Saitama vs Garou vs Blast: Who will win in One Punch Man? Manga 2022

One Punch Man has entered one in all its most arcs to date. In case you are up-to-date with the most recent chapters, you already know that the 2 of the strongest characters within the manga are combating one another, Saitama vs Garou vs Blast. Whereas we didn’t see Blast battle Garou head-on for lengthy, we now have sufficient details about his energy and powers.

Subsequently, now that we now have sufficient feat of all of their powers and potential let’s analyze them intimately.

How Robust is Saitama in One Punch Man?

Saitama is the principle protagonist of the sequence. In a world the place every kind of beings and monsters exist, Saitama, a mere human is the strongest. He has been established because the strongest character in verse proper because the starting.

How Strong is Saitama in One Punch Man

All it takes for him to defeat his enemy is one punch. Nonetheless, his absolute energy comes from his years of rigorous train, not any supernatural supply.


  • Final Pace: Saitama is the quickest character in verse. Irrespective of how briskly his opponent is, he can simply out-speed them. As we now have seen him battle opponents like Pace-O-SonicMosquito, and Garou, a few of the quickest characters in verse. He out-sped all of them prefer it was nothing, a lot in order that he created his after-images like a mirage. He may even be sooner than gentle. As an example, when he needed to see the again of his head within the mirror, he circled so quick that he might see his reflection earlier than it modified.
  • Final Energy: Saitama possesses “limitless” energy. Be its brute drive, bodily finesse, velocity, endurance, and even sturdiness. As we witnessed all through the manga, you may drop a supernova scale assault on him; he would nonetheless be intact.
  • Final Agility: Saitama is versatile sufficient to slide by tight areas and dodge virtually each assault thrown at him. He’s agile sufficient to make use of his legs to leap up, making him appear to be he’s flying. He may also run on water.
  • Superhuman senses: Saitama has sharp instincts and senses. For instance, he can hear folks speaking from an amazing distance. He might additionally detect an incoming meteorite in the direction of the earth.
  • Superhuman Resistance: Saitama is immune to excessive temperatures, strain, and nuclear radiation and can survive in area.
  • One Punch Man: Saitama is the last word and absolute character within the sequence. He has limitless powers. He can defeat any character with only one punch if he desires to. That is additionally the rationale why he has by no means been in a position to get pleasure from a battle in his life since nobody is anyplace close to his energy scale.

How Robust is Garou in One Punch Man?

Garou began off as an anti-hero character with a singular ideology. He grew up sympathizing with monsters and villains who have been victims of an unfair battle as a result of they have been all the time weaker than the heroes. Subsequently, he turned an equally robust drive/monster to have a good battle towards heroes who declare to be robust.

How Strong is Garou in One Punch Man

Therefore, he’s now the “absolute evil” and the second strongest character after Saitama to date. Garou skilled underneath Bang as his disciple and mastered the Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist. He left the dojo when he couldn’t presumably be taught something greater than he already did. Subsequently, he was born a prodigy.


  • Martial Artist: Garou is a prodigy martial artist who surpassed his grasp. He’s such a finessed fighter that he can simply adapt his opponent’s strikes and combating fashion, rendering them ineffective towards him.
  • Superhuman Energy: Garou is at present the strongest villain within the sequence, breaking his limiter. Even in his base type, he was highly effective sufficient to defeat Tanktop’s Military, Genos, and Metallic Bat. Later, he grew robust sufficient to defeat Platinum sperm, Flashy Flash, Sage Centipede, and so on.
  • Superhuman velocity and reflexes: Pointless to say, Garou has distinctive velocity and reflexes. He’s quick sufficient to dodge a bullet fired at him as a sneak assault. He turned sooner than Watchdog Man when he copied his strikes. Later, he even overpowered Genos by way of velocity.
  • Formidable will: Garou’s greatest asset is his psychological energy and willpower. It’s only due to that that he surpassed his limiter and commenced his Monsterification. Even earlier than awakening, he turned an invincible character by his sheer will. He merely believed he might, so he did.
  • Ironclad Resistance: Quickly after his Monsterification started, Garou advanced to change into immune to psychic, warmth, chilly, and even acid. This makes him virtually proof against many monsters and heroes.
  • Supreme Adaptability: What makes Garou much more formidable is his distinctive capability to repeat and adapt any strikes. His pure adaptability elevated to virtually a magical stage after his awakening. He might copy any method or transfer he got here throughout. For instance, he fought utilizing Bomb’s method to defeat himself in a one-on-one battle.

How Robust is Blast in One Punch Man?

