Top 10 Most Voted One Piece Soundtracks in 2022 (One Piece OST)

Soundtracks play a big function in visible leisure. Although animation and storyline are thought-about the first supporting pillars, we consider soundtracks equally essential. They take away the sensation of boredom and set the ambiance in accordance with the continued or upcoming scene.

They play a big function in enhancing the feelings of a specific scene, thus functioning hand-in-hand to make the movie or sequence an incredible success. Typically, the storyline or animation will not be on top of things, however the soundtracks carry it ahead and stay within the hearts of its followers.

One Piece is undoubtedly one of many longest-running anime sequence and has greater than 100 soundtrack and studio albums. Due to this fact, in as we speak’s article, we’ll focus on the High 10 Most Voted One Piece Soundtracks.

10) Wanokuni Theme- 

Votes received- 6835

Wanokuni Theme, with 6835 votes, is likely one of the most voted One Piece soundtracks in 2022. This Unique Soundtrack is a group of albums of music produced and was launched primarily for 2 arcs and a TV particular.

The 2 arcs had been the Wano Nation Arc which is the thirty-first story arc of the sequence, and the opposite one being the Complete Cake Island Arc, which lasts from episode 783 to 877. It consists of two discs, Discs 1 and a couple of. Disc 1 has 30 tracks for the Wano Arc, whereas Disc 2 has 29.

9) After consuming, Grand Line-

Votes received- 7004

This 80-second-long audio clip is notably one of the soothing tunes on the earth of One Piece. We had been first launched to this track after the Marineford Battle, throughout Legislation’s Speech addressing the brand new Period.

The tune, which includes primarily violins, flute, and drums, might be divided into two elements, every fixing its goal. Whereas the primary half is performed mainly when a battle is solved, the opposite half is used throughout cliffhanging moments.

8) Mom Sea-

Votes received- 7894

On the seventh place on our record of High 10 Most Voted Strongest Soundtracks of One Piece stands the soundtrack Mom Sea, with 7894 votes. Created primarily to present a tragic and emotional tone to a scene, the soundtrack is commonly used with parting moments or emotional flashbacks.

This 3.24-minute lengthy observe, on the funeral of Luffy’s ship, Going Merry, makes it moreover difficult to carry again tears. Her final dialog with our younger pirates lamenting over her failure to take them additional, with the Mom Sea soundtrack within the background, will depart anybody teary-eyed.

7) Luffy vs Ratchet-

Votes received- 8211

Within the seventh place, we have now a soundtrack from the seventh film of One Piece, Luffy vs. Ratchet. This observe was first performed throughout Luffy’s battle with Lucci when he bounced again to his toes after being crushed down.

Probably the most thrilling factor to observe is that this extremely energizing soundtrack within the background, with Luffy surpassing his restrict and taking the battle to an entire new degree. It depicts One Piece’s journey from a goofy pirate anime with bizarre characters to one of the liked anime up to now.

6) Hangeki no Norshi-

Votes received- 9503

Our subsequent soundtrack, Hangeki no Norshi, is related to among the most memorable moments from the anime, One Piece. We’re launched to this fabulous soundtrack throughout the Marineford Arc, the place Luffy fights with the three admirals. 

The subsequent scene is earlier than the beginning of the final nice pirate warfare, and Luffy’s ship, Thousand Sunny, might be seen approaching. When Luffy’s pals and allies from the Grand Line be part of him, this soundtrack taking part in within the background is undoubtedly one of the heartwarming scenes.

5) Dokuro wa Shinnen wo Shouchou-

Votes received- 11,489

Within the fifth place on our record of High 10 most voted Piece Soundtracks stands Dokuro wa Shinnen wo Shouchou with 11,489 votes. This observe comes within the ninth film of One Piece and is performed throughout among the most memorable scenes.

Whereas one scene is Luffy’s announcement of going to Marineford to save lots of Ace, the opposite one is Whiteboard’s battle with the marines. The observe provides a sense of pleasure and enthusiasm to the air and makes us surprise what the long run is holding up for our heroes.

4) To the Grand Line- 

Votes received- 11,716

To the Grand Line is undoubtedly one of the nostalgic soundtracks in One Piece. This 3-minute 45 seconds lengthy observe flashbacks all the journey of our heroes earlier than our eyes. 

Followers, who’ve been with One Piece for the reason that very starting and have been one with the adventures of Luffy and his pals, their ups and downs, declare this observe as their favourite one.

3) Overtaken-

Votes received- 12,547

Overtaken, with 12,547 votes, is likely one of the most voted One Piece soundtracks in 2022. Consisting of devices like drums, trumpets, and violins, this soundtrack brings a few suspenseful tone.

This soundtrack is memorable as it’s related to two of essentially the most epic scenes on the earth of One Piece. The stroll to Arlong is one in every of them. The marching of our heroes, together with the sound of the drums and violin, fitted completely into one another, like a military march.

2) The Very Very Very Strongest-

Votes received- 13,008

Now, we have now the second most liked soundtrack, The Very Very Very Strongest. With 13,008 votes, this 1-minute and 49 seconds lengthy soundtrack is primarily a battle theme.

The rolling of the drums, accompanied by violins and pandeiro, collectively makes this one of the distinct soundtracks of all the sequence. The tune brings in a sense of victory after a battle, which additional pursuits the viewers. 

This battle-themed observe was first used throughout the infiltration of Enies Foyer by Zoro and others.

1) Luffy’s Fierce Assault-

Votes received- 13,122

Shanks stopped Marineford Struggle. Luffy’s Fierce Assault, with 13,122 votes, is essentially the most Voted One Piece Soundtrack in 2022. Working for 68 seconds, Luffy’s Fierce Assault soundtrack can pump you up even in your lowest days.

We had been first launched to this audio when Luffy asks Rayleigh to halt and never proceed additional with the tales of One Piece. The observe completely units the ambiance and prepares us for an impending battle or suspenseful scene.

Right here, we come to the top of our article; High 10 most voted One Piece Soundtracks. We will likely be again once more with such thrilling subjects, so till then, keep tuned.

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