Greatest One Piece Concept of 2022 | True Historical past

One Piece has been a type of anime collection that actually requires no introduction, given its ever-increasing fan base and an equally intriguing plotline.

Due to this fact, it’s only pure that with the rise within the recognition and fame of One Piece, a number of fan theories have emerged concerning a number of unexplained phenomena which have triggered conspiracy theories and left the followers wildly guessing in regards to the immense world of One Piece that actually seems to be unending.

Due to this fact, on this submit, we are going to take up one such principle, proposed by Arthur, which actually explains the titular simplistic absurd, demonstrating the true historical past and origins of the most important thriller ever because the starting of the collection: the thriller of One Piece.

To get a greater understanding, we’ll take you all the way in which again to the Void Century and the exploits of JoyBoy, and by the top, you’ll possibly be capable of predict the placement of One Piece and particulars concerning it. So keep on in the event you actually wish to know the place One Piece is.

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Greatest One Piece Concept of 2022 | True Historical past-

Jaya Island One Piece
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The story of One Piece was a lot earlier than Roger, and even Luffy got here onto the scene. It takes place within the Void Century, a interval that the World Authorities tried its finest to take away from the historical past books.

It talks about Pleasure Boy’s function within the first battle fought between the Historic kingdoms and the opposite kingdoms united (what we at the moment know because the World Authorities.

This battle had its repercussions on each the pirate world and the world of the civilians, an motion that the World Authorities just isn’t happy with and, due to this fact, their fixed makes an attempt to obliterate all remaining traces of the battle.

Out of this battle got here the One Piece; nonetheless, to totally perceive One Piece, each in its origin and use, it’s crucial to first get an understanding of Joyboy and the Void Century, of which only a few data have survived.

We’ll due to this fact take you thru a guided journey starting proper up from the Void Century into the current world of Luffy and the New World Pirates.

Who was Joyboy in One Piece?

Joyboy One Piece
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There seems to be one slight drawback hindering the progress of the idea, which principally springs from a ignorance. Who precisely is that this Pleasure Boy, and why is he so related in One Piece?

Properly, the trick to answering that lies in the truth that the World Authorities tried to obliterate all proofs of his existence which actually confirmed the big affect he would have had on the New Age Pirates.

To place it merely, Joyboy was a traveler, very similar to Roger and Luffy, who wished to discover the seas and have adventures. It could be unfair to name them pirates since they weren’t pillaging and looting, as an alternative they’d their sights set on having the journey of their lifetime.

Joyboy set out on his ship Odin to discover the Grand line and had an awesome relationship with the merfolk, and all he ever wished was world peace. Nonetheless, the onslaught of different kingdoms on The Historic Kingdom prevented him from realizing his dream.

Due to this fact, he handed down his Will, inherited by Roger and later Luffy, the solutions of that are all hidden within the ultimate island on the Grand Line.

At current, the true id of the JoyBoy is just identified to the Roger Pirates, who reached the ultimate island. All different theories are merely primarily based upon hypothesis and no concrete proof.

Joyboy was the primary traveler to achieve the final island and engraved its historical past within the historic language of Polygraphs, which made him a menace to the World Authorities.

He was thought of to be a member of the enormous race given the big dimension of his ship- the second largest within the assortment. Additionally, his hat proven by the merfork is a duplicate of Luffy’s hat, solely of an unlimited dimension which additional consolidates the very fact.

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Void Century One Piece-

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The Void Century refers to a interval whose research is forbidden by the World Authorities, going down round 800-900 years earlier than the present storyline. It is called the Void Century since no data have survived of it and is written in a language that just one individual on the earth is aware of methods to learn.

The world’s precise historical past is supposedly so damaging that the Roger pirates didn’t reveal the reality since it’s thought of a burden by all those that find out about it.

Even Whitebeard kept away from telling the contents of Snicker Story and Kozuki Oden because the fact was usually a supply of additional burden to all. Silvers Rayleigh provided to inform Nico Robin however warned her that there was nothing she may do to alter something about it.

Story of the Void Century in One Piece-

Ancient Kingdom
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The autumn of Shandora marked the start of a interval the place no data existed, the analysis on which was banned after the formation of the World Authorities.

