The 20 Best Green Hair Anime Girl Characters


Introduction: So that you’re In search of the 20 Finest Inexperienced Hair Anime Lady Characters?

It is a checklist of the highest 20 inexperienced hair anime characters. These characters have inexperienced, which is a soothing shade. There are various several types of inexperienced hair anime woman characters, who vary from the lovable to the kooky!

There are additionally these anime ladies who’ve a light-weight, mushy tone, whereas different comes with an intense darkish shade. Right here, we’ve chosen a few of our favourite anime woman characters that embody the inexperienced coloration.

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20. Minami Iwasaki – Fortunate Star

Kicking off the checklist with this inexperienced hair anime woman is called Minami, who’s your typical Kuudere feminine character. Even when in utter misery, she nonetheless received’t blink a watch. Discuss blended feelings. Minami is among the foremost characters of Fortunate Star, a schoolmate, and pal of Yutaka Kobayakawa and Miyuki Takara.

19. Suu – Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

Suu is a slime anime woman who moved in with Kurusu, however it was sort of unofficial. She has inexperienced hair plus she snuck into his home with out discover. She’s the fourth woman to maneuver in with him.

As a Slime, Suu’s true kind is a big mass of a clear blue gelatinous slime. At first look, this appears to be a person very naïve in nature. She additionally appears to have an fascinating and endearing disposition that can most actually make her make pals simply and promptly!

18. Tatsumaki – One Punch Man

Tatsumaki from the One Punch Man collection is simply actually one other nice inexperienced hair anime woman you’ll like, who proves that the scale of 1’s physique has no bearing on energy or rank. This woman is a powerhouse, regardless of her petite body.

Her hero alias is Twister of Terror, she’s an S-Class Rank 2 skilled hero. She is a mighty Esper and has been acknowledged by the Hero Affiliation as certainly one of their strongest heroes.

17. Tsubomi Kido – Mekakucity Actors

Tsubomi from the anime and manga collection Mekakucity Actors, is a fairly inexperienced hair anime woman, within the collection she’s the chief of the Blindfold Gang.

She has a heat & beneficiant facet, and it’s laborious to get pissed off or get on her dangerous facet. She will be able to additionally erase objects inside a sure distance of herself or her environment. She at all times has headphones on, listening to music.

16. Erin – Kemono no Souja Erin

Erin is a kindhearted woman from the collection Kemono No Souja Erin, she is portrayed by her connection to the magical “Mist Individuals”.

Erin is a ten years later inexperienced hair anime woman, who consists, quiet and observant. Later within the story, she turns into 14 after which 18. On account of her mom and foster dad’s affect on her life, Erin holds a novel perspective on taking good care of beasts.

Many individuals suppose that she is just too curious, however Erin cares about all varieties of folks–even animals. This may increasingly even embody worrying extra about others than herself typically.

15. Michiru Kaiou – Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S

Sailor Neptune is a fictional feminine lead character within the in style Sailor Moon anime franchise. Her alternate identification is Michiru Kaiou, a teenage Japanese schoolgirl who’s a member of the Sailor Troopers with wavy aqua inexperienced hair that represents her aspect, water, and is among the finest feminine supernatural fighters who’re defending the Photo voltaic System from evil.

14. Alpha Hatsuseno – Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou

Alpha Hatsuseno is among the kindest and most light feminine anime characters in anime historical past. At first sight, you’ll suppose that she is definitely a traditional inexperienced hair anime woman, however really, she is a robotic!

Not like many widespread characters, Alpha is good with out being too saccharine. Her nice disposition has received her a number of pals and constant clients but she is able to making deep insights and shows an uncommon degree of maturity, regardless that she is a robotic.

13. Ranka Lee – Macross F 

Ranka is a teenage anime woman with inexperienced hair, energetic and cheerful, who aspires to turn out to be an idol. She’s had a tricky time as she witnessed the destruction of the ship within the 117th Lengthy Distance Analysis Fleet by which she misplaced her household.

She will be able to transfer her hair based on her emotions and even resist the vacuum of house. She’s additionally one-quarter Zentradi. Ranka’s voice is highly effective and might carry better fold waves. She is among the most gifted singers within the collection, akin to Sheryl Nome.

12. Yotsugi Ononoki – Nisemonogatari

Yotsugi is an anime woman with inexperienced hair, inexperienced eyes, and pointy ears with a hat that appears unusual and has googly eyes. Within the collection, Yotsugi is Yozuru’s shikigami, who at all times makes use of the masculine first-person pronoun Boku and thinks of Yozuru as her sister.

She’s received a cool energy the place she will be able to do much more than simply “shape-shift her finger and use it as a weapon” or “ship herself or others flying by the skies.”

11. Arania Net – Mermaid Heel


Arana is an anime girl from the Fairy Tail anime collection, who has lengthy, pale inexperienced hair. Her hair is gathered on the again of her head and tied right into a collection of locks that jut outwards.

Arana Webb is a member of the Mermaid Heel Guild, identified to be some of the laid-back members of the Fairy Tail collection, in addition to fairly flirtatious. She greeted followers on the Grand Magic Video games with a kiss.