Blast is principally Dr. Unusual of One Punch Man. He’s titled the No.1 hero by Hero Affiliation. He has been touring by area and completely different dimensions to gather Mysterious Cubes.

How Strong is Blast in One Punch Man

Subsequently, we solely bought to see him in motion sometimes. The person is even acknowledged by Fubuki as the highest hero of the world and speculated to carry a whole lot of superpowers.


  • Extraordinary Pace: Blast has confirmed himself to be sooner than Flashy Flash. Based mostly on current chapters, he’s quick sufficient to maintain up with Cosmic Garou when he countered his assaults.
  • Unimaginable Energy: His energy is proven clearly when he is ready to carry the Mysterious big Cubes on his fingertip like a cotton ball. He’s additionally purported to be stronger than all of the heroes by way of energy (besides Saitama) by Fubuki.
  • Supernatural Powers: Blast can create portals that permit him to journey by completely different dimensions. His portals and singularities may also act like an area jail since he can lure something inside them. Moreover, he additionally might have some psychic skills comparable to mind-reading or telepathy. That is due to the incident the place he came upon about Fubuki being Tatsumaki’s sister just by patting her head.
  • Supernatural Resistance: For now, Blast is confirmed to be immune to radiation. He has additionally proven to have the ability to survive in area as per the most recent manga chapter. As for excessive temperatures, we now have but to obtain any proof. Extra so, since we now have restricted information about all of his powers as of now.

Saitama vs Garou vs Blast: Who will win

Now that we now have mentioned their energy and talents intimately, time for the principle query. Amongst all of them, who would win? We’d be mendacity if he mentioned we didn’t know the reply already. The reply is- Saitama. He’s limitlessly highly effective, as confirmed by the most recent chapter. He overpowers all the pieces and everybody that stands earlier than him it doesn’t matter what as a result of he’s the One Punch Man.

Now to research additional, let’s see who would win, contemplating varied elements.

Based mostly on Energy: If energy is the principle issue right here, completely nobody defeats Saitama. Garou, even in his Saitama Mode, couldn’t do any hurt to him. As for Blast, he struggled to maintain up with Garou throughout his temporary encounter. Subsequently, for this class, Saitama>Garou>Blast.

1) Based mostly on Pace:

We now have witnessed Saitama be quick sufficient to create his after-images. He has surpassed each character recognized for his or her extraordinary velocity within the manga. Even Garou couldn’t catch as much as his velocity regardless of his Cosmic Terror Mode.

As for Blast, he might become sooner than Garou at greatest, however that might merely be teleportation, not velocity. Subsequently, for this one, it’s Saitama>Garou>Blast.

2) Based mostly on Regeneration:

Now speedy regeneration isn’t some capability that naturally happens to human beings. Subsequently, Saitama and Blast each fall again on this class. Neither of them possesses it besides Garou.

And if we contemplate Saitama and Blast’s protection towards injury, Saitama can merely dodge it, and Blast can merely teleport or return in time, however they can not regenerate in the event that they obtain bodily injury one way or the other.

Subsequently, for this one, it’s Garou>Saitama>Blast. Blast falls final since he’s much less sturdy than Saitama.

3) Based mostly on Adaptability:

Garou has advanced to adapt and replica any method or transfer in his Cosmic Terror Mode. Even in his base type, he might adapt and replica his opponent’s combating fashion and method.

As for Saitama, he too has proven to not solely adapt however overpower his opponents utilizing their very own strategies. Lastly, Blast has additionally demonstrated some adaptability throughout his battle towards Flashy Flash and Garou. However that was extra of an software of his powers reasonably than adaptability.

Subsequently, for this one, it’s Saitama>Garou>Blast once more.

4) Based mostly on Talents:

Lastly, contemplating their general energy and talents, Saitama wins. For Garou and Blast, it’s fairly difficult to determine which one in all them can be extra at an obstacle since we don’t know sufficient about Blast but.

Subsequently, contemplating their temporary battle within the newest chapters, it’s protected to say that Garou can overpower Blast as a result of he instantly surpassed Blast utilizing his personal powers.

Subsequently, if the battle have been to go one thing like Saitama vs Garou vs Blast, the last word outcome can be Saitama>Garou>Blast until we discover out extra about Blast’s powers.

With that, we now have coated all the pieces concerning the query Saitama vs Garou vs Blast: Who would win? Now that we now have answered your query, we will conclude the article right here. We will likely be again with extra such solutions to numerous different questions concerning completely different characters of manga/anime. Till then, flick thru and luxuriate in some extra fascinating articles from us beneath.

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