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(Final Up to date On: June 4, 2022)

It has been revealed that the TV anime ” Ayakashi Triangle ” based mostly on the unique work by Kentaro Yabuki will probably be broadcast in 2023. “Ayakashi Triangle” is an “Ayakashi love fantasy” that depicts the Kazemaki competition of “Harare Shinobu” who retains combating to eliminate the youkai which might be dangerous to the human world. 

It’s being serialized in Shonen Leap +. The newest info will probably be introduced on the official anime web site and official Twitter account (@ayakashi_anime). Ayakashi romance fantasy offered by the unique Kentaro Yabuki! The long-awaited TV animation determination!

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How is Ayakashi romance fantasy drawn by Kentaro Yabuki of “To LOVE-Ru” in TV anime ?! Please keep tuned! Please control the newest info on the official web site and official Twitter.

Kaede Shinobu’s Kazemaki Matsuri, whose livelihood is to exorcise youkai which might be dangerous to people, protected the flower tin, which is a childhood pal and is well favored by youkai.

It seems like a cat, but it surely’s a youkai referred to as Shirogane who continues to reign on the prime of the youkai …! Kentaro Yabuki of “To LOVE-Ru”, a brand new frontier! Ayakashi romance fantasy, a long-awaited animation determination!

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