Mahoraga vs Sukuna: Characters who can defeat Mahoraga (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Jujutsu Kaisen is Gege Akutami’s best-selling and award-winning collection bagging the Anime of the 12 months (2022) Award from the Tokyo Anime Award Competition (TAAF).

The manga continues to be ongoing, and we now have witnessed many plot twists and beautiful buffs of many characters. On this article, we can be discussing the mind-blowing and probably the most anticipated battles: Fushiguro Megumi’s Normal Mahoraga vs Sukuna. Let’s get proper to it!

Who’s Divine Normal Mahoraga?

Mahoraga vs Sukuna Jujutsu Kaisen

Eight-Dealt with Sword Divergent Sila Divine Normal Mahoraga is probably the most highly effective and uncontrollable shikigami of the Ten Shadows strategy of the Zenin Household. Fushiguro Megumi turns into the one person in historical past to summon Normal Mahoraga.

The summoning of Normal Mahoraga itself has very difficult circumstances:

  • It may be summoned solely by way of an exorcism ritual.
  • The person should recite “With this treasure, I summon…” earlier than shikigami’s full title.
  • Normal Mahoraga can solely be summoned with out the intent to defeat it.
  • Defeating Normal Mahoraga won’t enable the person to make use of the Ten Shadows Method.
  • Commencing the ritual will routinely entice his opponent/opponents and himself within the ritual with the shikigami.
  • The summoner won’t get Normal Mahoraga as their shikigami even when they survive the ritual by some miracle.
  • Since Normal Mahoraga is incontrollable, it’s going to assault everybody within the ritual.

Contemplating the circumstances of the ritual, Megumi summoned Normal Mahoraga as his final resort when he was positive he’d die anyway. Surprisingly Sukuna needed Megumi alive for his secret plans; therefore he intervened within the battle, making himself part of the ritual. This ends in the legendary battle of Mahoraga vs Sukuna in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Cursed energy and Talents:

Normal Mahoraga is an imposing and probably the most highly effective shikigami of the Ten Shadows Method. It has unimaginable energy and might break a number of concrete buildings with one blow. The fight type of Normal Mahoraga is extraordinarily offensive and damaging, to not point out its intimidating bodily type.

It additionally wields a blade known as Sword of Extermination, full of constructive power making it extraordinarily efficient towards cursed spirits. What makes it invincible is the mixture of its bodily powers and cursed talents comparable to:

  • Its cursed approach can adapt to each situation or scenario.
  • In case an assault efficiently lands on Normal Mahoraga, the wheel on its physique prompts, permitting it to counter it instantly.
  • If Normal Mahoraga is attacked with the identical approach once more, it will likely be in a position to counter it exactly.
  • Since it might all the time adapt and counter any approach, its opponent’s protection could be ineffective.

Who’s Sukuna?

sukuna-Mahoraga vs Sukuna Jujutsu Kaisen

Ryomen Sukuna is the last word antagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen. He’s a 1000 years previous invincible sorcerer with two arms and two pairs of eyes and was thought-about an “Imaginary Demon.” He has additionally been titled the “King of Curses.” A military of Jujutsu sorcerers had a particularly exhausting time taking him down, inflicting numerous casualties.

Even after Sukuna’s defeat, his curse was so highly effective that his 20 indestructible fingers had been cut up and sealed with highly effective sorcery. Regardless of being sealed, his curse stored rising stronger over time, weakening the seal.

Every of his fingers was categorized as a particular grade cursed object that would select its host if left unsealed. In consequence, Sukuna can all the time reincarnate beneath the proper circumstances.

Cursed Energy and Talents:

Sukuna has claimed a number of instances that the modern-day Jujutsu Sorcerers don’t even know the true essence and full potential of Jujutsu Sorcery. His declare is certainly backed up as a result of he all the time received each time he fought within the collection.

He defeated Fushiguro Megumi, Jogo, Mahito, Finger bearers, Normal Mahoraga, and many others. He has confirmed to be the strongest sorcerer within the collection with historic and unimaginable data of Jujutsu sorcery.

Sukuna’s inescapable Area Enlargement, Malevolent Shrine, stays probably the most highly effective and unbeatable all through the collection. As soon as he traps somebody in his area, solely he can determine to allow them to go however at the price of establishing a set of Binding Vows which might be all the time in his favor.

His hand-to-hand fight abilities are refined. The extent of his cursed power is by far probably the most highly effective.

He makes use of flame-based assaults whose full potential or working isn’t but revealed. We’ve seen that he slashes his opponents into items with out even them realizing when it occurs. It proves his unimaginable pace, agility, and energy.

He makes use of quite a lot of cursed methods like:

  • Reverse Cursed Method the place he can heal himself and others or create misplaced physique elements.
  • Dismantle-his signature slashing assault that eyes can’t even comply with.
  • Cleave– an assault assured to chop by way of anybody no matter their cursed power or toughness.
  • Fireplace assault skill– as talked about earlier, not a lot is revealed about this skill. Nonetheless, we see him overpower Jogo, a particular grade cursed spirit specializing in pyrokinesis.
  • Metamorphosis– a capability the place he can create a number of eyes or mouths of himself on his host.

