Top 10 Strongest Record of Ragnarok Human Fighters Ranked (2022)


Report of Ragnarok is among the most anticipated manga collection of 2022. On this collection, all the Gods collect and determine to wipe off humanity. Nonetheless, Brunhilde, a valkyrie, persuaded them to provide people a single likelihood to point out their price.

Consequently, they manage a battle match known as “Ragnarok,” during which people battle in opposition to Gods. All through the match, a number of human fighters exhibited their great energy and skill. Some human fighters succeeded in defeating God, whereas others fought bravely in opposition to them.

Lots of you might be desperate to study in regards to the strongest human fighters. So, with none delay, let’s dive into the checklist of the highest 10 strongest Report of Ragnarok human fighters ranked.

10. Sakata Kintoki

Sakata Kintoki (Record of Ragnarok)

Sakata Kintoki was chosen by Brunhilde from the Heian interval of Japan, who fought for the human facet. He’s a Japanese folks hero who was born with superhuman energy and raised by a mountain witch.

Sakata first appeared within the newest chapter 65 and solely confirmed his very temporary overview throughout his dialog with Buddha. Though we see his temporary overview, he appears fairly mental, which is why he simply tracks down Buddha’s place in a matter of seconds.

Whereas his powers and expertise are but to be proven, that is the one purpose for rating him in our final place. Nonetheless, he could also be one of many strongest human fighters who additionally gave powerful fights to gods, like different human fighters.

9. Michel Nostradamus

Michel Nostradamus (Record of Ragnarok)

Michel Nostradamus is named the best Prophet of the Century. He made his first debut in chapter 55 and solely confirmed his goofy and annoying facet. Regardless of his quick stature, he reveals his unimaginable energy by destroying Bifröst, the wall between hell and heaven, for no actual purpose.

Michael additionally talked about Brunhilde’s joker card, which is able to present people with a nice victory over God. Nonetheless, he doesn’t present any signal of his energy and expertise but. Consequently, he lies within the ninth place on this checklist.

8. Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was the best scientist of his time, whose innovations modified the world eternally. He’s preventing within the eighth spherical of Ragnarok in opposition to Beelzebub, the God of flies. As a result of his extraordinary mental expertise and creations, he’s the one human in historical past considered a sorcerer.

Nikola creates a divine weapon generally known as the Tremendous Automaton with the assistance of Göndul and different scientists. This armor offers him with unimaginable endurance and stamina, which helps him in defeating Beelzebub.

Nonetheless, his battle is but to start out, and we now have not explored the complete extent of his powers. Consequently, he ranks under Jack and different human fighters.

7. Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper (Record of Ragnarok)

Jack the Ripper is the most notorious serial killer in human historical past who murdered folks simply to see their concern of loss of life. He fights for the human facet within the fourth spherical of Ragnarok in opposition to Heracles, the God of fortitude.

As an murderer, Jack expertly used ways and weapons fairly than uncooked energy to defeat Heracles. Regardless of being weaker than different human fighters, he succeeds in defeating God through the use of his nice plan and sturdy willpower.

Consequently, Jack achieved the seventh place within the strongest document of Ragnarok human fighters.

6. Lü Bu

Lü Bu (Record of Ragnarok)

Lü Bu, popularly generally known as the Flying Normal, was the strongest warrior of China. He fought within the first spherical of Ragnarok in opposition to Thor, Thunder Berserker. Regardless of being a human, he possesses god-like bodily energy, pace, endurance, and stamina.

Lü Bu is an professional at wielding a halberd within the battle and is ready to cut up the sky for a number of miles. Though he takes a direct hit from the highly effective assaults of Thor, his sturdy willpower helps him to face and battle again.

His steady makes an attempt to defeat Thor make him one of many strongest document of Ragnarok human fighters.

5. Raiden Tameemon

Raiden Tameemon (Record of Ragnarok)

Raiden Tameemon is a well-known Japanese sumo wrestler of all time. He fights for humanity within the fifth spherical of Ragnarok in opposition to Shiva, the Strongest God of Destruction. He has nice management over his muscular tissues and possesses the strongest muscular tissues in human historical past, even stronger than Adam.

