Lucifero vs Julius: Is Julius stronger than Lucifero?

Recognized for its thrilling story arcs and motion scenes, Black Clover has managed to deepen its roots into the hearts of its followers. The outstanding position because the antagonist is performed by the Devils, the King of whom is Lucifero. As Wizard King is the strongest magic wielder within the kingdom, a typical situation that comes to each fan’s thoughts is “Is Julius stronger than Lucifero?”

The reply to this query is: Lucifero is way stronger than Julius, the Wizard King. Lucifero is combating the strongest of the Magic Knights Captains with ease, all on the identical time. Regardless of being in an incomplete type, he gave a troublesome time to all and confirmed no indicators of retreat or defeat. Subsequently, it’s nearly an unimaginable activity to grasp that Julius may overpower Lucifero.

On this article, we’re going to deal with the query, “Lucifero vs. Julius: Is Julius stronger than Lucifero” intimately and convey earlier than you a comparability of their powers and skills.

Lucifero Black Clover Energy-

Lucifero from Black Clover manga

Lucifero is the King of all Devils and one of many three rulers of the Underworld. He’s the strongest Satan, and at the moment, there may be nobody to problem him at par. Related to the Tree of Qlipoth, he needs to take over the human realm and use it for satan manifestation.


  • 1) An enormous reserve of Magic Energy-

Because the strongest Satan and the being related to the Tree of Qlipoth, Lucifero possesses immense Magic Energy. He was in a position to struggle seven Boosted Magic Knights concurrently whereas being in his incomplete type. He may even manifest himself from a small mass and gave the Captains a difficult time.

Lucifero stopping Asta's sword

Lucifero holds inside himself immense uncooked bodily energy. He managed to seize a power-packed punch from Mereoleona Vermillion, crushing her forearm’s bones. He was in a position to cease Asta’s anti-magic Slash with only one hand.

The King of the Satan does possess a extremely sturdy physique. Captain Yami’s Slash magic, which may slice something, confirmed no impact in opposition to Lucifero, and he remained unaffected after its hit. He even got here out unhurt even after Fuegoleon’s and Mereoleona’s strongest Fireplace Magic mixed.

Because the Ruler of the Underworld, the powers of Lucifero prolong to manage over low rating and mid-ranking devils. We see this energy of his when hoards of Devils pour out by means of the gate of Underworld; Lucifero unites them into one mass and manifests them in line with his will.

Lucifero’s magic is likely one of the most potent magic, and it impacts everybody equally with none exceptions. He’s a wielder of Gravity Magic, with which he can freely manipulate the gravity round him. His magic could make even probably the most strong collapse. His gravity magic can also be mentioned to be succesful sufficient to warp time.

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Julius Novachrono Black Clover Energy-

Julius Novachrono

Julius Novachrono is the Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom. He was beforehand a Magic Knight within the Gray Deer squad. He has an enormous obsession with Magic, and his magic might be one of many strongest magic in existence and is an amazing asset to the Clover Kingdom.


Julius’s velocity is immensely excessive. A number of cases from the anime go on to show this. He appeared in entrance of the 2 mages of the Eye of The Midnight Solar and extinguished them instantaneously, even earlier than they might register what had occurred. He may simply dodge a number of assaults from Patolli and different antagonists, which in any other case might be disastrous for anybody else.

  • 2) Immense reserve of Magic Energy-

Because the Magic Emperor of the Clover Kingdom, Julius’s magic powers are immense. He can steal time from his opponents and might use it later. His magic is assertive, permitting him to carry out a spell protectingthe complete Clover Kingdom.

Julius can management the mana of the encircling area. His time magic provides him the facility to age the circulation of mana after which monitor it to foresee the enemy’s assault.

Julius's Restraining Magic

Julius possesses the magic that may manipulate time. He can speed up, decelerate, decelerate, pause, and even cease the circulation of time with it. He can even reverse it, giving him the benefit of therapeutic others’ wounds.

His different sturdy magic is Restraining magic, the place he traps them in an infinite time loop. Nonetheless, what we see within the anime is only a glimpse of his precise magic energy and may maintain lots up his sleeve.

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Lucifero vs. Julius-

Lucifero vs Julius Black Clover

Lucifero has an enormous physique that’s nonetheless in its incomplete type. Then again, Julius is a human with a relatively compact physique that enables him to journey nice distances nearly instantaneously. Additionally, Julius’ Time Magic permits him to maneuver even sooner than mild. Subsequently, Lucifero, regardless of being extraordinarily quick, can not beat Julius by way of velocity.

Because the King of Devils, the uncooked energy that Lucifero possesses is immense, way more important than even the Magic Knights mixed. Subsequently, based mostly solely on bodily energy, Julius wouldn’t stand an opportunity in opposition to Lucifero.

Lucifero possesses Gravity magic, whereas Julius is a wielder of Time Magic. Each of them are immensely highly effective and have nearly no match. Nonetheless, Lucifero may need the higher hand due to Gravity singularity that may even bend time. Subsequently, regardless of being one of many strongest, Julius’s magic might fall brief in entrance of Lucifero.

Julius’s reflexes are higher honed in comparison with Lucifero’s. His immense velocity and fast reflexes may simply give him the higher hand in opposition to Lucifero.

Julius is a mere human. His physique is susceptible and is subjected to accidents and destruction. Lucifero, then again, can manifest himself even from a small mass of flesh. He stays unaffected by probably the most potent fireplace and Captain Yami’s Slash magic. Subsequently, by way of sturdiness, Lucifero holds the higher place.

Each Julius and Lucifero are fierce magic customers and are the strongest of their respective realms. Whereas on one facet, Julius is the Magic Emperor, Lucifero is the King of Devils. So by way of talents, they’re each comparatively equally matched in opposition to one another.

Subsequently, if there occurs to be a one on one struggle between Julius and Lucifero, it’s evident that Lucifero would emerge victoriously.

About Black Clover-

Black Clover depicts the battle of a magicless boy in a world of magic, a laughingstock for everybody who goals of changing into the following Wizard King. Raised as orphans in a church, the 2 brothers Asta and Yuno got down to understand their purpose to develop into the Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom.

Right here we conclude our article on Lucifero vs. Julius and declare that Lucifero holds the higher hand in opposition to Julius. You’ll be able to learn Black Clover manga on Viz Media and Managplus Shueisha. We might be again with one other submit. Until then, keep tuned with us and skim the articles under.

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