The interval 800-900 years earlier than the current timeline marks the interval of the Void Century, however that’s all that’s identified in regards to the time since virtually all dwelling data have been exterminated and the polygraphic language’s interpretation now left to Nico Robin- the one dwelling individual with the information of the traditional script.

Essentially the most vital exercise of the Void Century was, due to this fact, the Nice battle, one which was waged between the Historic Kingdom and the opposite 20 nations, which left Joyboy duty-bound to cross on his Will via the One Piece treasure.

The One Piece treasure just isn’t pearls or jewels or one thing of maximum financial worth, quite the information of the Void Century, one that’s each intriguing and a simultaneous burden to all who comprehend it.

Key components of Void Century in One Piece-

What separated the Void Century from the others, and what did its historical past must be so irrevocably obligated from society? What had been the important thing components that affected the Void Century? Hold studying to seek out out.

You can not go far sufficient into the One Piece world and never hear this man’s identify. Or quite, it will be stunning you heard his identify given the World Authorities’s continued efforts to eradicate this man from human reminiscence.

Your entire idea of One Piece revolves across the treasure left behind by this man within the first place. Joyboy’s motivations are fairly easy, similar to his actions.

One Piece Theory 2022

In line with Arthur’s principle, Joyboy, a traveler like Luffy and Roger, reached the ultimate island on the Grand Line- Raftel, the place he discovered a pirate kingdom of gigantic proportions.

Their energy lay not in its bodily state, however within the quite a few alliances it held with the opposite pirates which led to it being known as a kingdom of “immense proportions.”

What precisely is the daybreak, and what causes it to be named that within the first place?

Properly, daybreak refers back to the supposed dream of Joyboy that geared toward unifying all creatures beneath the solar. The good pirate alliance contained Fishfork, Merfork, Minks, and even Kujas and giants. 

All of them adopted Joyboy since all of them had the solar of their banners, flags, and symbols which was Joyboy’s insignia. Some even got here to name him the ‘Solar God‘ because of his final dream of amassing all species and letting all stay freely beneath the identical solar.

One Piece Theory 2022

This dream included liberating all slaves and oppressed communities and species from the tyrannical rule of their kings and the cruelty of human kingdoms.

This dream of Joyboy was known as the the “Daybreak of the World. His dream was to domesticate World Peace and freedom, all of which might culminate into Romance Daybreak.

Joyboy’s incapability to carry the daybreak was because of the passing away of the mermaid princess through the Nice battle between the Historic Kingdom and the 20 nations. Because the mermaid princess is born each 700-800 years, it brings us to the current timeline the place Joyboy’s Will has been inherited by Luffy.

This was additionally the first purpose why Roger was thought of too early by Joyboy because the mermaid princess was but to be born. Joyboy, due to this fact, needed to doubtlessly wait 800 years when Poseidon and the opposite historic weapons could be reborn, and Joyboy may carry in regards to the daybreak by guiding the traditional weapons.

As Roger and Blackbeard put it, “individuals’s desires by no means finish.” This meant that Joyboy’s Will was handed down, which was first inherited by Roger after which by Luffy. As Hiriluk states, when individuals die, their desires come to an finish. Nonetheless, Joyboy’s desires and aspirations lived on via Roger and Luffy.

Whereas the World Authorities buddy it’s finest to suppress this Will and obliterate the previous by making an attempt to make sure that Joyboy could be forgotten by purging all info on the Void Century and making its research unlawful, there was a symbolic passing down of the Will, just like the symbolic passing down of the straw hat from Roger to Shanks to Luffy.

Since Joyboy wished to unite the complete world, one in all his major targets was to destroy the Grand Line and the Pink line to create a unified world and a unified ocean. To perform this, he would want the traditional weapons that they’d actually carry “the destruction of the world.”

One Piece Theroy_1 2022

With the destruction of the Grand Line and Pink Line, Poseidon would then be wanted to navigate the calm waters created by the Sea Kings and use Noah’s arc to immigrate the Fishfork to the floor, in order that when the purple line is destroyed, drawing the fisherman island, all it’ residents could be secure.

With the destruction of the Grand one and the Pink Line, the entire water our bodies could be unified into one frequent stratum known as All Blue, a legendary waterbody that was misplaced when the Grand Line and Pink Line had been created.

What actually is that this dream of Joyboy that everybody’s been speaking about? World Peace, freedom for all, appears too imprecise a time period to truly envision a larger-than-life aim that will finally be the driving pressure of so many nice pirates of the Golden Age after which the New World. So what precisely is that this dream?

