How Sturdy is Obanai Iguro in Demon Slayer? (2022)

Demon Slayer has topped all charts concerning the variety of watchers in 2022. Throughout the finish of Season 2, the sequence unveiled the presence of Obanai Iguro, the serpent Hashira who arrived and taunted Uzui for not simply eliminating Higher Moon 6.

After this scene, many followers have surfaced the query, “How Sturdy is Obanai Iguro in Demon Slayer?

Obanai Iguro is the 4th strongest Hashira, with solely Giyu, Sanemi, and Gyomei above him. By the top of the sequence, he might simply overwhelm a lot of the Twelve Kizuki, particularly The Higher Moon 5 and the decrease ones.

Based mostly on stamina, he is without doubt one of the strongest Hashira who always fights within the Remaining Arc from starting to finish.

Later on this article, we’ve talked about all of Obanai’s powers intimately. So, with out additional delay, let’s go on with the article.

How sturdy is Obanai Iguro-

Obanai Iguro is without doubt one of the strongest Demon Slayer and the 4th strongest Hashira within the Demon Slayer Corps. He has developed his respiration approach, The Serpent Respiration, and is kind of a grasp of it.

He can simply overpower a lot of the Twelve Kizuki members, which we see throughout his combat with the Higher Moon 5.

Obanao IguroObanai’s go to to the Leisure District, after Uzui’s combat with Gyutaro, speaks immensely of his energy.

He subtly mocks the Sound Hashira for his incapacitating situation after combating the bottom of the Higher-Rank Demons. 

Iguro, regardless of being blind from one eye, rose to the rank of a Hashira, which is engraved proof of his immense capabilities.

Obanai Iguro Respiration Model in Demon Slayer-

Obanai is the present Serpent Hashira within the Demon Slayer Corps. He developed the Serpent Respiration approach on his personal and is kind of adept at it.

His respiration approach and attacking type mimic these of a serpent. That is evident throughout his fights, the place we see him twisting and bending his physique similar to a snake.

The white snake that’s at all times wrapped round his neck may be rightfully known as his fight associate, as Iguro has included him into his assaults. He shares an immense bond with it and calls him Kaburamaru.

Serpent Breathing TechniqueBeing blind from one eye, he shares Kaburamaru’s sight view. Obanai fights the Demon King and drives him to a nook, regardless of being in a crippling situation and blind from each eyes. It goes on to show the talents he features through the use of his Serpent Respiration.

Obanai Iguro Energy Degree-

As a Hashira, Obanai possesses distinctive expertise and fight talents. He rose to the Hashira rank with simply one functioning eye.

Obanai performs a formidable position within the combat of the Demon Slayers in opposition to the Demon King Muzan. He lasted the longest within the battle among the many a number of different demon slayers, which speaks quite a bit about his energy.


  • 1) Heightened pace and reflexes-

Obanai’s pace and reflexes are from a superhuman dimension. Throughout the Infinity fortress arc, he stored up with the Demon King’s high-speed whip-like lashes. 

He even awakens his demon slayer mark, which boosts his talents additional. He was fast to make a leap in entrance of Muzan’s assault, which might have in any other case beheaded Tanjiro.

  • 2) Immense stamina and endurance-

To speak about “How sturdy is Obanai Iguro?”, The Serpent Hashira’s stamina and endurance play a pivotal position in turning the course of the ultimate battle in favor of the Demon Slayer Corps. 

Together with Mitsuri, the Love Hashira, he fights the Higher Moon 4 Nakime and defeats the extremely sturdy demon. With out flinching for a second from the fatigue of the earlier combat, he rushes to help Giyu and Tanjiro.

Regardless of being blinded and gravely injured, he manages to stall the overwhelming Demon King and drive him to a nook.

Iguro was additionally the primary Demon Slayer to awaken from the assault, leaving all of the others incapacitated. He lasts the longest within the remaining combat with Muzan.

Obanai retains combating and warding off Muzan’s highly effective assaults, regardless of the Demon King utterly destroying his nervous system. The accidents he sustains are too grave, and he finally succumbs to them.

  • 3) Entry to Clear World-

The Serpent Hashira develops the approach to entry the clear world for a short interval. It permits him to trace down Muzan’s important organs, which have been twelve in quantity.

He even understood that destroying these organs could possibly be the one method to cease the monstrous Demon King.

Obanai attacking Muzan Kibutsuji

  • 4) Serpent like Combating Model-

Obanai’s slithering actions replicate these of a serpent’s. He’s undoubtedly some of the expert swordsmen in the whole Demon Slayer Corps.

His expertise are finest proven within the upcoming Sword-smith arc, the place his unusual motion makes him cross via slender openings with ease.

Does Obanai Like Mitsuri?

Sure, the Serpent Hashira, Obanai Iguro, is deeply in love with the Love Hashira, Mitsuri Kanroji. Obanai’s previous is a depressing one which has led to his Gynophobia. 

Nevertheless, Mitsuri’s cheerful nature breaks Obanai’s shell inflicting the latter to develop emotions for the Love Hashira. It was love at first sight when Iguro noticed her beneath a Sakura Tree for the primary time.

He typically expresses his love by sharing his meals with Mitsuri or by giving her presents.

Obanai and Mitsuri after reincarnationThe love between the 2 is proven over the past combat with the Demon King Muzan himself. After receiving frequent slashes from Muzan, she is rescued from the scene by the well timed arrival of Iguro.

Earlier than respiration her final, she requests Obanai to not lose his life. Each of them share the identical hope: to reincarnate and meet one another as lovers and reside a settled life. The unhappy destiny of the 2 lovers leaves even probably the most stone-hearted particular person in tears.

The place to learn and watch Demon Slayer

With its sky-soaring fanbase and recognition, Demon Slayer is obtainable on a number of notable web sites. Netflix and Funimation are two of them, the place viewers can stream the sequence with ease. You possibly can entry the manga simply on a number of web sites by a easy web search.

Right here we conclude the article, “How sturdy is Obanai Iguro.” Keep tuned for such attention-grabbing articles sooner or later. Till then, learn the article talked about beneath. 


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