Top 10 Strongest Cursed Spirits in Jujutsu Kaisen (Ranked)

The story of Jujutsu Kaisen is about in a world stuffed with curses, cursed spirits, cursed powers, and strategies. Nonetheless, many of the inhabitants is unaware of this, whereas the Jujutsu Sorcerers defend them in secret by exorcising the cursed spirits; whereas encountering a number of the strongest cursed spirits.

The sequence begins with Yuji Itadori, a standard highschool pupil, who’s dragged into that world after consuming a cursed object (a preserved finger) that belongs to the King of Curses Ryomen Sukuna and gained his powers by turning into his vessel.

Now, Yuji and the opposite Jujutsu Sorcerers are on the lookout for the remaining fingers of Sukuna and exorcising the cursed spirits that cross their paths. It’s crucial contemplating that the cursed spirits’ predominant goal is to eradicate all humanity by reviving Sukuna utilizing all his 20 fingers.

What are Cursed Spirits?

They’re a race of non secular beings born from the cursed vitality which might be individuals’s unfavorable feelings congregated collectively. Cursed Spirits are corrupt spirits that hang-out humanity and fluctuate in all types of sizes and shapes, and have horrifying seems.

They imagine that they’re the true manifestation of life, and people are faux beings that ought to not exist. Because the sequence continues, the manga has launched us to many cursed spirits and their various powers. Allow us to focus on the rating of the strongest Cursed Spirits within the sequence.

10) Kurourushi-

Strongest Cursed Spirits in Jujutsu kaisen_Kurourushi

Kurourushi debuted as a particular grade cursed cockroach spirit in Chapter 173 of the manga. He was the results of Kenjaku’s spirit manipulation. Regardless of being a cursed spirit manifested out of the world’s hatred for cockroaches, he was in a position to talk just a little and present intelligence. His whole character design and Jujutsu skills are cockroach-themed.

His powers have been greatest proven throughout his battle towards Yuta Okkotsu, the second strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer after Satoru Gojo. Kurousruhi was in a position to over-power Yuta utilizing his scary bodily and Jujutsu skills. He was even in a position to wield highly effective cursed instruments reminiscent of The Festering Life Sword that boosted his offense to an unstoppable degree.

Kurourushi showcased highly effective Jujutsu strategies towards Yuta which he struggled to counter. He additionally had unimaginable bodily fight power and technique. If it weren’t for Yuta’s particular Reverse Cursed Method, he would have succumbed to Kurourushi’s powers.

9) Rainbow Dragon-

Strongest cursed spirits in Jujutsu Kaisen_Rainbow Dragon

Rainbow Dragon is one other strongest particular cursed spirit in Jujutsu Kaisen. It was summoned by none apart from Suguru Geto together with his Cursed Spirit Manipulation, throughout Chapter 72 of the manga. Rainbow Dragon, as its identify suggests, is an imposing and one of many strongest cursed spirits within the type of a dragon.

Within the manga, it’s talked about that Rainbow Dragon together with Kuchisake-onna is 2 of the strongest cursed spirits of Suguru Geto throughout his battle towards Toji Fushiguro. It took various power and precision from Toji to slice the Rainbow Dragon as a result of it was identified to have the toughest pores and skin.

Nonetheless, we didn’t get to see Rainbow Dragon in lots of actions but. However undoubtedly, if it have been another Jujutsu Person, it could have been extraordinarily tough to exorcise Rainbow Dragon.

8) Tamamo-no-Mae Incarnate-

Strongest Cursed Spirits in Jujutsu kaisen_Tamamo no mae incarnate

Tamamo no Mae Incarnate was one of many sixteen particular grade cursed spirits. It was managed by Suguru Geto utilizing his Most: Uzumaki of his Cursed Spirit Manipulation. It was revealed to us in Jujutsu Kaisen 0: Jujutsu Excessive. The classification of this cursed spirit itself tells us how highly effective it’s.

Suguru Geto summoned it throughout his remaining battle towards Yuta Okkotsu and Rika Orimoto. The complete powers of Tamamo no Mae Incarnate are fully unknown. Nonetheless, the extent of intimidating powers of Tamamo no Mae Incarnate that was proven within the manga is sufficient for us to incorporate it in our record of strongest cursed spirits of Jujutsu Kaisen.

7) Choso-

Strongest Cursed Spirits in Jujutsu kaisen_Choso

Choso is the oldest of Cursed: Womb Demise Work debuting in Chapter 62 of the manga. He’s 150 years outdated half-human and half-cursed spirit ranked Particular Grade with no bloodlust or malice towards regular people. Choso strongly beloved his siblings and was very protecting of them. Nonetheless, he was dragged into the continuing rivalry and darkish politics in Jujutsu Kaisen solely when his brothers, Kechizu and Eso have been killed by Itadori Yuji and Kugisaki Nobara.

Choso has mastered the Blood Manipulation method to an unbeatable degree whereas additionally possessing an abundance of cursed vitality. Having lived for over a century, he’s very mental and good, in contrast to different cursed spirits. He’s additionally an knowledgeable in Taijutsu which means he has unimaginable bodily and fight abilities.

We’ve witnessed his deadly energy degree fairly often all through the manga to this point. Every time he gave a particularly tough combat to his opponents reminiscent of Itadori Yuji, Satoru Gojo, Jogo, Kenjaku, Naoya  Zenin, and many others. Having perks of being each human and cursed spirit, Choso is among the strongest cursed spirits.

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6) Hanami-

Strongest Cursed Spirits in Jujutsu kaisen_Hanami

Hanami is a particular grade cursed spirit aligned with Mahito. He was first revealed in Chapter 10 of the manga throughout Cursed Coaching Arc.

