(2022 Updated) Top 30 Strongest Eleceed Webtoon Characters Ranked

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Eleceed is among the exponentially rising webtoons having a novel motion story on awakening. This outstanding collection was began two years in the past in Spring and is constant its journey with the discharge of 197 Chapters thus far. Henceforward, now we have ranked the High 30 Strongest Eleceed Webtoon Characters in accordance with their Woke up skills and recognition.

We all know it’s too early to rank the strongest Eleceed Characters as a result of many new Awakeners are but to be introduced. Don’t sweat it; we shall be updating this publish after each interval. So, let’s start.

Word: The rating is finished based mostly on the current chapters which haven’t been formally launched but.  

30) Wooin

Wooin Eleceed (Top 30 Strongest Eleceed Webtoon Characters)

Wooin is among the strongest unaffiliated awakeners, whose capability is Telekinesis. Since childhood, he was at all times with Dr. Delein, who taught him Power Management and varied methods of his capability.

He’s highly effective sufficient to attract towards Jisuk Yoo. Little doubt, he’s on the identical stage because the Strongest Korean Affiliated Rookies. Not solely this, he simply crushed one of many World Woke up Academy college students in the course of the spar. He’s sturdy sufficient to be invited to the World Woke up Academy together with different Korean college students. That’s sufficient causes to place him on the record of High 30 Strongest Eleceed Webtoon Characters.

29) Subin Lee

Subin Lee Eleceed

One other strongest Korean Rookie who’s the consultant of the Union is Subin Lee. She is the granddaughter of the Union’s head. Her awakening capability is Cryokinesis, by way of which she will manipulate Ice in keeping with the circumstances.

Her persona is identical as Jisuk Yoo. We’ve got positioned her above Wooin due to her reputation and expertise in battles. Presently she simply defeated Jessica, who was one of many High awakeners within the World Woke up Academy.

28) Sucheon Kang

Sucheon Kang Eleceed

Sucheon Kang is the long run chief of Baekdu and the one inheritor of the Kang extraction. He grants his bloodline awakening of Gravity. He’s additionally one of many 4 strongest rookie awakeners in Korea.

Within the fight with Jinwoo Search engine optimization, he unveiled the true power and adaptability of his awakening energy. He’s a outstanding little one who has made his place on the High 30 record. Presently, after witnessing Subin Lee’s fight within the spar, he decides to overpower all Korean rookies like Jinwoo Search engine optimization. We’ve got positioned him above Subin and Wooin due to his capability for Gravity manipulation.

27) Jisuk Yoo

Jisuk Yoo Eleceed

Jisuk Yoo is the youthful brother of the strongest Korean Awakener, Jiyoung Yoo. He has a capability of Wind manipulation, and he’s gifted sufficient to know use his energy in each efficient & environment friendly methods.

He fought with Arthur Bryan, one of many High 10 in World Woke up rookies, and drew that spar. Jisuk Yoo has an excessive amount of real-life battle expertise like Subin and Wooin. And he is aware of use his skills higher relying on the circumstances. That’s the primary cause now we have positioned him above Subin and Wooin.

26) Gangseok Choi

Gangseok Choi Eleceed

Like Jisuk Yoo, Gangseok Choi can be one of many 4 strongest rookie awakeners. He’s the consultant of Baekho. He hasn’t revealed his awakening energy until now. Nevertheless, by appears, we will predict based mostly on uncooked power and shut fight is extra highly effective than the characters talked about under. 

All 4 Korean rookies are equally highly effective, in keeping with the Eleceed webtoon. That’s why followers can rank them based mostly on their liking. Any rating could be good as Gangseok Choi, Jisuk Yoo, Sucheon Kang, Subin Lee, and Wooin are equally highly effective and gifted.

25) Arthur Bryan

Arthur Eleceed

Arthur Bryan is from the royal Bryan household and one of many High 10 in World Woke up rookies. His combatant type consists of purple power, which is condensed into extraordinarily sharp slashes. 

Even Jisuk Yoo talked about that Arthur’s skills are far stronger than his. Nevertheless, Arthur lacks battle expertise, which leads him to attract towards Jisuk Yoo. Primarily based on their skills, Arthur has a whole benefit; that’s why now we have positioned him above Jisuk Yoo.

24) Glant Gesimov

Glant Gesimov Eleceed

Glant Gesimov can be one of many rookies of the High 10 World Woke up. He has a muscular physique, and based mostly on his appears; it looks like he’s gifted in shut fight skills.

Presently, the webtoon hasn’t revealed his rating to be both above or under Arthur Bryan. We additionally know much less about his woke up skills. That’s why right here now we have positioned him simply above Arthur solely based mostly on appears and angle.

23) Lia Eresby

Lia Eresby Eleceed

Lia Eresby is the president of the Pupil Council on the World Woke up Academy and one of many High 10 World Woke up Rookies. Presently, the collection has not unveiled her woke up capability and place.