As a sumo wrestler, he solely used his bodily energy and varied highly effective strikes, resembling Yatagarasu, Shishimai, Wild Boar, and so on., to defeat Shiva. Though he isn’t as sturdy as Shiva, he gave a tricky battle to him and closely broken him.

If Raiden just isn’t chosen to battle in opposition to Shiva, he may win every other spherical in opposition to highly effective gods. Consequently, he’s considered considered one of the strongest Report of Ragnarok human fighters.

4. Qin Shi Huang

Qin Shi Huang (Record of Ragnarok)

Qin Shi Huang was the founding father of the Qin Dynasty and the best Emperor in Chinese language historical past. He’s preventing in opposition to Hades, the King of Helheim, within the seventh spherical of Ragnarok.

Qin Shi is a extremely expert martial artist and creates his personal distinctive preventing type by combining the opposite 5 types. Regardless of having unimaginable energy, pace, and endurance, he possesses some particular talents, like Qi Sight and Mirror Contact Synesthesia.

These talents distinguish him from different human fighters and enormously assist him in defeating Hades. His indomitable will and mysterious talents are the explanations for his nice win in opposition to the Gods.

3. Kojiro Sasaki

Kojiro Sasaki (Record of Ragnarok)

Kojiro Sasaki was first launched as historical past’s strongest loser, however later, he grew to become the strongest swordsman in human historical past. He fought in opposition to Poseidon, the Tyrant of the Sea, within the third spherical of Ragnarok.

Kojiro is the quickest human fighter, even quicker than Adam and Zeus. As a result of his actions had been onerous to comply with for Ares, who noticed all of the strikes of Adam and Zeus with ease, he predicted all the strikes of Poseidon through the use of his supernatural means and succeeded in touchdown his personal.

His supernatural talents and survival expertise are the principle causes for Kojiro’s successful in opposition to Poseidon. As being the quickest human fighter and offering the primary win to humanity, he deserves to lie within the third spot on this checklist.

2. Buddha

Buddha (Record of Ragnarok)

Buddha is principally a god himself, however he fights from humanity’s facet within the sixth spherical of Ragnarok. In his battle in opposition to Zerofuku, the fusion of the Seven Fortunate Gods, he reveals his godly powers and talents.

Buddha’s single kick is highly effective sufficient to do him large injury and make him cough up blood. Even after Zerofuku was absorbed by the Demon lord, Hajun, he nonetheless continued preventing. Though he takes large injury from him, he succeeds in defeating him through the use of his varied highly effective divine strikes.

His pace and reflexes are comparatively the identical as Zeus’, which makes him the second strongest Report Ragnarok human fighter.

1. Adam

Adam (Record of Ragnarok)

Adam is the Father of Humanity who fought for mankind within the second spherical of Ragnarok in opposition to Zeus, the God Father of Cosmos. He possesses godly energy, pace, reflexes, and endurance as a result of he was created within the picture of the Gods.

Adam additionally has a uncommon means that enables him to repeat any transfer, even God’s strikes, by simply taking a single have a look at them. He confirmed his unimaginable energy by giving a toe-to-toe battle to the strongest God. He by no means reveals any signal of stress in opposition to Zeus, even frightening him to make use of his full extent.

Regardless of dropping his sight, he constantly punched him and tried to defeat him till his final breath. There isn’t any doubt that Adam is the strongest document of Ragnarok human fighters, however he’s additionally one of many strongest characters in your complete collection.

All these high 10 Report of Ragnarok human fighters make the collection extra fascinating and superb. No matter their place on this checklist, all of them are strongest of their respective fields and deserve the identical quantity of affection.

Every of them has distinctive and highly effective expertise that distinguish them from each other. We hope you’ve discovered every little thing it’s essential know in regards to the strongest document of Ragnarok human fighters.

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