Hanami was in a position to go undetected by Gojo’s Six Eyes and efficiently rescue Jogo from Yuji and him. This specific incident assured that Hanami is able to having complicated emotions and speaking nicely.

As for his skills, he makes use of a strong Innate Method that manipulates flora, has impenetrable pores and skin, an enormous reserve of cursed vitality, and distinctive power. He additionally has a really distinctive method known as Area Amplification.

Hanami displayed his powers when he simply overpowered elite Jujutsu sorcerers like Fushiguro Megumi, and even the cursed speech consumer Inumaki Toge altogether.

Instantly after this battle, we get to see extra of Hanami’s energy degree when he fought towards Aoi Todo, Zenin Maki, and Itadori Yuji. If it weren’t for Gojo’s sudden intervention together with his Hole Method: Purple, Hanami virtually gained the ultimate battle.

5) Dagon-

Strongest Cursed Spirits in Jujutsu kaisen_Dagon

Dagon is a particular grade cursed spirit who existed as a Cursed Womb. He was first talked about in Chapter 10 of the manga when Mahito reveals that he had created a cursed womb utilizing Sukuna’s finger. Afterward, we see him absolutely advanced throughout Shibuya Incident Arc when he appeared on the Shibuya Station.

He makes use of water-based cursed strategies and might even solid a strong area. He may kill non-sorcerers just by consuming them inside a blink of a watch.

Throughout Shibuya Incident Arc, he was in a position to overpower Zenin Maki, Naobito Zenin, and even Nanami Kento inside his area. His Water Barrier was his absolute protection that remained unbreakable by these elite sorcerers. It was solely as a result of Fushiguro Toji and Fushiguro Megumi’s intervention that led him to be exorcised, in the long run.

Regardless of simply absolutely evolving and having the ability to give these elite sorcerers a tough time, Dagon is unquestionably one of many strongest cursed spirits in Jujutsu Kaisen.

4) Jogo-

Strongest Cursed Spirits in Jujutsu kaisen_Jogo

Jogo additionally appeared through the Cursed Coaching Arc in Chapter 10 of the manga. His character design is Volcano-themed and is a particular grade cursed spirit who hates human beings. He has an boastful and short-tempered character. He has an unimaginable quantity of cursed vitality and is among the strongest cursed spirits of Kenjaku.

Jogo can doubtlessly surpass Choso, one of many Demise Work which already tells us how highly effective he’s. He makes use of Most Method, a strong area, and Area Amplification. He survived towards Gojo Satoru and Sukuna, two of the strongest characters in Jujutsu Kaisen. Jogo’s powers have been even acknowledged by Sukuna, the King of Curses, himself.

3) Mahito-

Strongest Cursed Spirits in Jujutsu kaisen_Mahito

Mahito is a particular grade and most human-looking cursed spirit in Jujutsu Kaisen. He has harmful and prodigy-level cursed strategies reminiscent of Soul Manipulation, Black Flash, Polymorphic Soul Isomer, and many others. He had an distinctive power-up when he unlocked true essence soul known as Prompt Spirit Physique of Distorted killing. This, boosted his bodily power, endurance in addition to look to a degree that no assault had any impact on him.

Mahito is such a sadistic, hateful, and difficult cursed spirit that he toys with human souls only for his experiments and plans to eradicate human beings. One surprising instance of the identical was how he manipulated Junpei, a bullied and depressing teenage boy. He ultimately turned him right into a cursed spirit solely to be killed by Itadori Yuji.

Along with his extraordinarily manipulative, good, and harmful cursed strategies, he is among the strongest cursed spirits and antagonists of the sequence.

2) Rika Orimoto-

Strongest Cursed Spirits in Jujutsu kaisen_Rika Orimoto

Rika is a Particular Grade Vengeful Cursed Spirit who was additionally a childhood pal of Yuta Okkotsu. She was launched in Jujutsu Kaisen 0: Jujutsu Excessive prequel sequence. After dying in a automobile accident, her highly effective cursed spirit manifested and haunted Yuta. After absolutely manifesting, her cursed vitality and talents have been so highly effective that she was titled “Queen of Curses”. Somebody already as sturdy as Suguru Geto risked the whole lot to acquire her from Yuta solely to fail in the long run. He believed her energy was sufficient to eradicate all Jujutsu Sorcerers.

Her distinctive powers allowed her to summon “Snake Eyes and Fangs” of the Inumaki household which allowed Yuta to make use of the deadly Cursed Speech method much like Inumaki Toge.

Thus, she’s received to have second place within the record of strongest cursed spirits in Jujutsu Kaisen.

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1) Ryomen Sukuna-

Strongest Cursed Spirits in Jujutsu kaisen_Ryomen Sukuna

It isn’t a lot of a shock that Sukuna, titled “King of curses” is the strongest cursed spirit and essentially the most beloved antagonist in Jujutsu Kaisen. Initially, he was a human, a Jujutsu Sorcerer that mastered his powers to a degree that he was thought of as a demon.

It price a military of Jujutsu sorcerers to lastly destroy him round 1000 years in the past. Nonetheless, his cursed vitality was so highly effective that, it needed to be cut up into 20 of his fingers and sealed far aside, utilizing particular jujutsu strategies. To everybody’s worst nightmare, the protagonist, Itadori Yuji occurs to devour considered one of his fingers permitting Sukuna to reincarnate in his physique.

We’ve solely witnessed just a little of his energy reminiscent of his Area Enlargement, Malevolent Shrine. Regardless of being sealed and barely having his full power, Sukuna has nonetheless proven to be intimidating, savage, and completely invincible. To learn about his powers intimately, Advance right here.


These are by far the strongest cursed spirits in Jujutsu Kaisen. We hope our record was passable.

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