High 10 Hottest Demon Slayer Male Characters Ranked | 2022

Notably of the recent matters within the anime world, Demon Slayer is bound to have topped all charts with all discussions centered on it.

The anime is based on humanity’s wrestle in opposition to the immortal demons by a company known as the Demon Slayer Corps.

Among the many varied queries which have emerged, followers have at all times demanded a ranked listing of High 10 Hottest Demon Slayer Male Characters.

So we’ve come once more, this time with an in depth listing for those who have been awestruck by the distinctive physique of the characters.

10) Sanemi Shinazugawa-

Sanemi the Wind hashira

Sanemi’s tall and muscular construct together with his spiky hairs and scars make him one of many hottest characters.

Nonetheless, his main downside is his abrasive, impulsive nature and tendency to lash out, which has earned him the tenth place.

The new-blooded, abrasive Wind Hashira, Sanemi Shinazugawa, is the quantity 10 on this listing.

He’s an especially expert and highly effective combatant and has confirmed himself on a number of grounds. He took down a number of demons in the course of the Infinity Fortress Arc and even held his floor in opposition to the Higher-Rank One, Kokushibo.

9) Hotaru Haganezuka-

Hotaru Haganezuka
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Bear in mind the person with a bizarre masks, at all times chasing Tanjiro for breaking his sword? Questioning how that synthetic is up on this listing, proper?

Nicely, Hotaru’s face reveals all the demon slayer fan base without warning. His lovely, charismatic face behind his bizarre ugly masks was probably the most surprising and has gained him the ninth place on this listing.

Hotaru was born within the swordsmith village and has been assigned the duty of creating Nichirin Swords for the Demon Slayer Corps.

8) Akaza-

Akaza from Demon Slayer

One of many major antagonists in Demon Slayer, Akaza is undoubtedly one of many hottest demon slayer male characters.

The Higher-Rank Three’s tall stature with intense muscular construct brings him to the eighth place on this listing.

Regardless of being the demon who has taken down a number of Demon Slayers, together with the Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku, one can not merely take their eye off Akaza’s physique.

His carved muscular physique, indomitable will, and battle spirit are astounding sufficient to convey him to this listing.

7) Kokushibo (earlier than demon)-


It’s time for the Higher-Rank One to be on this listing of Hottest Demon Slayer Male Characters.

Kokushibo, who as a human glided by the title Michikatsu Tsugikuni, is the present second strongest demon after Muzan himself.

His human look was the one which made him look extra enticing. He was a really tall and muscular man with black and purple hair. He was the elder brother to Yorichii, the strongest demon slayer to have ever existed.

To justify his place on the listing, his hotness falls a bit brief in correlation to the upcoming characters, thereby getting the seventh place.

6) Yoriichi Tsugikuni-

Yoriichi Tsugikuni

With the legendary Demon Slayer on this listing, temperatures have already elevated.

Referred to as the strongest demon slayer, who took down Muzan Kibutsuji within the blink of an eye fixed, Yoriichi was the primary developer of the respiratory approach.

He’s tall, muscular but slender, with wavy lengthy black-red hairs tied to a ponytail, radiates immense power and conviction, thereby making his place to no. 6 on this listing of Hottest Demon Slayer Male Characters.

5) Doma-

Doma, The Upper Moon Two

Doma, Higher Moon Two is certainly one of many hottest demons on the market. His tall younger determine with a reasonably toned, muscular physique offers us a glimpse of his health. 

Doma’s apathetic face and informal nature are certainly one of many deadliest. The opponent will get no trace or concept as to what he’s about to do subsequent, thus making it intensively tough to foretell his assaults.

His blood demon artwork Cryokinesis is claimed to be one of many deadliest as is without doubt one of the main belongings of the Demons.

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4) Gyomei Himejima-

Gyomei Himejima

Lastly, it’s time for the Hulk of the Demon Slayer Corps. Sure, as you will have guessed it proper, the Stone Hashira, Gyomei Himejima.

He’s undoubtedly the tallest within the demon slayer and likewise the strongest of all of them.

His highly effective constructed and intensely muscular physique, with spiked hairs and a scar that runs throughout his brow, makes it tough for anybody to take their eyes off him. 

Gyomei’s position in defeating Muzan and the Higher-Rank One, Kokushibo is formidable and had it not been for him, the Demon Slayer Corps would have acquired an enormous setback.

3) Kyojuro Rengoku-

Kyojuro Rengoku

Right here comes the Flame Hashira, Kyojuro Rengoku, to boost the temperature past the charts. Notably one of many strongest Demon Slayers, he has left an extended, beloved legacy of his personal.

Kyojuro’s younger athletic physique with an optimistic aura, embellished by his all-time plastered enthusiastic smile and golden hair with purple suggestions, undoubtedly distinguishes him from the final mass.

His at all times flashy perspective and enthusiastic voice are probably the most cherished of all. He’s a fierce fighter with immense abilities and willpower. His combat with the Higher-Rank Three is by far one of many most interesting motion scenes within the anime world.

2) Giyu Tomioka-

Giyu Tomioka

Giyu Tomioka is without doubt one of the hottest Demon Slayer male characters. For a few of the followers, he’s probably the most good-looking male.

One of the vital expert combatants within the Demon Slayer Corps, Giyu is certainly one among the Strongest and Hottest Demon Slayer Male Characters.

His bodily appears painting a tall man with a muscular but slender stature, with an nearly impassive face.

His hairs of uneven lengths with a small messy ponytail behind coupled together with his sharp eyes with deep iris all collectively convey him to the 2nd place on this listing.

1) Tengen Uzui-

Tengen Uzui

Lastly, it’s time for probably the most awaited member on this listing, the flamboyant, flashy, epitome of hotness Sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui.

Anybody who has watched or learn Demon Slayer will agree together with his place because the Hottest Male Character in a single go.

Tengen’s tall, broad-shouldered, toned muscular physique simply catches the eye of many ladies, resting apart his flashy talks.

His set of gold rings round his biceps and his sleeveless gown spotlight each muscle tone to its core.

Tengen Uzui is without doubt one of the main supporting characters within the Leisure District Arc, who fought head-on with the Decrease Rank Six Gyutaro, the place the latter’s defeat shook the pillars of the Demon world, including a golden feather to the Demon Slayer Corps’s crown.

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Particular mention-

Muzan Kibutsuji the demon King

How can this listing finish with out mentioning the fan-named Michael Jackson of the Demon Slayer sequence? 

Muzan Kibutsuji, the King of Demons and the strongest of all of them, deserves a particular point out on our listing.

Whilst a demon, he is without doubt one of the most good-looking characters with pretty muscular stature.

Muzan’s extravagant outfit with the white hat, as seen by Tanjiro when he confronted him for the primary time, could make anybody fall for him.

Right here we conclude this text. We intend to convey such thrilling articles about a number of different anime, only for you guys. You’ll be able to watch Demon Slayer anime on Netflix. Keep tuned.

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