Is Luffy Joyboy in One Piece? Luffy’s Devil Fruit Awakened 2022

For an anime that has been working for therefore lengthy, One Piece certainly has its personal twists and turns. The truth is, the latest manga chapter introduced out a revelation that can stun you to the core and consolidate a fan concept that has been occurring for years now. Is Luffy Joyboy in One Piece?

The reply is Sure. Luffy is the reincarnation of Joyboy, as talked about in One Piece Chapter 1043. Zunesha heard the voice of Joyboy’s heartbeat in Luffy and referred to it because the “Drums of Liberation.” The final panel clearly illustrates that Luffy is Joyboy. And now, it’s as much as Oda sensei how he displays the awakening of Joyboy to his readers.  

Later, on this publish, we are going to discover all the main points about this mysterious determine often known as Joyboy and his hyperlink to Luffy. So if you wish to get to the top of this thriller, keep on until the very finish.

Be aware- Right here, we comply with the theories predicted by YUDE-RON (YouTuber).

Who’s JoyBoy? (Concept)-

Joyboy was an adventurer like Luffy and Roger, who sailed the seas and was some of the outstanding figures throughout the Void Century. Because the World Authorities tried to obliterate all identified information concerning the Void Century from public discover, there are only a few references of Joboy remaining at current.

Is Luffy Joyboy in One Piece

The one identified supply for Joyboy’s info is within the Ryugu Poneglyph that Nico Robin learn on the Sea Forest. Joyboy’s aim was World Peace; nevertheless, he did not hold that promise to Fishman Island. His true secret and motives are hidden within the remaining island within the Grand Line.

When Roger reached the ultimate island, her realized that he was too early and laughed on the true nature of Snort Story. Earlier, Oden and Whitebeard thought-about Momonosuke or Ace to be the reincarnation of Joyboy. However now, the sequence unveiled that Luffy is the one.

To learn extra on Joyboy and True Historical past, go to the publish beneath.  

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Joyboy Satan Fruit (Concept)-

Joyboy consumed the Nika Nika no Mi satan fruit, and in line with YUDE-RON, Nika time period stands for oil or resin.  

It’s fairly placing that the resin fruit shares completely different properties because the Gomu Gomu no Mi that Luffy ate. Nonetheless, Luffy makes use of a glimpse of resin’s results unconsciously.

Luffy’s assault Crimson Hawk comprises hearth, and hearth isn’t a rubber property; it’s the property of resin or oil. In our opinion, it’s certainly one of Joyboy’s skills.

Whereas the true extent of Joyboy’s powers is but to be identified, many followers have additionally predicted that his powers have been in shut consideration to the current satan fruit skills of Luffy.

Is Luffy Joyboy in One Piece?

Luffy is the reincarnation of Joyboy justified within the One Piece manga Chapter 1043. Many followers speculate that Gomu Gomu no Mi is similar satan fruit as Nika Nika no Mi, whose title and outer properties have been modified by Vegapunk and World Authorities to hold out the experiment. 

Luffy Chapter 1043
Luffy is melting into Joyboy
Picture Supply | WoDENCREATIV

That’s the reason Wold Authorities had requested a CP unit to escort the fruit.

Additionally, each Luffy and Joyboy share the identical aim. Joyboy’s ideology was World Peace, whereas Luffy’s remaining aim was to share sake with everybody on the planet’s largest get together.

With too many resemblances, followers have additionally made their manner of dressing comparable too. Luffy wore the straw hat as Joyboy wore 900 years in the past

Since Poseidon was not born throughout Roger’s time, he was thought-about too early and handed off D’s Will to the longer term technology.

Again to the present state of affairs, Luffy misplaced to Kaido for the second time in battle, and his physique began to soften in a puddle which mentioned Nika. Nika was known as an historical solar god. Each the traditional solar god and Joyboy had the facility of erasing others’ sufferings with the faucet of a drum.

On the very finish of the manga, Luffy is discovered melting right into a muddle with a smile. It initiatives Luffy has lastly woke up his satan fruit or reawaken into another person.

Luffy’s Satan Fruit Awakening (Concept)-

After Luffy’s loss towards Kaido, he passes out, and smoke is discovered popping out of his mouth, symbolizing the top of Gear 4. On the finish of Gear 4, Luffy melts right into a puddle with a smile.

YUDE-RON theorizes that the direct relation between Luffy and Joyboy maybe comes by the Gomu Gomu no Mi fruit or Nika Nika no Mi, which each of them ate.

It signifies that the fruit initially was designed to serve a unique function. It additionally assures that Luffy’s fruit was what Gorosei have been discussing, which means it was not the Gomu Gomu No Mi initially within the first place however a completely completely different one. 

The properties of rubber have been put in to cover the precise powers of the Nika Nika no Mi. That’s the reason the World Authorities casked CP0 to get rid of Luffy earlier than awakening his satan fruit.

In Japan, the standard Nika stands for resin, oil or hearth. Luffy’s Hawk Gatling has the powers of fireplace as a result of it comprises the properties of Nika Nika no Mi. Now let’s see how the sequence will unveil the true nature, title, and skills of woke up Gomu-Gomu no Mi.

Luffy vs Kaido-

The battle towards Kaido symbolizes that Luffy isn’t but on the Yonko stage. He was brutally overwhelmed up even after combing the gear fourth with Ryu. Even when CP0 boss hadn’t interrupted the battle, the likelihood of Luffy’s profitable was nonetheless considerably much less.

He was already at his restrict, and then again, Kaido confirmed no signal of main damage. After Luffy’s defeat, he’s nonetheless preventing and conquering the remenants. It demonstrates that for the reason that starting of the Wano Arc, Luffy stood no likelihood to defeat Kaido. 

The final manga chapter begins with Luffy passing out from the impression. Kaido then proceeds to offer the devastating information to Nami and Luffy’s crew. Nami refuses to imagine Kaido and pledges to battle him.

Chapter 1043

At this second, Zunesha states that he can hear the drums of liberation and that “he has returned.” And Luffy’s remaining transformation into Joyboy, stating that ‘he’ is there certainly.

One Piece Chapter 1043 left the readers on a cliffhanger, and the true nature of Luffy’s powers can solely be discovered within the new version that comes out on March twentieth.

Till then, you’ll be able to take a look at the anime on Hulu and Funimation. The manga is out there on Viz, so test that out as effectively. We will likely be again with one other article. Until then, keep tuned with us.

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