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There are a number of anime which are well-known all world wide and Pokemon is one in every of them. In Pokemon Anime there are several types of anime and 18 on the time of writing this text. Each Pokemon has its personal distinctive identification however combating their varieties issues lots. As a result of some pokemon varieties are stronger than others and have a few of the strongest pokemon of their class. 

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!

Effectively, Beneath on this submit we ranked the High 15 Strongest Pokemon Sorts. Moreover, they’re our simply our private desire but additionally the right order. So, let’s learn different particulars…

Observe: Bugs, Ice, and Regular-type are the weakest Pokemons and that’s why I didn’t embody them. This record solely has 15 and is in rating order (which is correct). 

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High 15 Strongest Pokemon Sorts

#15. Grass

grass type - Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!

The primary strongest sort on this record is Grass which is without doubt one of the weakest of all sorts. The reason being Grass shares the identical stats and skill as Bug. Nonetheless, they’ve some particular and highly effective talents which make them stronger than Bugs like Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur is a begin pokemon that’s fairly susceptible to many varieties of pokemon. 

#14. Rock

rock type - Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!

The subsequent strongest pokemon sort is Rock which has the higher hand in opposition to many sturdy sort pokemon like Electrical. Moreover, in anime and video games with regards to combating in opposition to a selected sort Rock sort is the most effective. However nonetheless, it’s not the most effective as a result of it’s susceptible and could be defeated by many pokemon varieties. Nonetheless, the Rock-type has one of the vital standard varieties Pokemons. 

#13. Flying

flying type - Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!

Relating to velocity, no different pokemon sort can beat Flying. Moreover, flying is probably the most balanced pokemon sort in anime. Not simply velocity but additionally assaults are fairly lethal and highly effective. Nonetheless, like Rock, they’re additionally fairly susceptible and take an excessive amount of injury. For instance, flying isn’t any match for electrical energy and rock. 

#12. Preventing

fighting type - Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!

Now, we now have the good pokemon sort – Preventing Kind. They’re fairly efficient in opposition to 5 varieties and still have above-average assaults. Nonetheless, there are varieties like Ghost who’ve an excellent benefit on Preventing and may defeat them right away. In anime, nearly all fitness center leaders or Elite members have at the least one Preventing of their staff. 

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#11. Poison

poison type - Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!

Poisons are lethal and have some impact on each sort of pokemon. There’s additionally one of the vital widespread pokemon from the primary season. Moreover, Poison has the higher hand in opposition to one of many strongest varieties, “Fairy”. However nonetheless, they’re fairly weak in opposition to varieties like metal, floor, and psychic. Poison is helpful in battles however they aren’t the strongest ones. 

#10. Psychic

psychic type - Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!

Now, we now have probably the most overpowered pokemon of the primary pokemon varieties. They’re weak in opposition to solely three varieties – Bug, Darkish, and Ghost. Nonetheless, this sort has one of the vital highly effective legendary pokemon. Even nonetheless within the Pokemon anime sequence Psychic keep their fame on the record of strongest pokemon. Physics are tremendous efficient in opposition to Preventing and Poison. 

#09. Darkish 

dark type - Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!

One other strongest pokemon sort is Darkish with tremendous cool Pokemon like Gengar and Darkrai. Does their scary look present how sturdy they’re? Moreover, due to them, Psychics are in management. Like combating varieties, Darkish are additionally sturdy bodily attackers. Nonetheless, additionally they have their weaknesses like Bug, Fairy, and Preventing. Darkish-type Pokemon are fairly uncommon in anime sequence. 

#08. Fireplace

fire type - Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!

Right here comes an superior group of pokemon with charming personalities. They’re one of many three starter varieties together with grass and electrical energy. Moreover, the Fireplace-type comprises some most helpful pokemon like Growlith and Charizard. One of the best half about Fireplace-type pokemon is they will match into any staff mixture – it doesn’t matter what. However nonetheless, tremendous weak in opposition to three pokemon varieties. 

#07. Water

water type - Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!

There’s at all times a debate about Fireplace vs Water? In Pokemon anime, the Water-type is stronger than Fireplace. Moreover, they’re additionally one of many starters and commonest varieties (Squirtle). Water varieties pokemon have tremendous resistance from 4 varieties and are efficient in opposition to 3 varieties. Few Water-type pokemon have Ice assaults which might trigger excessive injury on the Dragon-type (they’re one of many strongest). 

#06. Ghost

ghost type - Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!

Ghost-type Pokemon are fairly uncommon and have some particular assaults. Nonetheless, they’re among the many slowest and weakest in HP pokemon. However their assault causes actual injury and tends to complete them in a single blow. Ghost varieties in all probability lose in most bodily fights as a result of they’re ghosts. Nonetheless, they’re fairly immune and efficient in opposition to some strongest varieties like Psychic and ghost varieties. 

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#05. Floor

ground type - Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!

Floor-type pokemon are tremendous widespread and one of many strongest of all sorts. They include nearly all traits of Rock and still have a few of their very own. Like Rock, they’re additionally proof against electrical and poison varieties. Moreover, they’re tremendous efficient in opposition to 5 pokemon varieties. Due to their above-average assaults and tremendous excessive defence they’re necessary for each staff. 

#04. Fairy

fairy type - Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!

Fairy comprises some cutest pokemon with lethal assaults. Moreover, there are just a few pokemon who’ve each particular assault and defence and Pretty is one in every of them. They’re tremendous efficient in opposition to the Dragon-type pokemon. Nonetheless, they’re weak in opposition to Metal and Poison varieties. Each pokemon era is incomplete with out at the least one Fairy sort that’s why they’ve!

#03. Electrical

electric type - Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!

Now, we now have one of many prime 3 strongest pokemon varieties – Electrical Kind Pokemons. Moreover, each pokemon fan needs at the least one pokemon of their staff. Even in video games, Electrical dominates the entire match. Nonetheless, Electrical-type pokemon are at all times fairly low in HP. They’re fast and powerful long-range attackers and proof against many pokemon varieties. 

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#02. Dragon

dragon type - Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!

Do you want Charizard and Dragonite? The second strongest pokemon sort is Dragon-type pokemon. Moreover, they’re allrounder pokemon with the best stats within the sequence. Even in video games, they’re fairly overpowered in most of their battles. Nonetheless, they’re fairly uncommon and onerous to seek out (in each anime and video games). 

#01. Metal

steel type - Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!

The strongest pokemon sort is Metal Kind pokemon – no doubt. If there’s a one-on-one battle then Metal sort wins. They’ve velocity, excessive HP, and particular assaults which make them tremendous highly effective. Moreover, they’re weak in opposition to solely three pokemon varieties: Preventing, Fireplace, and Floor. With Steels talents, stats, and different immunities they’re the strongest pokemon sort. 

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