However her place is much more highly effective than a lot of the lecturers within the World Woke up Academy. The actual cause for putting her at twenty third on the record is that we have no idea something about her.

22) Gahin Loutraine

Eleceed Chapter 160 Spoilers

One other rookie awakener from the High 10 World Awakeners is Gahin Loutraine, from the royal Loutraine household. He’s the grandson of the principal of the World Woke up Academy, Kariss Loutraine. In accordance with Kariss, Gahin’s legendary beast Lancelot is among the strongest creatures that may overpower an awakener.

It’s confirmed within the collection that each Gahin and Duke have an higher place than Arthur. That’s why they’re probably the most revered rookies within the World Woke up Academy. Even Jinwoo faces problem in defeating his legendary beast Lancelot however due to Kayden, it was crushed towards him.

21) Duke Grane

Eleceed Chapter 154 Spoilers

Duke Grane is from the good Grane household and one of the revered rookies in the World Woke up Academy. In accordance with everybody, he’s unimaginable to defeat towards some random rookie. Duke’s main capability is blood manipulation, and he simply defeated Subin Lee together with his capability.

Additionally, he has practiced sufficient his bodily skills that he gained secondary capability as tremendous velocity. By combining his awakening, he turns into very highly effective.

Nevertheless, his super-speed capability is nothing in comparison with Jinwoo’s Tremendous Velocity awakening. As a result of Jinwoo is born with it, and it’s his main capability. Even Kayden has not seen as quick as Jinwoo Search engine optimization. 

20) Jinwoo Search engine optimization

Jinwoo Seo Eleceed

The protagonist of the collection and the one disciple of Kayden (the strongest character) is none aside from Jinwoo Search engine optimization. His major awakening energy is Tremendous Velocity, and underneath Kayden’s coaching, he can use it soo successfully that he can problem anybody.

On high of that, he can use Kayden’s Power Management and a small a part of Electrokinesis, which is mainly Kayden’s capability.

He has educated underneath the 2 strongest Awakeners, Kayden and Jiyoung, which develops his capability to make use of the best method on the proper time. That’s the rationale presently he’s stronger than every other Korean rookie. Additionally, after practising Seongik Han’s particular transfer, Jinwoo attains sufficient skills to overpower even high World woke up rookies.

Right here we conclude the record of all of the strongest rookies launched within the collection. From right here, we start the rankings of all the favored awakeners who has plenty of battle experiences and are grasp of their skills.

19) Dr. Delein

Dr. Delein Eleceed

Dr. Delein is a robust physician who’s extraordinarily well-known for his experiments. His capability is identical as Wooin, i.e., Telekinesis, however his power is superior to a median Awakener.

He is sort of a mother or father to Wooin. To start with, the collection portrayed him as an antagonist; nevertheless, for Wooin’s sake, he selected a greater path and cooperated with the Union.

Presently, he helped Jinwoo Search engine optimization heal his injured palms, which no physician might do. The explanation behind putting him above many gifted rookies is as a result of he’s an skilled awakener who has mastered varied skills, superhuman sturdiness, intelligence, and minor regeneration.

18) Loberne

Loberne Eleceed

Loberne is a world felony who got here for Dr. Delein. He isn’t too good at combatant abilities, however his Hypnosis and Tremendous-Velocity capability makes him minacious.

He alone injured many members of the Union and was succesful sufficient to hypnotize Wooin. Not solely is he highly effective, however he’s additionally proficient sufficient to trick his opponent. His capability could be very overpowered, and he is aware of use it relying on the assorted circumstances. Little doubt, he’s additionally a really highly effective character.

17) Klein Brother

Klein Brothers Eleceed

Felony brothers who’ve an awakening of Hearth manipulation. They got here to seize Dr. Delein. Their pyrokinesis awakening is an excessive amount of efficient that solely high rankers might defeat them.

Even within the injured kind, Duran Klein was capable of crush Subin, Jisuk, and Jinwoo on the similar time. Nevertheless, he acquired defeated by them in the long run. In our opinion, if Klein Brothers combat collectively, then they will even problem High 100 rankers.

16) Dran

Dylan Eleceed

Dran is one other worldwide felony who got here to take down Kayden and brutally punished Jinwoo Search engine optimization. He was succesful sufficient to problem the Vice-President of Baekdu, Suman Kang.

Sadly, he immediately confronted Kayden, who crushed him inside seconds. However in the course of the combat, he unveiled his all power. Actually, he was additionally a daunting foe.

15) Julian Patrick

Julian Patrick Eleceed

Julian Patrick is the grandson of Veramundt Patrick, one of many High 10 World Rankers. Julian has made his look within the World rankers and attained his identify within the High 100 World Rankers. He’s very highly effective than Jinwoo that even in his full energy, he was solely capable of scratch him. And Jinwoo was the one who acquired injured within the spar by utilizing his personal capability at max velocity.

