One Piece: King vs Marco vs Katakuri | Who’s the strongest? 2022

One Piece has one of the vital intriguing plotlines ever. With that comes an extended record of highly effective characters with off-the-chart energy ranges. 

King is the second on command of the Beast Pirates. 

Katakuri is the strongest of the three candy commanders in Large Mother’s fleet. 

Marco is presently probably the most very important member of the Whitebeard Pirates after the demise of Whitebeard. 

However who’s the strongest amongst these three?

Marco is the strongest amongst all three. Katakuri and King are little doubt sturdy in their very own proper, however when Marco decides to degree up his recreation, all of the others are left biting the mud. 

Marco is nearly unimaginable to defeat in his Phoenix type except the opponent has Armament Haki with a particularly excessive degree like Large Mother, Shanks or Monkey D. Garp.

Katakuri comes second on this battle. He has a extra extraordinary battle expertise and a singular method of fight. His Commentary Haki is one thing else altogether at a distinct degree.

It’s even stronger than Large Mother’s Commentary Haki, as was seen within the battle towards Luffy. Katakuri’s satan fruit additionally permits him to show his physique to mochi, which minimizes the harm to his physique like Luffy and have all three Haki. 

In the event you suppose King is a slouch simply because he won’t win this struggle, rethink that once more. King’s energy ranges are virtually equal, if not larger than an admiral within the Marines.

Additionally, his satan fruit grants him the power to fly, giving him sure flexibility in a battle towards Katakuri.

On this submit, due to this fact, we are going to focus on the powers and talents of King, Marco, and Katakuri intimately. We may also analyze the strongest amongst them based mostly on their fight skills.

And at last, we are going to draw a conclusion as to who would win if these three ever got here throughout one another in battle.

King vs Marco vs Katakuri | Who’s the strongest?

Marco > Katakuri > King

King vs Marco vs Katakuri

Marco is the strongest amongst King and Katakuri. He has the phoenix’s blue flames that forestall most harm and heals him immediately except hit by a particularly highly effective Armament Haki reminiscent of Garp’s.

Katakuri takes second place as a result of his excessive expertise, all three Haki, and talent to show his physique into mochi at will.

King takes the ultimate place and may attempt to defeat Katakuri since he has the added benefit of ariel offense as a result of his means to fly in his satan fruit type.

How sturdy is King?

King = Admirals

King Race One Piece

King is without doubt one of the strongest characters and the second in charge of Kaido. His energy ranges are equal to an admiral within the marine.

He’s of Lunarian origin and prefers to cowl his complete physique to cover that. He ate the legendary zoan satan fruit Ryu Ryu no Mi, Mannequin: Pteranodon, which permits him to show himself right into a Pteranodon.


King has a wide range of skills that he can use in battles. They embody:

King is without doubt one of the greatest swordsmen within the Beast Pirates. Solely Zoro could be in comparison with his energy ranges.

Apart from Dracule Mihawk and doubtless Shanks, no one else can defeat him in sword fight. He carries a big Katana that he can infuse with Armament Haki.

Attributable to his Lunarian origin, King has excessive sturdiness permitting him to go away the battle unscathed.

He has the highest sturdiness within the Beast Pirates after Kaido and was additionally in a position to overcome Zoro utilizing sheer brute energy.

King has eaten the Ryu Ryu no Mi, Mannequin: Pteranodon, which permits him to rework right into a full Pteranodon.

He may fly, each in his human and satan fruit type, which makes him all of the extra harmful in ariel fight.

As is attribute of a Lunarian, King can manipulate hearth. His assaults, reminiscent of Andon and Karyudon, can land devastating blows on the opponents.

Moreover, he may use the Further Giant Imperial Flaming Wings, which is his signature transfer and might incinerate his opponents.


  • 1) No Conqueror’s Haki-

King doesn’t have Conqueror’s Haki. It could not have meant a lot in a typical battle.

