Top 10 Strongest Fairy Tail Characters

strongest fairy tail characters

High 10 Strongest Fairy Tail Characters – Hey guys!. On this put up, I’ll be discussing a listing of High 10 Strongest Fairy Tail Characters. Fairy tail collection have so many op characters with hax magic powers, so allow us to depend down from weakest to strongest.

10. God Serena


God Serena has 8 completely different dragon lacrimas implanted into him giving him the flexibility to make use of 8 completely different sorts of dragon slaying magic. He additionally defeated 4 Gods of Ishgar simply. Earlier than changing into a spriggan 12 member, he was a member of the Ten Wizard Saints and the strongest Mage on your complete continent.

9. Larcade Dragneel


Larcade was etherious and the third strongest member of spriggan 12. He possess magic like Pleasure,Famished Soul and R.I.P. He was capable of cease kagura sword slash which even reduce mountain in half. Zeref even mentioned that he’s a weapon able to killing acnologia.

8. Gildarts Clive

strongest fairy tail characters

Gildarts is the s-class mage and fifth guild grasp of fairy tail guild. He’s thought-about to be the strongest memeber of fairy tail guild and his magic is crush. In alvarez empire we seen that gildarts simply destroy historia god serena and battle battle with august who’s trying invinsible.

7. Mavis Vermllion


Mavis the primary guild grasp of fairy tail and likewise the mom of august dragneel. Identical to zeref she additionally being stricken with the Curse of Ankhseram which provides her Immortality,Black Arts and so forth. She additionally possess three Nice Magics of fairy tail guild which is fairy Fairy Legislation, Fairy Glitter and Fairy Sphere. She can be the supply of fairy coronary heart which is able to taking pictures etherion infinite instances.

6. Irene Belserion


Irene is the strongest ladies and the second strongest member of spriggan 12. She can be the mom of erza scarlet. She has 400+ years of expertise and possess magic like universe one which even acnologia don’t know. She can be categorized as a Excessive Enchanter and her strongest magic is dragon slayer magic. In line with Brandish,Irene is the one whose powers are similar to august and have the calibar of defeating august.

5. August Dragneel


August was the genral of spriggan 12 and likewise the son of zeref and mavis. He also referred to as wizard king and feared from all world wide. His copy magic permit him to repeat magic instantaneously,grasp, after which nullify an opponent’s Magic. He possess ars magia which is an historic spell which has the facility to destroy a whole nation a minimum of the dimensions of Fiore.

4. Igneel


Igneel is the hearth dragon king in addition to foster father of natsu dragneel. He’s the one who taught nastu dragon slayer magic. He’s the strongest dragon we’ve seen after acnologia and even in loss of life state he was capable of took one in all acnologia arm.

3. Zeref Dragneel

fairy tail characters

Zeref is taken into account to be most evil Mage of all time. He’s the daddy of august and Emperor Spriggan. He’s lived for 400+ years because of ankhseram curse. In alvarez empire arc we’ve seen that after consuming fairy coronary heart he actually turn out to be like fairy completely white with wings. Resulting from Fairy Coronary heart’s infinite Magic Energy, he is ready to management time and house which mainly made him god.

2. Natsu Dragneel

strongest fairy tail characters

Natsu is the mage of fairy tail guild and at the moment the strongest member of the guild. In alvarez empire arc we’ve seen natsu to make use of Fireplace Dragon King Mode which is igneel remaining energy able to killing zeref. Within the later of the collection natsu capable of defeat god zeref and likewise defeat acnologia however with the facility of all dragon slayers.

1. Acnologia

strongest fairy tail characters

Acnologia is the strongest character in your complete collection. In tenrou Island we’ve seen that he destroy entire fairy tail guild. Zeref even admitted that he was not robust sufficient to beat acnologia with out fairy coronary heart. Acnologia after consuming the Area Between Time he turn out to be even stronger than earlier than.

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