Properly, to place it merely, this dream of Roger, as he instructed Odin and Whitebeard, was to throw the most important celebration on the earth and change sake with everybody.

This dream, inherited by Luffy, was confided by him to Ace and Sabo. This grand celebration would ship everybody from their sorrows and as an alternative unfold pleasure and laughter, all of which might be linked to the One Piece, which was additionally in all probability the explanation why Joyboy left the One Piece within the first place.

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Joyboy’s Relationship with Poseidon-

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Joyboy shared a particular relation with Poseidon, which was maybe the first purpose for the cooperation between the Merfork and the human race.

Joyboy, nonetheless, didn’t maintain his promise of unity to Poseidon of merpeople and people and due to this fact left behind an apology on the fisherman island.

He left his Will to be fulfilled by another person as he was caught up within the battle between the Historic Kingdom and the 20 nations. Joyboy’s want was one of many Will of D in itself. Roger knew that he couldn’t perform his Will as a result of, at the moment, “Poseidon” was not born.

So, he determined to start out the Nice Pirate Period within the hope that sometime, with the identical Will, will perform Joyboy’s want and, with the assistance of the traditional weapons and merpeople, carry the good daybreak.

About One Piece Treasure-

So what precisely is that this One Piece treasure that everybody is so intent on discovering? Whereas most pirates are fuelled by their greed for jewels and financial good points, their desires could be crushed because the One Piece is nothing that will remotely even fetch a financial worth available in the market.

Relatively, it’s a set of polygraphs that accommodates the true historical past of the world as recorded through the Nice battle by Joyboy, which at current just one dwelling individual and browse, and that’s Nico Robin. So even when most pirates did attain the ultimate island and discover the One Piece, they’d be left sorely disillusioned by the result.

The Story of Snicker Story –

Properly, firstly fairly an amusing identify for a principle, extra so because it was given its identify by none apart from the primary Pirate King, Gold D. Roger. It’s fairly amusing since it seems that the One Piece is definitely the 2 elements of Jaya island. Yeah, sounds absurd? That was precisely what Roger thought, which led to him naming this principle the Snicker Story.

Concurrently, in the event you put D in entrance of One Piece, it will come out as Accomplished Piece, due to this fact the entire island of Jaya. They’re two equal parallels that had been sought by Noland and Roger. Each of them went on a journey to seek out one eye of the Cranium, and each had been profitable in it.

Roger’s and Luffy’s Dream

Roger and Luffy each inherited the Will of Joyboy, which meant that their actions had been continually pushing in direction of world peace and freedom, no matter their finish aim might need been. Surprisingly although, each Roger and Luffy seem to have the identical dream with an analogous finish aim which makes One Piece such an intriguing story.

Roger’s dream, as he revealed to Oden and Whitebread what to carry the best celebration on the earth and change sake with everybody. Equally, Luffy disclosed his continued need to carry the world’s largest celebration to Ace and Sabi, which might solely be attainable as soon as the desire of Joyboy was fulfilled and there was freedom and prosperity in every single place, away from the tyrannical rule of the World authorities.

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The place is Snicker Story in One Piece-

Enies Lobby One Piece
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Probably the most well-known theories formulated by a Youtuber named Ohara,  together with one other Japanese YouTuber named YUDE-RON, is lastly the time to disclose the One Piece.

In line with the Snicker Story, the lacking piece of the Jaya island is beneath the Ennies Foyer. Sure, that’s proper, the key of the One Piece was proper beneath our noses the complete time.

This was additionally the explanation why Roger laughed after reaching the ultimate purpose since he had sailed previous it on a number of events. This was additionally the explanation in all probability why the World Authorities made it one of the crucial safe places ever.

So, there you’ve it. Your entire mega historical past of One Piece proper from its starting on the Void Century and Joyboy. And being handed right down to Roger and the Golden Age of Pirates to Luffy and his crew of their continued search of the mysterious Piece.

Nonetheless, it have to be famous that that is all a principle, and regardless of the persuasive proofs to level one facet, it’d very effectively not ship up what we anticipate it to be.

However, this principle is all as much as hypothesis and the private curiosity of One Piece fanatics on the market. The One Piece manga is offered on VIZ. You’ll be able to go verify that out.

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