Nonetheless, since this battle is towards two of the strongest characters, not having Conquerer’s Haki is a extreme limitation, particularly since his opponents can use it.

  • 2) Weak Commentary Haki-

His Commentary Haki isn’t on the identical degree as Katakuri’s. In actual fact, Katakuri has the strongest Commentary Haki in the complete sequence, which implies King’s strikes can simply be predicted since he can’t counter them.

King’s weak point in his defensive skills is revealed when he hastens in his offensive powers.

Whereas in his Lunarian flame type, he’s nigh-invincible; the second his type drops, he’s susceptible to exterior assaults.

How sturdy is Katakuri?

Katakuri >= Admirals


Katakuri is the strongest of the three candy commanders in Large Mother’s fleet. His energy degree is taken into account to be a bit larger than that of an admiral within the marines. 

He served because the minister of Flour and is probably the most trusted second in charge of Large Mother. He was known as a “monster” ever since his childhood as a result of his immense bodily energy.


Being one of many strongest three candy commanders is not any imply feat. He has the next powers:

Katakuri is the strongest based mostly on uncooked bodily energy among the many three candy commanders.

His excessive sturdiness has been ascertained within the method how he was in a position to tackle a number of sturdy strikes from Luffy’s gear fourth and but get better shortly to counterattack. He’s additionally extraordinarily quick, demonstrated when he dodges Luffy’s snake type.

Not many characters are seen wielding a spear in One Pece. Nonetheless, Katakuri’s spearmanship might be the most effective in the complete sequence.

He retains his spear inside his mochi physique and is drastically competent which utilizing it for long-range assaults.

Katakuri’s strongest asset is his Commentary Haki, the most effective ever proven within the sequence to this point.

He was simply in a position to predict Luffy’s strikes throughout their struggle and develop counter-strategies.

Katakuri ate the particular paramecia kind Mochi Mochi No Mi, permitting him to show his physique into Mochi.

It makes him extraordinarily sturdy throughout protection by remodeling his physique into inorganic materials.


Whereas Katakuri can use all three types of Haki, his Conqueror’s Haki isn’t properly developed. Marco can use this as a counter-measure in fight since Conquerer’s Haki is without doubt one of the strongest types.

Water is, usually, unhealthy for all those that have eaten a satan fruit because it makes them an anchor and sinks them.

Nonetheless, it’s way more harmful for Katakuri since his satan fruit is mochi, affecting his physiology. In contrast to King of Marco, he can’t fly, so he’s achieved for good if he falls into the water.

How sturdy is Marco?

Marco > 3 Admirals

Marco The Pheonix One Piece

Marco was the previous First division fleet commander the Whitebeard Pirates and might defeat all Admirals. 

He assumed management of the Whitebeard Pirates after Whitebeard’s demise till their closing disbanding. He’s additionally a major assist to Luffy within the Wano Nation Arc.


In the event you suppose healers can’t struggle, rethink that once more. Marco was one of the vital potent forces to be reckoned with within the battle at Marineford.

He singlehandedly held again the three admirals, if just for a short while. 

Not solely this, however Marco additionally permits again King and Queen, which is not any imply feat by itself. His bounty of 1,374,000,000 bellies, even after working as a healer in Sphinx, reveals how harmful he actually was.

Whereas this won’t appear a lot, Marco’s eager battle mind allowed him to fight and emerge victorious in a number of lethal fights.

He was additionally in a position to maintain again the three admirals as a result of his strategic engagement of all three.

Marco ate the legendary zoan kind Tori Tori no Mi, Mannequin: Phoenix, which permits him to rework right into a phoenix with blue flames.

He is ready to use the Blue Flames of Resurrection with out altering. Attributable to this, he was in a position to maintain Akainu’s Magma punch and Kizaru’s gentle bullets.

Marco can implement his physique in Armament Haki, which considerably amplifies his bodily powers and talents, including extra to those melee assaults. He may use the Conqueror’s Haki.

