming (particularly people). He is likely one of the most “harmless” homunculi, obeying orders with out query and being tasked with monitoring folks and erasing proof.

Gluttony, as his identify implies, is a brief, overweight man. He has white, pupil-less eyes and a noticeably massive nostril. There’s a crimson line with nodes going from the again of his neck and right down to his wrists, the place he had cuffs. He wears a big, sleeveless full-bodysuit with out a prime. When utilizing his essential energy, his decrease jaw opens and expands tremendously, in addition to the entrance facet of his physique, opening with it. The ribs open in a approach to seem like a vertical, sharp-fanged mouth, and inside is a darkish void and a watch within the middle.

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12. Dot Pixis – Assault on Titan

Dot Pixis - Top 17 Awesome Bald Anime Characters

Dot Pyxis is a minor supporting character in Assault on Titan. He was the Garrison Regiment’s prime officer of the southern territory, which included Trost District. He was typically merely addressed as “commander”. In issues of protection, he was given full authority.

Pyxis was a bald man with a structured construct. He had gold eyes and a distinguished mustache, with gentle pores and skin and notable wrinkles underneath and round his eyes. As a commander, he additionally wore a purple bolo tie, very similar to his fellow commanders, Erwin Smith and Nile Dawk. As the very best rating Garrison officer, he was solely seen carrying his Garrison uniform paired with a white button-up shirt and a crimson sash with gold trim.

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11. Sullivan – Welcome to Demon Faculty! Iruma-kun

Sullivan - Top 17 Awesome Bald Anime Characters

Sullivan is the adoptive grandfather of Iruma and the principal of the Child’s Demon Faculty. He is likely one of the Three Heroes, essentially the most highly effective and influential demons in society, and is a attainable candidate for the brand new Demon King.

Sullivan is a towering, tall, and imposing determine with a bald head, save for 2 massive yellow horns on the facet of his head. He has pointed ears, a big nostril, and a white handlebar mustache. He wears a pair of glasses that sit on the prime of his nostril, and so they all the time obscure his eyes, regardless of their being tiny. The one exception to that is when his eyes are closed. His fingernails are lengthy and painted a darkish purple.

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10. Hanzo – Hunter x Hunter

Hanzo - Top 17 Awesome Bald Anime Characters

Hanzo is a Cloud-Hidden fashion jonin from Jappon. In the course of the 287th Hunter Examination, he was applicant # 294 and determined to grow to be a Hunter as a way to discover the elusive Hermit’s Scroll. He’s at present one of many bodyguards for Prince Marayam Hui Guo Rou.

Hanzo is a bald younger man with pigeon-like eyebrows. His early coaching as a ninja made him very match. He wears a black shirt with thick shoulder pads and grey pants and sneakers. He wears a crimson bandana round his neck and white bandages round his wrists and ankles. As a bodyguard for the Kakin princes, he wears a black go well with and a tie.

Top 17 Awesome Bald Anime Characters

Alex Louis Armstrong is a supporting protagonist within the anime/manga collection Fullmetal Alchemist. Referred to as the Robust Arm Alchemist, he was born into an elite household of alchemists and has mastered his household’s strategies. Members of his household have, previously, crammed the very best navy and political positions within the state.

He has blond hair like the remainder of his household. Alex’s head is totally bald save for a single lock of curly blond hair hanging from simply above his forehead. His eyebrows, too, are naked of hair, and he sports activities a thick, blond handlebar mustache, which hides his mouth whereas accentuating his robust, cleft chin.

8. Tien Shinhan – Dragon Ball collection

Top 17 Awesome Bald Anime Characters

Tenshinhan is a Dragon Ball Z hero and a Z Warrior. He initially began out as a villain. However later turns into a hero. He defeated Goku within the twenty second Tenkaichi Budokai, and his finest buddy is Chiaotzu. Tenshinhan is likely one of the strongest Earthlings within the present and turns into considered one of Goku’s biggest allies.

Tien Shinhan was a tall, very muscular, bald-headed man. His by far most distinguished function is his third eye, which he has inherited from his alien ancestors (though some sources declare the third eye was achieved by way of intense meditation). Tien will not be naturally bald, as it’s acknowledged by his former mentor, Grasp Shen, that he shaves his head very similar to Krillin does, although in contrast to Krillin, he has by no means been seen unshaven.

7. Aang – Avatar: The Final Airbender

Aang - Top 17 Awesome Bald Anime Characters

Aang is the titular essential protagonist of the Nickelodeon cartoon collection Avatar: The Final Airbender, in addition to the posthumous overarching protagonist of its sequel collection, The Legend of Korra.

Many adolescent alopecians are all too conversant in being absolutely bald on the age of 12. Being the one particular person on the planet who can grasp all 4 parts (air, water, earth, and fireplace) and predicted to revive the Earth’s steadiness after the imperialist Fireplace Nation threw it off So, technically, Aang was 112 at the beginning of Avatar, however being encased in ice for a century doesn’t really matter! He isn’t technically bald.

He shaves the hair that grows naturally on his head. He whips his hair off as a monk, as do monks all throughout the globe, to specific his dedication to the monastic and non secular life and to discourage vainness.

