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The very best betrayals, are those who happen while you least count on. By that, we don’t imply these stunning reveals that come out of the blue, however ‌those who happen when the viewers is least anticipating them. Some betrayals are so heinous that they earn themselves a spot on this listing of the ten most stunning anime betrayals.

These are the moments the place an in any other case good character does one thing so horrible that it fully derails the viewers’s belief in them.

Because the world would say, these betrayals are unforgivable. In any case, they make up the center and soul of any nice story. Listed here are the moments which can be well worth the wait, that makes the complete story worthwhile.

Most Surprising Anime Betrayals

Annie’s Titan Reveal

Attack On Titan Annie's Titan Reveal

At quantity ten, now we have Annie Leonhart and her groundbreaking and saddening reveal as the feminine titan. As most viewers already know, Assault on Titan took the anime world by storm with its first season and shocked everybody with Annie’s titan reveal.

Now, once I noticed the feminine titan’s hair, I requested myself if it was Annie, however I didn’t need it to be true since Eren and his crew weren’t prepared for this or every other shock assault. However since we’re speaking about Assault on Titan, individuals are at all times going to die. No matter how vital they’re usually in merciless methods and by the hands of the flesh-eating human freaks.

The feminine titan was further tarrying, primarily as a result of she murdered a handful of individuals within the forest and the sector as in the event that they had been a bunch of flies.

At one level, she was spinning a human being round like a yo-yo, so sure this was revolting to look at, and let’s simply say I’m nonetheless not over the truth that Petra died by the hands of Annie.

Anthy Stabs Uthena

Revolutionary Girl Utena Anthy Stabs Uthena
  • Anime: Revolutionary Lady Utena

Revolutionary Lady Utena is a much-admired sequence with many symbolisms and surrealisms, that are the stamps of Kunihiko Ikuhara’s challenge. It’s unafraid to research and discover nations of gender roles, gender identification, and the fairy story tropes shaping what youngsters take into consideration men and women.

Utena is in fact a girl however she doesn’t aspire to be a stereotypical princess who will await her prince charming to indicate up and save her from a tower of distress. No, she desires to be a mensch to Anthy Himemiya. Anthy however has her issues.

Her brother pesters her and all the opposite candidates wish to win to make use of Anthy for his or her egotistical causes. Additionally, Anthy isn’t simply the princess; she can also be a witch. These traits finally compel her to betray and stab Utena, the feminine princess who simply desires Anthy to be completely satisfied. Fortunately their relationship does take a constructive flip ultimately.

Nagato Killing Jiraya

Nagato Killing Jiraya Naruto Shippuden

In the course of the second shinobi conflict, Jiraya spent a couple of of his days educating ninjutsu to a few orphans from the hidden rain village. Considered one of these orphans was Nagato, who possessed the legendary Rinnegan.

Regardless of Jiraya’s efforts to show the orphans to make the most of their abilities for good, the brutality of the third shinobi conflict and the lack of considered one of his buddies shattered Nagato’s religion in humanity. Nagato all of a sudden takes a darker path, believing that solely ache and struggling can deliver peace.

He even took a headship within the Akatsuki and finally fought Jiraya when he crept into the hidden rain village. Reality be informed it was a horrible reunion during which Nagato ended up murdering his very personal instructor.

Archer Betrays Himself

Fate Series Archer Betrays Himself

The story of Destiny Keep Night time relies on Shirou Emiya. An trustworthy and hard-working teenager who, towards his higher judgment, enters a dying event referred to as the fifth holy grail conflict.

Within the event, he competes towards historic heroes and wizards for the prospect to have their needs granted. Archer’s betrayal of his earlier self needs to be one of the crucial spectacular betrayal eventualities in anime historical past.

Nobody may have predicted that Rin’s helper in Limitless Blade Works could be one other Shirou, an older model from a special dimension. Archer is a counter guardian. He’s thereafter making a contract to return into a special timeline and homicide himself earlier than creating the complete Destiny Keep Night time timeline. Whereas he didn’t get the prospect to kill his youthful self, it was a memorable and stunning second within the story.


Puella Magi Madoka Magica - evil Kyubey
  • Anime: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

At a look, Kyubey gave the impression to be the very last thing that might ever betray anybody however suppose once more. This cat-liked character could seem as the proper stuffed animal for little ladies due to its lovely facade and charming seems. Due to being one of the best instance of slightly lady’s dream, it stays the explanation it approaches them as a messenger of magic.

With the assure of granting considered one of their largest needs, the little ladies should conform to struggle the witches destroying the world in alternate. Kyubey’s provide now seems to be too good to be true. Develop into a savior in alternate for the whole lot you need.

