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High 20 One Piece Strongest Characters Hey guys!. On this submit, I’ll be discussing High 20 One Piece Strongest Characters. Being robust is one thing that actually much less individuals can accomplish however, for those in one-piece, that is a straightforward feat. Right here on the checklist we’ve a listing of 20 people which can be robust warriors and formidable opponents to others. Not solely are they protagonists of the story but additionally among the antagonists which can be current within the anime. So, let’s get began.


Crocodile, one other Satan Fruit wielder, possesses the Suna Suna no Mi, or sandy fruit, abilities. He can remodel into sands within the blink of a watch, making it extremely not possible to hurt him. We’ve seen a number of figures with the power to rework their varieties into one thing rather more pliable, akin to Ceasar with gasoline, however the main distinction between them and Crocodile is his unimaginable mind.

He understands find out how to wield it, which is why Luffy discovered it so powerful to defeat him within the first place. His bodily endurance, energy, and agility are already spectacular, however placing him in a desert can be extraordinarily tough.


We first noticed Urouge, additionally referred to as the Mad Monk, in Saobody with the rest of the “Worst Technology,” nevertheless the pirate has certainly fought toe-to-toe with Kaido & lived. One other Satan Fruit person has been added to our roster, however this one is especially intriguing. Urouge possesses a plant that enables him to develop his muscular & bodily top.

He will get energy from struggling as properly, which makes preventing him arduous. In contrast to most of the different characters on this web page, his skills don’t make him proof against harm, however the agony he endures does construct his energy.


Boa Hancock, the Pirate Queen of the Ocean, the Kuja Pirates’ chief, and the Shichibukai’s sole woman, is a formidable pressure that can not be messed with. We always hear about how beautiful she is all through the present, however that’s not what makes her famend.

She not solely has management above Amazon Lily in addition to the rest of the Kuja tribe, all of whom are females, however she additionally possesses the Satan Fruit risk of turning her captives to rock by means of ardour and enticement. There’s a trigger she’s so harmful, given her bodily prowess and Busoshoku Haki, which causes her spirit to solidify into armor.


With out being part of the Straw Hat workforce, Regulation is among the many most acknowledged characters within the present. He served below Doflamingo for a looooong interval, which meant he needed to put in numerous work to get his athletic skills as much as scratch with everybody else’s.

When he ended up consuming the Ope Ope no Mi, the Satan Fruit, that permits customers to create a “room” the place they could management the facility of objects, this grew to become rather more highly effective. To determine affect over individuals, the regulation has infamously achieved this by means of capturing their souls.


Smoothie, Massive Mother’s little one, is thought to be simply one other formidable character within the story. As somebody from the Longleg Clan, she has terribly lengthy limbs, making her statuesque compared to most different individuals.

She is a Candy Commander, which suggests she is second in command to her mom, and he or she makes use of a Satan Fruit to extract fluids from objects and other people with a single press. It’s no shock she’s dubbed the Minister of Juice! You realized Massive Mother should be hazardous as one among her offspring.


Doflamingo is among the many most despised antagonists ever offered in One Piece. Certainly one of his strongest qualities was deceit and the power to affect individuals; this gave him the looks of being a shrewd chief though he was removed from it. His Satan Fruit energy to regulate different people in opposition to their will offers him the capability to carry out “Parasite,” his most well-known approach.

He was capable of shut King Riku’s future in Dressrosa by forcing him to harm his personal individuals in an try for Doflamingo to manipulate them.


Katakuri, additionally one among Massive Mother’s youngsters, wields a lethal energy that we must always all be scared of. He, like his sibling Smoothie, is a Candy Captain with a rank subsequent solely to his mom’s. He’s additionally probably the most highly effective of the three chiefs; even Bege needed to be involved about his look.

Whereas his Satan Fruit skill is the capable of grow to be Mochi freely, it’s proved to be extraordinarily arduous to defeat in earlier arcs.


We couldn’t have had a One Piece submit with out mentioning the Straw Hat Pirates’ captain! Whereas Luffy was all the time the collection’s humorous and pleasant central protagonist, we’ve seen him develop as a character because the begin. Luffy’s skills stemmed from the Satan Fruit, which permits the consumer to rework right into a rubber man.

Luffy has learnt new gears that he can hurl his physique into to destroy his opponents on account of his intensive coaching; when mixed along with his cussed mentality, there’s no probability he gained’t be King of the Pirates sometime.


Issho, popularly referred to as as Fujitora, is a formidable member of the Marine Corps. We hope we’d have a listing of solely pirates, nevertheless the Marines have a couple of ruthless members to ponder. Issho’s most well-known transfer is the Gravito, a method that enables him to make use of his Satan Fruit abilities to control gravity through his sword blade.

He’s a practitioner of each Busoshoku & Kenbunshoku Haki, that are identified to be common amongst Marine vice generals. He’s an influence of the ocean in addition to an extremely tough foe to defeat resulting from his unimaginable swordsmanship.


Aokiji, additionally nicknamed as Kuzan, was as soon as a Marine commander however is now linked with the Blackbeard Pirates. Even if he’s now not a Marine, he nonetheless possesses the Busoshoku Haki. His ice-controlling skills are so robust that he can encase a Sea King and even a number of miles of water in a matter of seconds.