10. Kayano Kaede – Assassination Classroom


Everybody has had an anime woman that they like, however what makes Kayano from Assassination Classroom so fascinating is her darkish secrets and techniques. She begins off as a shy and susceptible woman however main as much as the top of the present you see how powerful she actually is.

Kayano is a inexperienced hair anime woman with distinctive cat ear-styled pigtails. She has hazel eyes and has a working gag for the way she appears: she doesn’t have noticeable breasts like different feminine college students within the class, which regularly causes jokes about being flat-chested.

9. Ritsuko Kunihiro – Shiki


Ritsuko Kunihiro Ritsuko Kunihiro from the darkish anime collection “Shiki” is an lively and passionate nurse who works at Ozaki Clinic. She has a little bit sister, Midori, and they’re tremendous pleasant with one another. Her hair is brief and inexperienced, with spiral curls on the finish, in addition to blue eyes.

Ritsuko is a really variety and caring girl who’s at all times prepared to assist anybody and help people who’ve had a troublesome time. She cares about household and is pleased to help folks in want. She’s additionally pleasant with everybody she meets, it doesn’t matter what they’re going by!

8. Alice Carroll – Aria the Animation


The inexperienced hair anime woman Alice doesn’t come throughout as very fascinating to folks once they first meet. She comes throughout as impassive and lifeless, however that rosy exterior hides a ardour for all times ready to unleash itself. It’s only a matter of convincing her that you’re price wading by the countenance.

Alice from Aria The Animation collection is a really deadpan individual, who usually makes use of the phrase “dekkai” in most of her sentences. Alice additionally generally likes to deal with herself as “Kohai-chan”.

7. Asa Shigure – Shuffle!

Asa Shigure is the principle character within the Shuffle! collection. She’s a senior at Verbena Academy and the vice-president of their cooking membership with Kaede Fuyou. Rin Tsuchimi shares a disdainful relationship along with her, however they’re really good buddies.

Her anime character design makes her one of many cutest green-haired anime ladies. She has quite a lot of good critiques, Though she is weak and fragile, this woman will brighten up your day when she greets you!

6. Nelliel Tu Odershvank — Bleach


Nelliel from the Bleach anime and manga collection is a toddler anime woman at first look, however she’s not somebody you wish to mess with. Particularly when she alters into her true womanly kind!

Her character design makes her some of the lovely anime ladies ever. She has inexperienced hair and hazel eyes, and she or he is a feminine Arrancar. On the similar time, her correct kind is that of a tall, absolutely grown curvaceous, and well-endowed grownup girl.

5. Mion Sonozaki – Higurashi no Naku Koro ni green hair anime girl

One of many foremost characters within the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni collection is Mion, who’s certainly one of Sonozaki Shion’s twins and inheritor to Sonozaki’s home. She is extra well-known than her twin as a result of she got here throughout as steady, mature, and a little bit bit on the shy facet.

Her character design options mint inexperienced hair and turquoise eyes, and she or he does her hair right into a ponytail, which makes her look so fairly after all. Remember that Mion can be an anime woman with a candy character in contrast to her sister.

4. Shion Sonozaki – Higurashi no Naku Koro ni 


Sonozaki Shion is among the foremost feminine characters within the Higurashi collection and the dual sister of Mion. She is the antagonist of the query arc Watanagashi-hen, however she additionally has a hand in Meakashi-hen.

She has gotten some notoriety for her spectacular psychological breakdown in mentioned arcs, and the following massacre that adopted. She’s identified for her mischievous nature in relation to teasing her pals in addition to her relationship with Hōjō Satoshi.

3. C.C. – Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch


C.C. from the Code Geass anime collection is immortal and a fairly by no means rising previous woman. She is among the many most lovely green-haired anime ladies with lengthy gentle inexperienced hair and golden eyes. She is of common peak, however is shorter than Kallen, and has a scar below her left breast.

All through many of the collection, C.C. doesn’t present quite a lot of feelings or affection and is shortly proven to be cussed, egocentric, and headstrong in addition to possessing excessive requirements. She claims to hate stubbornness, regardless of additionally being fairly cussed herself.

2. Flora Klemm – Asterisk Battle


Flora Klemm from the collection of Gakusen Toshi Asterisk is definitely some of the lovely inexperienced hair anime ladies you’ll ever see! within the collection, she is portrayed as an orphan younger woman from Lieseltania, which Julis Riessfeld is attempting to assist.

Flora has medium-length inexperienced hair and inexperienced eyes. She wears a maid uniform. In different phrases, Flora appears very candy and lovable. She shouldn’t be solely a cute woman but additionally a strong one who has a Genestellar with elevated bodily potential and an vitality discipline known as prana.

1. Mashiro Kuna – Bleach


Mashiro kuna is among the most infantile feminine characters within the Bleach anime and manga collection. No matter her age, she has as a lot preventing expertise as she does, and is susceptible to appearing immature typically.

Her look is that of a younger girl with hazel eyes. She wears a white bodysuit with orange gloves, boots, and scarf, together with a set of goggles atop her head. Undoubtedly, she is among the prettiest inexperienced hair anime ladies of all time.

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