The very fact, nonetheless, is that the messenger of magic is maintaining a sinister secret relating to his take care of the contractors. When the ladies failed at fulfilling the contract, they turn into the very witches they’re searching down as magical ladies.

On account of this consequence, the chain of occasions turns into extra tragic and ruthless.

Rachel Jealousy

Tower God Rachel betraying

Within the fifth place, now we have Rachel’s unforgiving betrayal. Rachel and Bam have at all times been one another’s greatest buddies. As a matter of reality. Bam adores Rachel a lot that he chases after her and climbs the tower of god.

A dangerous problem that requires his participant to move a sequence of powerful obstacles to achieve the highest. As you’ll be able to see, Bam is able to danger his life for her simply so he can see her once more. Earlier than reaching the following step of the tower, Rachel throws Bam off the ledge, inflicting him to die.

Why does she do that? she was her greatest pal, proper? Properly, the reason for that is that she was jealous of him and the way particular he was.

Sailor Uranus And Sailor Neptunesa

Sailor Moon - Sailor Uranus And Sailor Neptunesa 10-most-shocking-anime-betrayals

We’ve the betrayal from the Sailor Scouts. Sailor Moon is considerably a lighthearted anime with love as a central theme. Usagi Tsukino could seem like an abnormal lady, however she awakens as the top of the Sailor Scouts, a troop of feminine guardians.

They begin as a small squad however find yourself including extra queens to their household. The scouts are the sort of people who find themselves there for one another. Probably the most shocking anime betrayals comes from two of the Sailor Scouts, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune.

These two had been already identified for doing their hocus pocus throughout battles. Nonetheless, issues took a extra devious flip once they abandoned the Sailor Scout and joined forces with Sailor Galaxia with a mission to defeat Usagi. One of many many causes this was a horrible betrayal was as a result of it induced lots of Sailor guardian’s dying.

Itachi Uchiha’s Clan Extermination

Naruto – Itachi Uchiha -most-shocking-anime-betrayals

At quantity three, now we have Itachi killing his clan together with his mother and father. Itachi was accountable for nearly annihilating his very personal clan and leaving solely his little brother Sasuke behind. That’s a heartbreaking and unexpected reason for betrayal.

If this sequence was something like Berserk or Assault on Titan, we may have witnessed an intense or visceral visible retelling of the way it all occurred however even with out the terrifying particulars, anybody may see how Itachi’s actions modified Sasuke’s complete life.

Nevertheless, the tip discovery is that it’s not as critical a betrayal as was beforehand imagined. He nonetheless finds it tough to defend what Itachi did, however don’t fear, he’s not a very dangerous individual for doing it.

Reiner And Bertholdt Revealing their Titans

Attack On Titan – Reiner & Bertholdt -shocking-anime-betrayals

On the second place, now we have Reiner and Bertholdt once they reveal their titans. For the reason that starting of time, titans have been petrifying humanity, usually gulping them down like a bunch of cherries with out feeling an inch of regret.

Humanity lastly managed to regulate the menace by constructing huge partitions round their hometown sooner or later in historical past. These partitions would function a sure-fire strategy to preserve titans away from their hometown and bothering everybody’s peace.

It wasn’t till the yr 845 that the armored and colossus titan tore by way of the partitions as in the event that they had been weak sheets of paper and in the end endangering humanity once more. After a titan mercilessly ate his mom, the startling occasion impressed the anime’s protagonists Armin and Eren to hitch the army.

After that day, he swore to take the titans down and be a part of the army to take revenge towards the titans. As he continues his journey, he meets a few thrilling personalities, Bertholdt and Reiner. Eren shared his hatred for the titans with these two males.

It wasn’t till an ideal battle that the 2 revealed they had been the identical titans who smashed the dominion’s partitions and devoured each human they might discover. Therefore, serving as one of the crucial brutal and sudden anime betrayals for each the viewers and naturally, Eren.

Aizen’s betrayal of Soul Society

Bleach – Aizen -shocking-anime-betrayals

At primary, now we have Aizen from Soul Society. Aizen is the central villain however let’s attempt to recall his look at the start. He seems like a man who taught metaphysics or philosophy in faculty. He was seemingly strategic, gentle-mannered, and extremely respectable.

In actuality, he was devious, and likewise greater than keen to kill anybody if it meant reaching his ominous targets. Along with his Arrancar military and superior intelligence, he was an enormous menace.

If he acquired his want and dethroned the soul king, the motion of souls out and in of soul society would turn into uneven and the worlds would collide.

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