High 20 Wonderful Harem Anime WITH OP MC

A-Record of the Greatest 20 Harem Anime with Op Mc

Now we have 20 Harem Anime sequence with op most important mc that can bump your coronary heart sooner, Harem anime style, might not be probably the most well-known theme of Japanese manga and anime sequence, however we assure that every one of those harem anime sequence that we’re overlaying, actually value to look at, as a result of there may be harem and there may be op mc, so be it romance or motion, these two genres are what all these anime sequence have in frequent.

So Lets Countdown our Harem Anime High Record:

20. Absolute Duo (Dub)


  • Episodes: 12
  • Genres: Motion, Harem, Supernatural, Romance, Ecchi, College


This Harem Anime with op mc revolves round expert children referred to as “Blazers”  who can create weapons from their souls.

Kouryou Academy is a faculty the place college students with varied expertise can learn to use them below the tutelage of employees with many years of expertise.

Every scholar is partnered up with one other, striving to acquire The Energy of “Absolute Duo”.

After shedding his sister, Our protagonist, Tooru Kokonoe, desires to hitch this academy as a result of he wants this energy in an effort to defend the folks he loves.

The story goes from there!

19. Maken-Ki! (Dub)


  • Episodes: 23 / Two Seasons 
  • Genres: Motion, Ecchi, Harem, Martial Arts, College, Tremendous Energy


This can be a romantic comedy harem anime Takeru Ohyama, a typical teenage boy, who will flip into an Op Mc.

Now that an all-girls college grew to become co-ed, it’s lastly time for Takeru to hitch! Nonetheless, simply as he quickly finds out that he is not going to be surrounded by many fairly ladies, his desires are dashed on the realization that this unconventional academy would possibly truly be extra than simply meets the attention.

As a result of, all the college students listed below are utilizing “A Maken” a particular device, like a gun, that helps them launch their magical talents in duels!

It’s laborious to think about Takeru, who has been tasked with the vital mission of acquiring a Maken, will be capable to do it whereas additionally becoming into a brand new college and coping with all varieties of woman issues.

18. Demise March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku (Dub)


  • Episodes: 12
  • Genres: Journey, Fantasy, Harem


That is an isekai anime that observe Ichirou Suzuki is a 30-year previous programmer, who has been overworking and sleeping at his desk an excessive amount of. Now he falls asleep and wakes up because the hero of a fantasy RPG world as he managed every part in his favourite sport.

If this have been a fantasy world with a youthful model of himself, and a brand new identify Satou. he discovered himself surrounded by a military of lizardmen launching an assault on him.

Thankfully, Satou will unintentionally launch a strong spell that wipes the entire military out utterly. Then his degree will attain 310 factors.

He’s now in a brand new fantasy world—one with wondrous issues like magic. Because the protagonist, Satou, strive his hand at varied quests.

17. Seireitsukai no Blade Dance


  • Episodes: 12
  • Genres: Motion, Harem, Comedy, Supernatural, Romance, Ecchi, Fantasy, College


This harem anime takes place at a prestigious college for holy shrine princesses referred to as Areishia Spirit Academy. Right here, ladies are coaching to turn into elementalists and do their greatest to construct contracts with spirits in order that they will compete with one another.

Properly, it was solely ladies may do that however possibly not for for much longer. Kamito Kazehaya is is now the one boy who can’t type a contract with a spirit.

Consequently, the academy headmaster requested him to attend Princess’s college and compelled him to take part in a particular event.

Kamito is now wished by a “woman” to be her contracted spirit. So is Kamito going to even make it till the event with that on his plate?

16. Infinite Stratos (Dub)


  • Episodes: 24  Two Seasons 
  • Genres: Motion, Sci-Fi, Harem, Comedy, Ecchi, Mecha


Infinite Stratos is a weapon that can be utilized by girls solely. It has immense energy and has been banned from army use due to this.

The protagonist, Ichika Orimura, is the one male able to utilizing an IS. Thus, He’s pressured to attend Infinite Stratos Academy.

The Academy is an all-girl college that caters solely to graduate college students aspiring to turn into skilled IS pilots. Ichika and the opposite ladies at this coaching college must do their greatest to guard themselves and the academy from any threats that may occur.

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