14) Amyeong

Louie Eleceed

A world felony who as soon as needed to be Kayden’s disciple is none aside from Amyeong. Regardless of being a lot gifted, Kayden rejected him. Within the collection, we witnessed his abilities towards Jiyoung Yoo.

He has Regeneration Awakening capability. Nevertheless, not solely his capability however his assassination methods are additionally properly polished. Little doubt, he alone is stronger than Klein Brother. He’s infamously recognized for searching international rankers; this exhibits how expert he’s. That’s why now we have positioned him.

13) Giwook Jang

Giwook Jang Eleceed

Any further, we’re taking the top-ranking Awakeners on the record. Beginning with Giwook Jang, he’s the trainer of the unaffiliated awakeners.

He’s vigorous sufficient to make a spot within the High 20 strongest Korean awakeners. The collection hasn’t revealed his capability but. That’s why we positioned him within the thirteenth rating. Nevertheless, he’s additionally very highly effective, in keeping with Inhyuk Goo. 

12) Seongha Park

Seongha Park Eleceed

Seongha Park is a high-ranking agent within the Union whose capability is Ice manipulation, the identical as Subin Lee. He’s additionally thought of one of many High 20 Strongest Korean Awakeners.

Primarily based on capability, he’s on the identical stage as Inhyuk Goo and Suman Kang. Because the collection displayed, he single-handly defeated Loberne with out a lot effort. He’s a aspect character, however sooner or later, we’ll witness his vital function in the direction of Subin Lee and Wooin. Presently, Seongha Park has arrived on the World Woke up Academy together with Inhyuk Goo to deal with their college students.

11) Inhyuk Goo

Inhyuk Goo Eleceed

Like Park, Inhyuk Goo can be one of many highest-ranking awakeners in Korea. He’s the best hand of Jiyoung Yoo and has Wind Manipulation capability.

Previously, he simply overpowered and captured one of many Klein Brothers. We’ve got already seen a glimpse of his woke up capability. He’s additionally very keen on cats. Each Inhyuk Goo and Seongha Park are equally highly effective and are greatest pals.

10) Suman Kang

Suman Kang Eleceed

Suman Kang is the president of Baekdu and the uncle of Sucheon Kang. He’s a really highly effective awakener who unveiled a glimpse of his capability in the course of the conflict with Dylan and Darkish to avoid wasting Jinwoo.

His awakening grants him the power to manipulate Magnetic Subject. If he didn’t have to avoid wasting Jinwoo, he alone would defeat Dylan and Darkish. It’s difficult to rank Suman and Inhyuk, however based mostly on the collection’ combat, now we have positioned Suman Kang in tenth place. Nevertheless, all 4, Suman Kang, Inhyuk Goo, Seongha Park, and Giwook Jang, are equally highly effective, and so they all 4 can attain a superb place in the High 100 World Rankers.

9) Dusik Kang

Dusik Kang Eleceed

Dusik Kang was the eldest member of the Kang household and ex-chairman of Baekdu. His woke up capability can be magnetic manipulation. He was the grandfather of Sucheon Kang. When Jinwoo defeated Sucheon, Dusik Kang visited Woke up Academy to fulfill him.

His capability was additionally very refined and highly effective. He alone threatened all of the lecturers who got here to avoid wasting Jinwoo. Undoubtedly, he’s an irresistible awakener; nevertheless, in the long run, he’s crushed by Kayden for punishing his disciple.

8) Supil Kang

Supil Kang Eleceed

Supil Kang was the ex-president of Baekdu and the daddy of Sucheon Kang. He was the strongest awakener of Baekdu. He was the one who known as Dylan & Darkish and leaked the details about Kayden and his disciple.

Throughout the combat with Kayden, he revealed the true pressure of his Gyrokinesis Woke up capability. His trump card was to succeed in the singularity and kind an enormous black gap. He was one of many strongest Awakeners in Korea who might simply make his place in the High 100 World Rankers. Nevertheless, in the long run, Kayden confirmed him his true power and eradicated him with out mercy.

7) Vator

Vator Eleceed

Vator is on the fiftieth place within the High 100 World Rankers. In accordance with Suman Kang, to defeat Vator, each chief of the group ought to combat collectively. Vator got here to take revenge on Kayden as he knew that Kayden was injured.

He has Spear woke up capability that permits him to combat lengthy distant battles simply. Nevertheless, in the long run, he was first defeated by Jiyoung Yoo, the strongest Korean Awakener, after which Kayden.

6) Seongik Han

Seongik Han Eleceed

Seongik Han is the principal of the Woke up Academy. He was as soon as within the place of the strongest Woke up one within the nation. Previously, he was on the fiftieth place within the World Strongest Awakener record.

