One Piece Road to Laugh Tale Volume 3: Yamato’s Child Look (Chapter 1053.3)


As soon as once more, we’re again with the unique Japanese model of One Piece Street to Snicker Story. This week now we have characters’ designs and uncooked storyboards of Street to Snicker Story Quantity 3. Within the former Quantity, our central focus was on Kaido’s earlier look in hybrid type together with Shanks’ facet story and Train’s crew introduction. We witnessed the names and positions of the Ten Titanic Captains behind Blackbeard. 

One other attention-seeking panel was the nice information from Reverie. As everyone knows, the collection solely provides us a glimpse of all of the actions that occur within the outdoors world. Street to Snicker Story booklet doesn’t present new info to the readers, however it reminds us of essentially the most important plotline that is happening within the authentic collection. 

Moreover the Reverie panel, many followers love deep diving into the “Sword Chooses its Wielder” panel. It contains names of the swords of all influential swordsmen. Under now we have talked about the record for readers together with a quick description as talked about in Quantity 2.

12 Supreme Wazamono Blades:

  • Gol D. Roger: Ace (Roger’s fixed companion throughout his years of journey. He went on to present its identify to his personal son.)
  • Edward Newgate: Murakumogiri (This Naginata’s extraordinary sturdiness allowed Whitebeard to channel his full energy by means of it.)
  • Dracule Mihawk: Yoru (Black Blades are essentially the most elite swords in existence. This specific one is famend because the World’s strongest, it’s able to dispatching challengers with brutality and finesse.)
  • Unknown: Kitetsu I (Rumors in regards to the cursed Kitetsu collection are fairly distinguished, however its location is unknown).

21 Wonderful Wazamono

  • Kozuki Oden: Enna and Ame-No-Habakiri
  • Roronoa Zoro: Enma, Wado Ichimonji (This sword that embodies the oath between Zoro and Kuna. A masterpiece created by Shimotsuki Kozaburo, a swordsmith of Wano), Shusui
  • Tenguyama Hitetsu: Kitetsu II

50 High quality Wazamono

  • Roronoa Zoro: Yubashiri (An Heirloom of the arms supplier, Ipponmastu. He determined to entrust his treasure to Zoro after their encounter as a result of he had “The Eyes of a true swordsman.”
  • Kitetsu III: A cursed sword that brings misfortune to its wielder. Zoro pitted his luck towards the cursed and earned its allegiance.


  • Trafalgar Regulation: Kikoku (A cursed sword with a distinctively lengthy blade. It’s completely fitted to Regulation’s Op-Op Fruit powers.)  
  • Kaido: Hassaikai (An extremely exhausting membership, in a position to stand up to the superior may of being coated with Kaido’s conqueror’s Haki.)
  • Kinemon : Sukesan & Kakusan 
  • Kurozumi Kanjuro: Tsuji Shibai
  • Unknown Grade:
  • Shanks: Gryphon
  • Shiki: Oto & Kogarashi
  • Katakuri: Mole
  • Kuro: The Cat Claws
  • Johnny & Yosuke: Matching Nakirito Blades
  • Don Krieg: The Nice Battle Spear
  • Arlong: Kirbachi
  • Dorry: The Terry Sword
  • Brogy: The Bruiser Axe
  • Enel: The Nonosama Bo
  • T-Bone: Bamboo
  • Spandam: The Elephant Blade
  • Killer: Punisher
  • Basil Hawkins: Warbide
  • Hannyabal: Bloodsucker
  • Shiryu: Raiu
  • Franky Shogun: Franken
  • Brook: Soul Strong
  • Hody Jones: Kirisame
  •  Cavendish: Durandal
  • Bastille: Shark Cleaver
  • Cracker: Pretzal
  • Amande: Shirauo
  • Linlin (Large Mother): Napoleon
  • Kawamatsu: Sotomuso
  • Gion: Konpira
  • Yamato: Takeru

Additionally, there are some unnamed swords of nice personalities like Rayleigh’s, Vista’s, and Issho’s swords. Sufficient from Street to Snicker Story Quantity 2. Let’s deep dive into the unique scans of the following Quantity.

As we mentioned above, the earlier Quantity targeting Kaido’s design. Equally, this time we’ll witness the earlier look of one of the crucial stunning characters within the collection, Yamato. So, how was it? Is it much like her father? Let’s focus on.

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One Piece Street to Snicker Story Quantity 3 (Chapter 1053.3)

Presently, solely among the uncooked panels of Street to Snicker Story have surfaced on Twitter as standard. The official translated ones can be launched this Sunday, i.e., on July 10, 2022, with Shonen Soar Difficulty 32.

First father and now daughter. This time Street to Snicker Booklet will arrive with the earlier character design of Yamato from childhood to the present look. Her look was very nice and mind-blowing.

Her toddler stage designs have been the identical as the unique look. Nonetheless, in her adolescent-age designs, she had very giant horns and seemed precisely like Nami. Additionally, her present hybrid and full Zoan type uncooked designs are much like what we witnessed within the authentic manga.

Under, now we have connected all panels of One Piece Street to Snicker Story Quantity 3. It’s presently within the authentic Japanese model.

Aside from Yamato’s sketches, we can even witness the map of Wano Kuni, together with the names of the characters current there. That is the uncooked map design earlier than the ultimate battle between Samurais and Yonkos.

And to start with, the booklet will arrive with the storyboards of Solar God Nika. It will likely be a mixture of all of the official panels the place Solar God Nika is talked about. It will likely be fascinating to learn how Oda sensei foreshadows Solar God Nika from Skypiea Arc. 

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Presently solely these panels of Quantity 3 have surfaced. We can be again with one other replace as soon as we get all pages of One Piece Street to Snicker Story Quantity 3 or Chapter 1053.3. To learn Quantity 3 in official English translation, followers have to attend 2-3 extra days till it will get launched.

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