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Mahoraga vs Sukuna: Combat Defined

The unimaginable battle Mahoraga and Sukuna occurred throughout Shibuya Incident Arc in Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 118. Within the battle, Sukuna overwhelmingly crushed Mahoraga in his area, Malevolent Shrine. Sukuna saved Megumi’s life by defeating Divine Normal Mahoraga and breaking the ritual. Now, let’s talk about the overview of this combat. 

mahoraga vs sukuna_Jujutsu Kaisen
Mahoraga vs Sukuna (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Sukuna charged together with his flashy pace and saved Megumi from his ongoing combat with Shigemo Haruta. He instantly attacked Mahoraga together with his signature assault, Dismantles, after dodging a number of assaults from the shikigami.

Earlier than he ready to land one other assault, Mahoraga healed itself and tailored to Sukuna’s approach. This put Sukuna at an obstacle; therefore, he acquired a number of assaults the place he was thrown by way of many buildings.

Whereas these assaults, Sukuna was solely inches away from getting stabbed with Sword of Extermination. Due to his extraordinarily agile fight abilities, he dodged the assault. He attacked the shikigami with Dismantle once more, anticipating it to heal itself and counter his assaults.

He admitted that he would have been defeated if Megumi had managed to summon Normal Mahoraga throughout their very first combat. Sukuna then activated his area, Malevolent Shrine.

His area slashes the whole lot in his manner by way of Cleave to unfold round 200 meters. The shikigami was inflicted with numerous slashes however managed to cling to its life.

After that, Sukuna used his insane pyrokinetic skill earlier than the shikigami might adapt and completed it by incinerating. Mahoraga ended up being eradicated.

Characters who can defeat Mahoraga:

1) Sukuna (can defeat)-


Sukuna’s Malevolent Shrine stays probably the most highly effective area within the collection after Limitless. Mixed together with his intelligence and insane energy, he can defeat Normal Mahoraga. Mahoraga, as a shikigami, lacks the mind and techniques to defeat Sukuna.

2) Satoru Gojo (can defeat)-

Satoru Gojo Jujutsu Kaisen

We’ve witnessed Gojo’s cursed methods as much as solely a sure extent. Primarily based on that alone, it may very well be concluded that Gojo would overpower Normal Mahoraga. Limitless and Six Eyes‘ powers are far past Mahoraga. If he captures Mahoraga in Hole Method: Purple, the shikigami is completed for.

Even with out Gojo’s area activated, it will be troublesome for the shikigami to adapt to Infinity and handle to land assaults on him. Furthermore, Gojo’s preventing type is long-ranged, which places him better off when mixed together with his cursed methods towards Mahoraga.

3) Okkotsu Yuta (could defeat)-


Everyone knows that Yuta is deemed to finish up being the strongest jujutsu sorcerer in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Yuta’s general cursed approach is unpredictable and huge, which might be troublesome for Mahoraga to adapt. He may use a number of cursed instruments and has distinctive swordsmanship. Yuta can be educated rigorously by Zenin Maki and Miguel, honing his hand-to-hand fight abilities with an impenetrable protection. His cursed power output can be constructive, which implies Mahoraga’s Sword of Extermination isn’t deadly to Yuta, not like others.

Furthermore, he has nearly limitless entry to cursed power due to Orimoto Rika. So it’s secure to conclude that Yuta may be capable of defeat Normal Mahoraga.

4) Kurusu Hana (could defeat)-

kusuru hana jujutsu kaisen

Hana’s cursed approach is mysterious, and little or no is understood about it. Her cursed approach can dispel another cursed approach is all we all know. By that logic, wouldn’t she be capable of dispel the shikigami within the first place and even the Ten Shadows Method? The battle would finish earlier than it even started.

On the opposite finish, if the above isn’t the case, she ought to be capable of dispel Mahoraga’s cursed power utterly utilizing her cursed approach. She will additionally levitate/fly, giving her the benefit to dodge Mahoraga’s assaults fairly simply, though we have no idea of her fight abilities a lot.

It’s troublesome to conclude if Normal Mahoraga would be capable of see by way of her approach and adapt. So contemplating these elements, Hana may be capable of defeat Normal Mahoraga.

5) Fushiguro Toji (could defeat)-

Fushiguro Toji Jujutsu Kaisen

Toji is arms down the superhuman non-curse person, murderer in Jujutsu Kaisen. He has defeated among the strongest special-grade sorcerers and cursed spirits. In any case, he was the “Sorcerer Killer” and a legend.

If we take into account Toji’s uncooked energy in a battle towards Mahoraga, he received’t go away a gap for the shikigami to adapt to his fight abilities. Earlier than the shikigami will get any likelihood to adapt to his preventing methods, Toji would ravage it.

He’s additionally a grasp non-cursed instruments person, which means he can land numerous unpredictable assaults utilizing numerous instruments on Mahoraga. Utilizing both Playful Cloud or Inverted Spear of Heaven, we predict he ought to be capable of counter Sword of Extermination and slash by way of Mahoraga simply.

As a result of he already proved to have the ability to lower by way of the toughest-skinned particular grade cursed spirit, Dagon. General, Toji may be capable of defeat Normal Mahoraga.

With that, our article involves an finish. We hope we coated the whole lot in regards to the beautiful battle: Divine Normal Mahoraga vs Sukuna. We’ll be again with extra such battles, defined and analyzed. Followers can learn Jujutsu Kaisen manga formally from Viz Media or Mangaplus Shueisha. Keep tuned!

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