We’ve seen him stave off strikes by among the Straw Hat crew’s best robust members, together with Luffy himself. By cooling the water on the backside him, he can use this Satan Fruit skills to assist him navigate concerning the sea.


Mihawk was among the many first main hitters we noticed initially of the present, and after finding out with him for two years, Zoro is hell-bent on defeating him sometime. He’s a Shichibukai warrior and is named the “Best Swordsman within the Land,” a reputation he has retained all through the entire saga.

This isn’t past trigger; his extraordinary bodily powers have resulted in very lethal sword blows. This is similar man that beat Zoro with somewhat knife he often retains in his kitchen.


The title ought to ring a bell as a result of it belongs to Monkey D. Luffy’s grandpa! Once we found out that Luffy’s personal flesh & blood was within the Marines, it’s fairly a shock, nevertheless it additionally meant that he had a strong lineage.

So as to share the exact same Haki as the opposite vice generals, Garp is accountable for his personal fleet of males and has many years of battle expertise, making him one of many recreation’ strongest Marines. By his personal arms, he can virtually launch a cannon.


Sengoku, different vice admiral who’s continuously linked to Garp, is one other determine we should add on this roster. He’s identified for his strategic skills, that are the results of years of army training and expertise. Sengoku possesses a Satan Fruit skill when it comes to having most of the identical rights and skills as Garp.

The Hito Hito no Mi permits him to Daibutsu, or change into a “large Buddha,” which grants him unimaginable energy that nobody else on the checklist can match.


Borsalino, additionally acknowledged by his nickname Kizaru, is a certified admiral of the Marines. We’ve overheard a couple of completely different descriptions of him. He’s thought to be probably the most highly effective fighters in each the Marine Corps in addition to the World Authorities, due to this fact he’s an enormous factor. He’s so robust that he can battle Whitebeard on a degree foundation, however the pirate’s particular Haki skills.

Kizaru wields the Satan Fruit’s light-based skills. Laser beams and the creation of a blade constituted of pure lighting are two of his most profitable strategies.


Dragon, the dad of Monkey D. Luffy, is definitely probably the most highly effective characters within the guide. This character is so highly effective within the story that his moniker is “Dragon the Revolutionary,” and he instructions his personal insurgent military.

He’s as properly the World Govt’s most sought man, so we perceive he wields immense energy that we haven’t seen absolutely explored within the present. One factor is definite: primarily based on his interactions with others, Luffy is unmistakably Dragon’s child when it comes to energy and obstinacy!


Essentially the most present chapter of One Piece pitted us in opposition to probably the most well-known troopers of the Yonko, the world’s high expert pirate commanders. She is the chief of the Massive Mother Pirates, which incorporates a number of of her youngsters.

Simply if you thought Katakuri & Smoothie are robust, meet their mom. Her pores and skin is extraordinarily tough to destroy with out Haki, rendering her extraordinarily tough to hurt. She additionally possesses the Satan Fruit capability to converse with spirits, together with the power to take them if she so needs.


Shanks, as Luffy’s trainer, is definitely one of many high 5 most robust beings in One Piece. He, like Massive Mother, is a Yonko warrior in addition to the commander of the Crimson Hair Pirates. He appears to have quite a lot of expertise as a earlier member of Gold D. Rogers’ gang, which has rendered him formidable, however he has additionally gained quite a lot of intriguing abilities that make him more durable than virtually everyone on this roster.

His Haoshoku Haki, which just one in one million people have and permits them to train their want over others, is probably the most important of those powers.


The “Strongest Monster within the Planet,” Kaido of the Beasts, deserves to be on the high of the chart. If his title wasn’t sufficient of a clue, the truth that he’s the chief of the Beast Pirates in addition to a Yonko member ought to suffice. His brawn is probably going his finest asset; he has single-handedly destroyed quite a few jail vessels.

It’s not possible to harm him since he’s so powerful. In consequence, he’s always wanting to battle his fellow Yonko and carry out deadly feats as a way to reveal how tough he’s to defeat.


He’s the one man within the story who has the mixture of the 2 Satan Fruits. He’s additionally famend as Marshall D. Educate, the captain of the Blackbeard Pirates in addition to the final warrior of the Yonko. One of many fruits grants him the power of blackness, which he could use to assemble blackhole-like manifestations to assist him.

He reportedly took the Gura Gura no Mi from Whitebeard personally as a longtime member of the Whitebeard Pirates, which allows him to unleash massive earthquakes that inflict numerous havoc.


Lastly, we now have Marines’ Fleet Captain. It’s tough to say if he’s extra formidable than Blackbeard as a result of they’re each regarded to be fairly harmful, however perhaps sooner or later we’ll see them resist determine a real victor. He not solely instructions the entire Marine Corps, however he additionally possesses the Satan Fruit expertise, which permits him to rework into lava.

Even in encounters with Whitebeard, given the pirate’s Haki & Satan Fruit skills, he was tough to defeat. If Luffy is ever to actually be the King of the Pirates, he’ll be among the many obstacles our Straw Hat warriors must face.


These had been the highest 20 all time strongest characters in a single piece. Whereas most could not have made it to the checklist, we will make sure that they’re equally robust and formidable however in comparison with those on this checklist, they do rank somewhat bit behind. Hope you loved studying into it and have a a lot clearer understanding of the anime. What are you ready for, go watch the anime for your self!

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