Weak spot-

Since Marco can’t use the commentary Haki and Katakuri is probably the most substantial consumer of this type, Katakuri may be capable to predict Marco’s assaults. This could turn out to be fairly a handicap in battle since Katakuri can use all three types of Haki.

King vs Marco vs Katakuri | Who will win?

King vs Marco vs Katakuri One Piece

Based mostly on easy brute energy, Katakuri would take this spherical. In spite of everything, he isn’t often called “the monster” for nothing.

King is a greater swordsman. Nonetheless, it involves easy brute energy with out utilizing the satan fruit skills, Katakuri would simply emerge victoriously.

It’s as a result of he may take blows from Luffy’s gear fourth and even then provide you with a counterattack.

King is a Lunarian by origin, so it is just logical that he takes this struggle based mostly on velocity. A one of many quickest in fight, his satan fruit transformation additional provides to his velocity in fight.

If he decides to sacrifice his sturdiness for some further velocity, there isn’t a one among the many three that might catch him.

Whereas Katakuri and Marco are undoubtedly extraordinarily quick, having the ability to doge Akainu’s punch and Luffy’s snake type, King stands at a complete new degree when it turns into a battle of velocity. Nonetheless, King takes this spherical by a margin.

  • 3) Based mostly on Satan Fruit Talents-

Issues get a bit extra heated and thrilling on the subject of the satan fruit skills. Nonetheless, Marco takes this spherical by fairly a big margin merely due to how a lot this satan fruit skills supply.

Katakuri can rework his physique into mochi, which considerably will increase his defensive powers and provides to his offense.

King can flip right into a Pteranodon or a part-Pteranodon based mostly on his requirement. Nonetheless, none of those skills can heal precise harm like Marco’s skills can.

The truth that he was in a position to tackle King and Queen concurrently reveals how lethal his satan fruit powers are.

Marco easily takes this spherical since he can shortly heal any harm and may fly in his part-phoenix type.

Katakuri is the strongest Haki consumer among the many three. Katakuri can use the superior type of Commentary and Armament Haki and may use the first type of the Conqueror’s Haki.

King can solely use the Armament Haki to infuse his assault. Whereas Marco can use each Armament Haki and Conqueror’s Haki, he did not do a lot harm to Akainu together with his Haki.

Nonetheless, he will likely be unaffected by Katakuri’s Conqueror’s Haki since he was in a position to face up to Shank’s Conqueror’s Haki. Katakuri takes this bout.

  • 5) Based mostly on Sturdiness- 

When it comes o sturdiness, the struggle could be narrowed down to only between Katakuri and King. It’s as a result of therapeutic and sturdiness are two various things.

Katakuri can flip his physique into the inorganic mochi, which makes many of the bodily assaults.

Being from the Lunarian tribe, King has wonderful sturdiness, nonetheless, which is sacrificed when he hastens. Katakuri, due to this fact, takes this spherical on sturdiness.

There could be no debate right here. King is the undisputed winner within the context of the tribe, being the final surviving member of the Lunarian race.

Marco’s tribe is but to be revealed, and Katakuri is only a Large Mother’s fleet member. Based mostly on the sheer inert skills of the tribe, King takes this spherical.

Whereas it’s true that Katakuri and King have wonderful therapeutic, that counts for nothing if Marco can head all of the harm dealt upon him.

Since each Katakuri and King wouldn’t have therapeutic powers, Marco is the obvious winner on this spherical.

Due to this fact, whereas Katakuri and King’s powers equal an admiral’s, Marco far surpasses that degree.

Moreover, as a result of his preserve battle mind and understanding of fight, he’s the positive victor in a battle between the three.

Marco> Katakuri>King=Admirals.

Due to this fact, Marco is the strongest among the many three. 

So there you could have it, an obvious cause why Marco takes the battle. 

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