He as soon as rivaled Kayden however was defeated. After that, he resigned from each place, solely to turn out to be sturdy. In our opinion, presently, he’s stronger than Vator, as his energy is the same as Jiyoung Yoo.

5) Jiyoung Yoo

Jiyoung Yoo Eleceed

The gorgeous younger woman and probably the most highly effective Awakener in Korea is none aside from Jiyoung Yoo. With none effort, she defeated Klein Brother, Dylan, and lots of different worldwide criminals. Her woke up capability is Wind manipulation. She is among the few awakeners who can use Spatial Isolation.

The collection has already proven her woke up capability and method. Even Kayden acknowledged her as a robust awakener. Additionally, she has a really highly effective Power Management. Jiyoung Yoo presently has not registered her identify within the High 100 World Ranker however is highly effective sufficient to defeat Vator, who’s on the fiftieth place. It exhibits that if she registers, she will simply make her identify no less than in the High 30.

4) Kariss Loutraine

Kariss Loutraine Eleceed

Kariss Loutraine is the principal of the World Woke up Academy. In accordance with Inhyuk Goo, she will not be within the High 10 World Rankers, however nonetheless, she could be very highly effective. It clearly denotes that her rank is someplace round within the High 20 or 30.

Kariss Loutraine has the woke up capability to speak with any animal, and she will management any legendary beast. Undoubtedly she could be very highly effective to rank in 4th place. Proper now, it isn’t simple to rank Kariss as a result of the collection hasn’t revealed her potential and rank.

3) Kartein

Curtin Eleceed

The best healer and the World ranker, who’s well-known due to his glorious therapeutic skills, is one aside from Kartein. He was the one who saved and restored Jinwoo’s core. He made a cope with Kayden in change for restoring the core. At present, he’s dwelling together with Kayden and Jinwoo.

He has no combating abilities; that’s why it’s unpredictable to rank him; nevertheless, his pressure management and awakening therapeutic skills are the best within the World. In accordance with Kayden, Kartein makes use of plenty of his capability when he heals somebody, making him too susceptible towards enemies. 

Additionally, now we have seen that Kartein was assured sufficient to take down Vator when he summons him. It exhibits that he’s additionally very highly effective to make his personal identify within the High Rankers.

2) Veramundt Patrick

Veramundt Patrick Eleceed

Veramundt Patrick is on the record of High 10 World Rankers. He’s the president of the Patrick household who appeared in Korea to suggest the wedding of his grandson with Jiyoung Yoo. He is among the few characters who didn’t concern after seeing Kayden in entrance of them. Little doubt, he is among the strongest characters in Eleceed webtoon.

1) Kayden Break

Kayden Break Eleceed

Kayden Break is the deuteragonist of the collection and the trainer of Jinwoo. He’s the strongest character within the Eleceed webtoon. He has no affiliations with any group or group and alone challenged each strongest Awakener within the World.

Even the World’s High 10 keep away from the conflict with him. In his injured kind, he simply massacred Supil Kang and crushed the entire Baekdu’s constructing. His Woke up capability is Electrokinesis, and his pressure management is taken into account to be excessive acute that many nice Awakeners want to assimilate it. Not too long ago, Kayden revealed that three High 10 World Ranker mixed their power to overpower Kayden.

Particular Mentions

Woke up Academy Lecturers

The collection hasn’t revealed the talents of each trainer within the Woke up Academy. Some lecturers like Suhan Kang are as sturdy as Inhyuk. That’s why we’ll rank them sooner or later. Additionally, there are some lecturers within the World Woke up Academy too which are very highly effective; due to this fact, we’ll rank them sooner or later as soon as the collection shows their skills. 

Right here’s our record of Strongest Eleceed Webtoon Characters. Hope you prefer it. Followers can learn Eleceed Webtoon formally from WEBTOON. We will even replace this publish sooner or later as per new Eleceed episodes. Until then, keep wholesome, keep tuned and browse our different High 10s.

Continuously Requested Questions-

 Q1. Who’s the strongest in Eleceed?

Ans. Kayden Break is the strongest character in Eleceed.

Q2. Who’s the primary character in Eleceed?

Ans. Jinwoo Search engine optimization is the primary character and protagonist in Eleceed webtoon.

Q3. Does Jiyoung like Jiwoo?

Ans. Sure, Jiyoung is in love with Jinwoo Search engine optimization.

This fall. Is Eleceed price studying?

Ans. Sure, it’s one in all our favourite webtoons.

Q5. Is Eleceed an anime?

Ans. Eleceed is a Korean webtoon comedian written by Son Jae Ho and illustrated by ZHENA.

Q6. What are the most effective Webtoons?

Ans. Eleceed, Solo Leveling, Tower of God, God of Excessive College and lots of extra are the most effective webtoons.

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