6. Isaac Netero – Hunter x Hunter

Top 17 Awesome Bald Anime Characters

Isaac Netero was the twelfth chairman of the Hunters Affiliation and the chairman of the Hunter Examination Choice Committee. He is likely one of the oldest and strongest characters within the Hunter x Hunter collection.

Isaac Netero gave the impression to be a helpless outdated man, however was surprisingly match and muscular for his age. He had a ponytail, a thick beard, and stretched earlobes with two piercings in each ears. Netero was generally seen carrying a conventional males’s kimono and a pair of geta. A few of his bodily traits are much like these of Buddhas and their buddharupas in Buddhist artwork, like massive protruding ears, exaggerated eyebrows that curve upward, half-closed eyes, skinny lips, a hair bun that factors to the highest, and even the mustache.

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5. Ikkaku Madarame – Bleach

Ikkaku - Top 17 Awesome Bald Anime Characters

Ikkaku Madarame is a supporting protagonist within the anime/manga collection Bleach. He was previously the third seat of the eleventh Division within the Gotei 13, and the perfect buddy of Yumichika Ayasegawa. His captain is Kenpachi Zaraki. Someday after Yhwach’s loss of life, he was promoted to the identical division’s Lieutenant.
Ikkaku is a tall and muscular man. He’s bald, a truth made enjoyable of by many individuals, particularly eleventh Division Lieutenant Yachiru Kusajishi, who calls him “cue ball”, “chrome dome”, or “pachinko-head”.

Ikkaku’s bald scalp may be very reflective whereas underneath the solar, inflicting the members of the eighth and eleventh Divisions to mistake it for a full moon at one level, a lot to his chagrin. He wears the usual Shinigami robes, apart from no tabi along with his sandals. seventeen months after Aizen’s defeat.

4. Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto – Bleach

Top 17 Awesome Bald Anime Characters

Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto is a supporting character within the anime/manga collection Bleach. Within the collection, he’s the captain of the first Division of the Gotei 13 and in addition the Captain-Commander of the entire Gotei 13. His lieutenant was Chojiro Sasakibe.

Yamamoto is a fair-skinned man of common top. The oldest captain within the Gotei 13 is an aged man with a bald head, seen wrinkles, a hooked nostril, and pronounced cheekbones. He has crimson eyes, lengthy eyebrows, a protracted mustache, and a hip-length white beard secured by a purple band crossing down it. He has many scars on his physique, with the 2 most distinguished being a pair of lengthy scars crossing above his proper eye, considered one of which was left by his battle along with his lieutenant.

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3. Grasp Roshi – Dragon Ball collection

Top 17 Awesome Bald Anime Characters

Grasp Roshi is a serious character within the Dragon Ball franchise, in addition to Goku’s first grasp. Roshi was the inventor of the famed Kamehameha method and taught it to Goku, Krillin, and Yamcha, who would move his method on as one of many collection’ most recognisable strikes.

Grasp Roshi is bald, with a thick white fu manchu mustache and beard. He’s nearly all the time seen carrying his trademark sun shades. He wears seashore garments or a martial arts go well with and a turtle shell on his again. He normally wields a strolling stick. His bust, waist, and hip measurements are all 73 cm.

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2. Krillin – Dragon Ball collection

Krillin is a serious character from the DragonBall collection. At first he was Goku’s rival, however later he turned his new buddy (finest buddy). He’s Goku’s finest buddy, together with Bulma and Yamcha. Krillin is the tritagonist of Dragon Ball and one of many essential supporting characters of its sequels, Z and Tremendous.

Krillin has six small dots on his brow and wore a monk-like orange gi as a baby. As an grownup, he’s nonetheless brief, standing at solely 5 ft tall.Krillin will not be naturally bald; on account of his authentic monastic coaching, he merely shaves his head and waxes it. Throughout his coaching with Goku underneath Grasp Roshi, Krillin feedback that “All who aspire to grasp the martial arts shave their heads as a way to unfetter their ki” and appeared shocked to search out out that Roshi was naturally bald.

His hair grows out after settling down along with his new household, though his authentic clean topped look is essentially the most acquainted to followers. The six dots on his brow are scars from moxibustion burns, much like the sample that seems on the brow of a Shaolin monk.

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1. Saitama – One Punch Man

Saitama - Top 17 Awesome Bald Anime Characters

Saitama, additionally identified by his hero identify Caped Baldy, is the titular protagonist of the webcomic/manga/anime collection One Punch-Man, and essentially the most highly effective identified being within the collection. Having apparently educated himself so laborious that he unintentionally broke the pure limiter that forestalls residing beings from going past a superhuman situation, Saitama faces an existential disaster as he’s now too highly effective to achieve any thrill from his heroics.

Saitama is drawn in a less complicated fashion than different characters within the collection, having an oval-shaped face and a easy mouth and eyes. Nevertheless, when drawn in a extra critical fashion with extra element, Saitama is revealed to have sharp options and a muscular physique. Saitama initially had messy black hair and brown eyes, however claims to have all of a sudden misplaced all of his hair on account of his intense hero coaching.


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